Cindy Crawford & Children At Nautica Triathlon

Cindy Crawford, 42, was snapped with her son Presley, 9, and daughter Kaia, 7, at the annual Nautica Triathlon in Malibu on September 14th.

Splash News Online

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  • Lily

    *to learn to be themselves and not worry about their image.

  • Lily

    @ hair cut

    You are an idiot in the purest form. You post up multiple spams judging a little ten year old — I hope you feel great about yourself.

    You obviously have self esteem problems because you are picking on a child and his mother.

    I feel disgusted just to read your comments knowing people like YOU are out there in the world. So just shut up.
    This world is a hard enough place for kids these days to be themselves and their image.

  • hair cut

    Get your son a haircut you cheap mother and father

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  • hair cut

    Cost cutters only charges $12.00 for a haircut if you are to cheap to get him one. Why don’t you go on one less vacation and you will have money to get his hair cut until he is 70.

  • Worried

    Get the kid a haircut. He looks like a rag bag.

  • sherry

    I feel sorry for the boy he looks just like a girl. I am sure he is teased at school. He has such girlish features why don’t they cut his hair. His Rande embarrased of his son since he looks like a girl. Father’s want their boys to look like boys. I hope his looks change for his sake.

  • Baby

    What a nice family.

  • catsue

    Good god- I saw a photo of Gwyneth Paltrow’s son Moses and he looks like a long-haired hippy now too. I don’t get it! Ladies- your sons look REALLY bad! Please use some of your millions of $$$$$ and get a haircut for your kids!

  • catsue

    Presley looks like a sissy. File him away with the other hippy Hollywood sissy boys like Kate Hudson’s son, Celine Dion’s son???, SJP son, etc. These women have millions of dollars and their kids looks like slobs.

  • Jenni

    Cindy Crawford has beautiful kids but what is with the stupid long hair? it must be like Celine Dion when she said she does not cut her son’s hair because he does not want it cut. Maybe the son runs the show? Anyway, he looks stupid and I thought he was the girl.

  • http://nhgdt Hayley

    Do you Know when another one is on but in katherine 22nd oct 2008

  • Cindy fan

    The kids look beautiful, yes the boy more like a girl

  • Nicholas

    Um… perhaps Presley could use well a ponytail. He already has a length for a decent ponytail, doesn’t he?

  • Jill

    No…..just you. LOL

  • M

    Jill has a habit of pissing people off

  • myrna

    awwwwwww, what a pretty blond little girl!! LOL!! sorry! he/she looks like a girl!! very girlish!!

  • Jen

    Beautiful children!

  • Molly

    Her daughter’s beautiful. I’m not sure about her son…I get the look he’s going for..but something’s just not right about it.

  • Lannie

    Looking gay to me is when a boy look like a girl effeminate.

  • pixiedust

    I totally agree Barb! I am shocked by your comment Lannie!

  • Barb

    The saddest thing about that, Lannie, is the negative connotation you and your child put on the idea of “looking gay”. Some kind of values you’re imparting, there.

  • Lannie

    I love his hair, believe me my own son looks effeminate with short ,long it really doesn’t change much. He’s 11 so when his Dad made him cut his hair my son really looked like a flaming gay child.
    My son hated his hair short after that, I will never pressure him again to cut it. I had no idea he would have looked that way, the 1st things out of his mouth was Mom
    I look like a gay guy. (sad but true he did)

  • Sheila

    Hey Jody, Troy, and Gina,
    It looks like you folks need to learn to read carefully. I said some boys (and men) can pull it off. For example, Zac Efron, Jon Bonjovi, and plenty others.
    Cindy’s son, however, already looks effeminate to me and the hair accentuates that quality.

    You girls also need a lesson on manners. :)

  • laila

    The family is just beautiful. I love the surfer boy look.

