Jessica Alba, Cash Warren & Honor Stop At The Griddle Cafe

Jessica Alba, Cash Warren and Honor were snapped stopping for food at the Griddle Cafe in Hollywood.

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  1. sahra says

    man i hate this couple, I agree if u dont like the paps get out of the biz u idiot. Jessica alba has no talent except for her to show off her body dumb ass.

    she looks like she hates being a mum. I cant stand her stupid annoying trailer trash.

  2. M says

    What if the babys sleeping? Ur in that all to familiar predicament of waking the baby, who will then never go back to sleep. or just carrying the darn thing. Ive been there sooo many times

  3. yep says

    To Jessica & Cash – Try taking that kid out of the carseat for once! Car seats are meant for *gasp* — THE CAR!

  4. EmerRoo says

    She always looks miserable. The only time she looked happy was in that rubbish film Honey where her abs were just the way she wanted them. Cheer up hun… lot worse going on in the world than not having the abs u want!

  5. Zbella says

    BTW, boobs get huge when you give have a baby and especially if you breastfeed – which I have no idea if she’s doing or not.

  6. Zbella says

    I like her, maybe for the same reasons you don’t? She is so beautiful and seems normal. I think the pregnancy did throw her for a loop though. She is probably still adjusting. I haven’t really seen her in anything, but I know she’s an actress.

  7. diane says

    reading these hateful comments about someone you none of you know is like watching ‘mean girls’ played out on a post board.

  8. no name says

    agree #1, just can’t take to her at all, never welcomes a camera at all,excuse me in the biz,accept or get out!

  9. Jen says

    the worst carseat?? I think that seat looks awesome…especially the handles on the side, seems like it would be easier to carry than the traditional handle (which I hate!)

    does anyone know what kind of carseat it is?

  10. M says

    Her boobs look huge. Has anyone noticed how they always seem to have the worse baby accessories, like the strollers and ‘that’ car seat.

  11. KMS says

    As gorgeous as I think Jessica is – I cannot bring myself to really like her. I know the paparazzi must get on her nerves, but she always looks so sour. She and Jessica Biel are the worst for that I think.

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