Naomi Campbell's Struggle With Infertility

Naomi Campbell, 38, has opened up about her desire to become a mother. 

“I do want to have kids,” Naomi said during a London Fashion Week fund-raiser for the White Ribbon Alliance (which helps provide healthcare for pregnant women around the world).

Naomi revealed that she was previously infertile – until a corrective surgery this March. (Until now, Naomi had maintained that she checked into a hospital in Brazil for the removal of a small cyst.)

“They thought it was a cyst,” she explained, according to Britain’s Press Association. “When they opened it up they realized it was more.”

Thanks to the operation, Naomi said she’s now in perfect health.

“I was not able to have children up until March,” she said. “Now it’s in God’s hands. I would love to have a family.”

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  1. Jill says

    She’s evil and she has a bad temper. She has no parenting qualities. She’d probably physically abuse her child.

  2. Zea says

    having a baby needs more patience! I don’t think she can handle that… but still I wish her the best!

  3. Rachel says

    Who knows it might be just what she needs..usually children bring out the best in people. Although I’m not sure I like the

  4. Eli says

    Maybe after she successfully completes anger management classes, she will be given a permit to breed!

  5. says

    I have to agree with other posters…Naomi C is a real piece of work…I couldn’t imagine a baby coming into all of that….but who knows maybe kids will change her outlook on life. I feel like that is a BIG maybe though!

  6. niturnia says

    Don’t you just love how she’s certain that after one procedure she’s good to go and no longer infertile?
    *ding!* *gets hit with a magic wand*

  7. Lauren says

    I agree. Before she starts having a family, she needs to check herself and that temper which has gotten her in trouble.

  8. Just me says

    You just beat me to it accalia … I was thinking the same thing.
    I consider myself a pretty calm person, but sometimes my 2-year-old son makes me want to go into another room and scream into a pillow!

  9. accalia says

    I think this woman is beautiful but she should work on that horrible temper of her’s before she has kids!

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