  • JIll

    Also…. I know that Gina is really Jody and that you just changed names. What a dork you are. It’s so obvious. LOL

  • JIll

    Gina- then you can’t read too. And no, I’m not going to shut up. This is a blog- if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen sugarplum.

  • Gina

    Jill- Shut Up. I read it the same way.

  • Jill

    Jody- so just because Sheila thinks that long hair doesn’t look good on him, she doesn’t get out much?? She even said that some boys can pull it off- can you read?? Try making some sense.

  • Tam

    Presley looks just like his mom..

  • Natalie

    You need to check out this web sight.
    Aren’t they you will see tons of photos of Cindy with her kids.

  • Troy

    LOL LOL Jody you go girl..LOL .Her kids are pretty perfect when it comes to the gene pool.

  • Jody

    SHEILA- it’s 2008 you sound like my 88 year old GrandDad. You must not get out much.
    He looks like all the other boys his age. He a child.

  • Zea

    gorgeous kids!

  • Sheila

    She should cut his hair. Makes him look pretty. Some boys can pull it off but her son already looks effeminate.

  • Dee

    Beautiful kids!!

  • Michelle

    Wow, I feel like I’m in a bizarro babyrazzi…16 comments and not one negative about Presley’s hair??? Amazing! Anna and HC, do you have pictures of your boys, so the inevitable naysayers can see proof that it isn’t just Presley, like they usually do? I don’t know if you can embed pictures in these posts or not…if you post a URL, make sure the picture can’t be downloaded…we wouldn’t want teenage girls plastering their pictures across the internet!!!

    Anna HC

  • HC

    To Jill, he might want long hair so its not cruel at all. My son, who’s 12, has long hair and a ‘pretty’ face. He wants it that way and I think he looks great.

  • Alice in Chains

    Absolutely beautiful looking kids!

  • marti

    Great looking kids and Cindy is gorgeous and all class! :-)

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  • Anne

    Her daughter has large ears that stick out and perhaps the boy also and that could be why he wears his hair long.
    I had mine sewn back as a young adult because they stuck out but weren’t large.

  • accalia

    This one of the most beautiful celeb families. Gorgeous.

  • Eli

    Beautiful family!

  • Samsmom

    I can not get over how beautiful both of her children are! I mean both the parents are gorgeous, so I guess it should be no surprise.

    Hanna, I agree with you 100%.

  • KMS

    Absolutely gorgeous family! Wow!

  • Vic

    Those children are gorgeous and Cindy looks stunning (as per usual!!)

  • Hanna

    I admire such beauty she holds herself in such a classy way.
    You see so many celebrities like Pam Anderson which has 2 boys and most of the time she is dressed like a 19 year old teenager starving for attention.
    When your a Mom to boys you need to sent an example how you want your sons to be respectful.

  • Anna

    Love his hair, both my twin boys goes to school with Presley and he’s a really sweet kid and most of the kids in his class has the same hair it’s the surfer look and Presley loves to skateboard and surf so he has the look.
    Presley does favor his Mother in looks she is so pretty in person and a really down to earth Mom, she is so friendly to all the Mom at the school and invites a lot of the kids to her home. She is not a celebrity to her kids and it really shows.

  • Jake

    Her son’s hair is great all the surfer guys in California all have long hair and skateboards. It’s what’s really in right now.
    He can’t help that he’s a pretty boy, he still wants to look cool like all his friends. We were all young once and believe me I had hair issues that I laugh about now looking back.
    Cindy’s a great Mom and she always puts those kids 1st.

  • Jake

    Her son’s hair is great all the surfer guys in California all have long hair and skateboards. It’s what’s really in right now.
    He can’t help that he’s a pretty boy, he still wants to look cool like all his friends. We were all young once and believe me I had hair issues that I laugh about now looking back.

  • Lauren

    Presley and Kaia are gorgeous children.

  • Jill

    Her kids are beautiful- her son has her mole! However, I’m not against boys with long hair but when you already look like a girl, I think it’s a little cruel.