1. DMITZ says

    I really like SJP, she’s a great actor. I can tell she’s a devoted/loving mother. I just think it’s a shame that she and Matthew have an open relationship and stay together for the James. I hope that there not much truth to that, but I’ve read it in so many different places… I don’t know how she can be ok w/Matthew’s infedelity.

  2. Mary says

    She’s a great Mom.. she loves motherhood so much and it shows.. I’m so happy she has one of her own.. That boy is only lucky kid every time she is interviews she is just so madly in love with her boy.. She’s a great Mom and we need more of them..

  3. Rachel says

    That’s an awful shot of her. SHe normally looks much more put together than that. I think she’s very pretty (great smile, mouth and teeth) and she’s in amazing shape to boot. How cute is James Wilkie!!

  4. oriana says

    He is cute and does look like his Dad. I have always liked her and I think she is a good person but she is definitely not pretty at all! I think she has a lot of integrity and I am glad she has been so successful. Her husband, I can’t stand, I think he is a big Wimp!

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