Website For Reporting Sightings Of Bad…& Good Nannies

OMG! I can’t believe this exists! There is a site called I Saw Your Nanny where people can report sightings of “bad nannies.” The “bad nanny” sightings are searchable by state. I quickly perused it and it was very sad. It is definitely a stressful site to visit if you employ a nanny to care for your children.

But, I have to admit that there have been times that I have witnessed “bad nannies” in action and though saddened I didn’t know what to actually do about it, and this provides a good outlet for venting and possibly alerting the mothers who employ these “bad nannies.” Of course, who knows what the likelihod is that they would visit the site, but if the site grows large enough maybe that will happen more.

The site also includes reports of “good nannies” which I think is really cool!


  1. eli says

    i am so blessed i was able to stay home with my daughter… i also understand that not all people are able to do that. i see nothing wrong with a mother who wants a career as well…. i just think that people really need to be more careful who they leave their children with! many are looking for illegals so they can pay less! do it the right way through an AGENCY a friend or ask around.

  2. hmm says

    For those that employ nannies – either stop having children or try raising them yourself, instead of giving birth and passing them onto a stranger. If something happens to that child, it comes down to being your fault for handing a stranger to raise and discipline.

  3. onatear says

    Former nanny myself, I’m not sure this is a good thing. Why would you have to go underground, or look on line, if you don’t trust your nanny? Do background checks…talk to people. This seems almost illegal to me. Nannys should have some rights, after all. They are not owned by their employers. It’s incredibly difficult work. As a mother, it’s more frightening, sometimes, to be in charge of someone else’s kid, than your own…especially, if it is your livlihood. People should really only hire a nanny they TRUST.

  4. Just Beachy! says

    I stumbled upon this site several months ago and instantly became addicted! I nannied for 11 yrs. before finally settling down and having my own Family.
    I really appreciate how it’s not all about bashing nannies. There are good nanny sightings, too. They aren’t reported as often, but it’s a treat when it is. I’ve ran across my fair share of neglectful nannies in the past and am so glad a place like this exists.
    And I believe the high concentration for NY posts is because it has really become a mecca for nannies.
    I also love the Craigslist Ads that they post! You would not believe what some of these people offer to pay. It’s outrageous!

  5. Chicago says

    I’ve been a fan of this site for over a year now. It’s certainly interesting reading. The good AND bad nanny sightings are useful to parents. It’s somewhat dominated by NYC sightings, but there are also some from other cities and states. It’s a great resource for when you witness something that doesn’t seem right with nanny-child dynamics while you’re out and about. Ditto for good sightings…it’s wonderful to be recognized for your excellent childcare! I’ve been a nanny for 8 years, and I think this site is an excellent tool for parents to stay informed. The site also puts up nanny experiences, crazy craigslist childcare posts, and news items of interest to the parent/nanny population.

  6. says

    I was a nanny, it was an overworked, underpaid, incredible experience. I’m gonna go check out this site…nannies deserve a voice too, it’s a tough job to raise someone’s child and take care of their home . In my case it was monday thru friday 7-7. I agreed to those hours and had no problem with them but it is really a job not much credit is given for. Young girls do this, it can be a great experience. I lived with a family, i traveled with them and they were great to me….hopefully this site is ok

  7. anon says

    This looks like a terrible site. Totally just here so that upper middle class white stay at home moms can rat out minority nannies who don’t parent as obsessively as they themselves do. I looked through one page and saw that almost all the complaints were about blacks and hispanics. This site is dangerous because there seems to be no accountability on the part of those doing the reporting.

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