Kiefer Sutherland & Daughter

Kiefer Sutherland, 41, and his daughter Sarah Jude, 20, were snapped out shopping for jewelry before jumping into a cab and heading to Bed, Bath and Beyond. 

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  1. Abb says

    Maybe Sarah is going to get married and take her father for shopping her wedding necklace? If it’s true-good luck!!!

  2. laila says

    She looks like a typical college girl. Shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond ( college stuff for sure!) And probably ordered a sorority ring as well. She ‘s adorable and looks her age.

  3. Kay says

    Kiefer…take your daughter to a clothing store and buy her some nice clothes! She looks like a street person!

  4. Ellen says

    I would have thought her no older than her teens. Just a pretty young girl, casually dressed, out with her dad. Cute

  5. Emily says

    I love the name Sarah Jude…and where this isn’t the best picture with her head up and mouth open during a laugh im sure with a different pic she might look her age…she looks like a mature 20 year old that is healthy and down to earth

  6. says

    She’s got a refreshing look for this day and age. Natural and sweet -and not dolled up with a shirt cut down to there trying to get lots of attention.
    It’s a lovely picture of a happy father and daughter.

  7. SbK says

    Well I didn’t mean to offend anyone, and as a 23 year old myself I just thought she looked a lot older than myself or any of my friends in thier 20’s, does this mean that i, and all of my friends must look like a skank too? In my opinion she looks about 35.

  8. no name says

    agree no.7, very natural looking young lady,having fun with her dad, who by the way is soooo hot.

  9. cilla says

    What are you people who think she looks old seeing? I think she’s a very cute, very natural looking 20 year old. Maybe your minds eyes are twisted by the idea that girls in their early 20s should look like Lohan or Spears or any of the other skanked out gang. THIS is what 20 looks like when you’re not a skank. I think she’s adorable and her daddy is HOT.

  10. total 88 says

    jewelry (ring ) shopping for quote on quote new love ,are we? well then ,bring the daughter along too!sure she loves his newest love interest…..

  11. SbK says

    I don’t mean this in a nasty way, but does anyone think she looks a lot older than 20, there is just something about her that makes her look old? I dont know if its just me?

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