Minnie Driver Welcomes A Son

Minnie Driver welcomed a son on Friday in Los Angeles. Henry Story Driver weighed 9 lbs., 12 oz.

Minnie, 38, who has not revealed the identity of the father, told People magazine in June that the father will be involved in the baby’s life.

“He’s going to be a dad so yeah he’s going to be there for the kid,” she said. “I’m not getting married to this person and I don’t know what’s going to happen but everyone is cool about the situation.”

Minnie says that she is looking forward to simply observing and spending time with her child. “Babies are endlessly fascinating to look at and I’m obsessed about their complete and utter lack of guile. I’m looking forward to seeing life through the eyes of my own kid.”

She also says she plans on spending lots of time hanging out at the beach with her child. “I love the ocean and this baby will probably be surfing and swimming before it can walk.”


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  1. Chantelle says

    it has been reported in the British press that a very well placed source claims Minnie was never pregnant as she is a hemaphrodite!!

  2. My perogative says

    Congratulations to Minnie. She is a great actress and I am sure she will be a great mother too.

  3. Just me says

    I know celebs break up all time, but I just thought reading these two posts back-to-back about Matt Damon and Minnie Driver was kind of ironic.

  4. Kay says

    Congratulations Minnie! My husband weighed 9 lbs. 12 ozs. at birth also. Many consider that a HUGE baby but my hubby turned out tall and slim.

  5. accalia says

    Finally webmistress. Congrats to Minnie. It seems like she was pregnant since forever. WM there are new photos of Nahala with her mom and dad.

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