Dannielynn Birkhead Turns 2!

Anna Nicole Smith’s baby Dannielynn Birkhead just turned 2 and she and her father appear on the cover of this week’s Us Weekly.

The issue talks about Dannielynn’s first word of “mama” and how she likes to pose like her mom and loves to make her Dad laugh. He calls her a “little ham!”

The issue will be available on newsstands this Friday.



  1. Anna says

    #41 you are one sick person to say that about a very beautiful little girl, you have major major issues, you need to get help, she is a beautiful child.

  2. Isha says

    That is a beautiful little girl! God bless her little self. She looks like both of them, but a smiggin more like Larry. Happy Birthday Danielynn!

  3. oriana says

    #5 that is not the color of dannielynns eyes, they are photoshopped..This kid is FUGLEY….Looks nothing like Anna Nicole.

  4. Emily says

    She is so adorable, I can’t believe she’s already 2 years old! Larry is doing a great job with her! She may have chipped her tooth, I was always hurting my self when I was two, lets face it thats the age to run around and get into everything…they are baby teeth they will fall out anyways!

  5. oriana says

    Anna would not want her greedy mother within ten feet of her and I hope Larry keeps that vulture away! Yes, MOST grandmothers do love their grandchildren, wish I had some but sadly I don’t, this grandmother however does not fit the Bill!

  6. Anne says

    I wonder if Anna’s mother has any visitation rights! She still is the grandmother and we love our grandchildren. Anna did do some drugs while pregnant and could it be possible that Dannielynn’s eye trouble stems from that? She is a happy and beautiful child.

  7. Cindy Jones says

    Dannielynn is so beautiful. I hope that Larry will always let her know who her mother was. Happy later birthday baby girl.

  8. amie81 says

    looks like they photoshopped her teeth in the other photo’s. My son has the same thing on his tooth from when he was living with his biological family. He was removed and had a chipped tooth. Bio-mom says “it just came in like that” but the dentist said it was definatly from a fall.

  9. says

    this is such a beautiful magazine im going to read it



  10. laila says

    She’s a beautiful little girl. Larry is doing a great job. She does look very happy.Happy Birthday Dannielynn.

  11. SandieBeaches says

    Yeah Pixiedust, she is half Danny half Anna. Maybe it’s the icing on her tooth you see on her finger in other pictures. She is exuding joy! How gorgeous to see.

  12. says

    Yes she is a Princess..what a doll and this sweet little is her daddy’s mini me…So cute. I am so happy that Larry raised above all of this and has stepped up to his role and he is such a loving father..beautiful!!!!

  13. oriana says

    She is beautiful, looks just like her mother to me. She does seem so happy and I relieved about that. I do hope that Howard gets to see her. I think he loved Anna and I never believed for a second he had anything to do with death or Daniel’s. I never could stand that Rita Cosby and I hope that Howard and Larry remained friends for everyone’s sake.

  14. meg says

    She is an adorable little girl. I would have to say even cuter then Suri! Larry seems to be doing a great job with her. I like how he keeps her out of the spotlight.

  15. 2teens says

    She is a pretty girl, and she looks happy. I sure hope her future is blessed… considering her past.

  16. Peppers says

    She looks exactly like her father. Her tooth looks chipped in the first photo but it looks okay in the others. Anyway, what a beautiful child!

  17. lucia says

    She’s a beautiful girl!!
    (Ashley)-My daughter is 3 and she has the same problem in her teeth! I give her 10 drops of fluor every night!
    Sometimes is a calcium deficiency! People think that is because the kids eat a lot of sweets but my daughter doesn’t eat and she has this problem! I didn’t breastfeed for a long time, and she needed oxygen for 3 months, so her pediatrician told me that this consequence, disappear with the new teeth…
    I told that because Dannielyn maybe needed breastmilk..but, i don’t know! maybe she broked it playing…

    anyway, she looks gorgeous and Larry seems a very good father.
    best wishes for this nice family

  18. Lauren says

    Happy Birthday Dannielynn! She sure seems to be happy with Larry. Considering what has happened in her short life.

  19. Sheri says

    Dannielynn sure is a cutie. She is so beautiful, just like her late mom Anna Nicole. By the looks of the pictures she sure looks happy. Larry seems to be a great father and a doting dad at that. Happy “2nd” Birthday, Dannielynn.

  20. sharrie says

    She sure looks like her Mom. danny seems to be doing a great job with her. I wonder how or if Howard Stein fits into her life?

  21. Ashley says

    Dannielynn is growing up to be such a stunning little girl!

    But what is up with her tooth on the front page? Did she chip it!?

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