Alison Sweeney Shares Her Baby Joy On "The Biggest Loser" Tonight

(In the above pic Alison was snapped at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas on September 9th)

Alison Sweeney, 31, is expecting a girl in January. Alison and husband Dave Sanov have a son Ben, 3. You can see the emotional moment when Alison reveals she is pregnant when “The Biggest Loser” returns to NBC tonight!

“It was great to share that with people,” shared Alison, who told the contestants that while they would be shedding pounds, she would be gaining. Then she told them why.

Whether her pregnancy will be written into her “Days of Our Lives” story line remains to be seen.

Alison also revealed that, “My morning sickness was pretty bad this time. I have moments of pretty extreme morning sickness, which has not been my friend, but I get through it and I’m happy to, hopefully, be past it.”

That said, she continues working out, following advice from “Biggest Loser” trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper.

“I feel in good hands,” Alison said. “The biggest issues are making sure your heart rate doesn’t spike a lot and that your body temperature doesn’t heat up.”


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