Jessica Alba & Honor Marie Out Shopping In SoHo

Jessica Alba, 27, and 3-month-old daughter Honor Marie were snapped out shopping for baby clothes in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon.

Splash News Online


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  4. Tabitha says

    I love the little hair bows she puts on honor….They’re not “cruel”, and I doubt theyre uncomfortable. my daughter wears clips and a lot of the ones for infants are designed with a velvet strip inside, so that they dont yank the hair…but if the baby pulls on it, the velvet literally causes it to slide down gently and not tug.

  5. natalia says

    wow did she really say that she wanted to forget her latin roots. i wonder what race they will put hONor under. she look latin to me

  6. myrna says

    Sorry, but I have no respect for this woman. She made a comment about wanting to forget her Latin background. .

  7. Rachel says

    She’s smiling in 2 out of the 6 photos…but at least she’s smiling. We can expect her to have a permanent grin on her face now either. Little honor is a cutie.

  8. emmauk says

    Why do people always put stupid little clips in babies hair. It really cant be that comfortable for someone so young, its cruel

  9. Christine says

    Jessica looks great with that smile on her face and Honor is adorable! Honor has changed a lot since the OK mag pics. She’ll grow up a stunner like her mother for sure.

  10. Just me says

    I think she is a combo of both parents. I think Jessica is beautiful but she’s be even more beautiful is she smiled. I’m sure she’s just sick of the cameras in her face …

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