Donald Trump's Parenting Advice

While the offspring of many famous and wealthy parents are consumed by drinking, drugs and self-destructive behaviors, Donald Trump’s children – Don Jr., 30, Eric, 24, and Ivanka, 26, – are known for their business acumen, work ethic and ambition. (Donald also has a daughter Tiffany, 14, with ex-wife Marla Maples and little Barron is 2)

Donald Trump, 62, spoke to and shared these words of wisdom for raising “Kick Ass Kids”:

1. Be an example. Children watch –and they will emulate what they see.

2. Set the standard high. Challenge is good, and accomplishment creates healthy self-respect.

3. Stress the importance of education, it’s the foundation for success.

4. Let them know they are exceptional, so exceptional results are expected.

5. Exhibit a sense of community through participation and philanthropy. Giving back is a great reward.

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  1. Judith says

    I really take my “hat off” to Donald Trump. His grown children are exceptional… I think we need to give credit, too, to Ivana, Marla and Melania, too!! Barron is so handsome!!!!

  2. Anne says

    He talks the talk but does he walk the walk? I would imagine he is strict with all his kids and has expectations. His wife is getting a bit long in the tooth but this time he can’t afford to trade her in for a younger model because she probably would take him to the cleaners. Besides, without his money, yuck.

  3. Isha says

    I totally agree with Mr. Trump. I think that is sound advice for all parents out there. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the Don, all of his kids are well groomed and aren’t menaces to society like most rich kids. I tip my hat to him and his children’s mothers.

  4. Josie says

    You would have to have a load of money to get me to sleep with him.. YUCK LOOK at him ewww.
    I’d hate to seee him in the morning I don’t think any woman can looks that bad. YICK

    • Anonymous says

      youre just jealous Josie and you’ll never have anyone that sucessful/rich because its all about looks for you.go get a “Hot Guy ”
      loser.enjoy your food stamps

  5. Alice in Chains says

    #15 Jada – I totally agree with you. It’s amazing what money can buy. If he was just some average Joe walking down the street, a girl like that wouldn’t look twice at him.

  6. myrna says

    lol! this????? form the man that not long ago was lashing at Rosie O’donnell…awwwww…. don’t care for the Donald! cute little boy …she looksplastic!

  7. nosoupforyou says

    Oriana, I was thinking the same thing. All of Donald Trump’s kids are educated and hard working.

    Hardly like the Hilton’s and other we can mention.

    Apparently, as a father, he did a lot of things right……no matter what his hair style.

  8. Molly says

    Well considering he’s done a tremendous job raising his other children..I’d gladly take his advice. Barron is adorable. I hate to say this but if I know the trumpster I think he’ll be trading in his wife soon for a ‘newer model’…lol.

  9. Analise says

    Sound advice and considering his kids aren’t jailbirds, coke addicts or running around without panties in public for the world to see, it appears he and their Mothers have done/are doing something right. That little boy is a cutie. 🙂

  10. oriana says

    All his children have done extremely well and are nothing like Paris Hilton and other celeb kids I could name! This little boy is adorable. I have always admired Donald and I am glad he has such a nice family. Can’t stand Marla Maples and never could though.

  11. Samsmom says

    Dream Farm Road, why do you say that? Do you have some info about Trump’s kids that show where he has done a bad job? Just curious as to what you have seen or read.
    I have seen some interviews with his adult children and they seem to be very well adjusted and not spoiled.

  12. JAN says

    Hey maybe Mr. Trumpy can teach his boys how to buy pretty woman. Also he can teach them how to do his AWSOME COMB OVER.. Great lessons to be learned.

  13. says

    Sounds like great advice.

    What he doesn’t say is how to do it. The tip that really worries me here is number 4 “Let them know they are exceptional, so exceptional results are expected.”

    There’s a lot of work that a parent needs to do to help their kids with this one. You can’t just say to a child “I know you are smart so I expect you to do well”. You need to to show them how to do well; how to build their concentration skills; how to organise themselves; encourage them to keep trying; celebrate their successes; and talk them through and support them with their failures.

    I know I’m being picky, but there’s a reason why.

    I’ve got a very smart friend whose mother always said to him “you can do anything, you’ll be the leader of this country one day”. In fact, that’s what everyone said to him. At the same time he was given no guidance, no support, and no inkling as to how he might best use his intelligence to achieve the things expected of him. Apparently they all thought he was smart enough to somehow just know.

    As an adult, he’s still extremely intelligent, but also highly anxious and depressed.

    So just remember to back up these great tips with support and actions!

  14. Jane says

    “Be an example”? Well, he could start by doing away with that hideous combover hair style 😛

    It’s receding, Don – get it cut – it’ll look much better! Trust me!

  15. accalia says

    Great advice. I love Barron. He is such a gorgeous child. I think he looks exactly like his mom. Beautiful…

  16. Eli says

    Excellent advice for anyone with children, especially #1… Parents should be the example. Children watch –and they will emulate what they see.


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