Matthew Broderick & Son Share A Scooter Ride

Matthew Broderick, 46, was snapped enjoying a scooter ride with son James Wilke, 5, in downtown New York City.

Splash News Online


  1. LadyOne says

    How is it that the boy’s mama made the top ten best dressed list in People magazine but her kid looks like the poster child for the Salvation Army as far as clothes go. He is a cute little boy though…..just get him some clothes!!!!!

  2. kf (uk) says

    how far can he fall on a scooter?

    it’s not the same as a bike, they’re abour an inch of the ground

  3. bj's mom says

    what is odd about it? yes, the boy should be wearing a helmet and his dad is wearing one maybe to set an example. i think its cute.

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