Mark Wahlberg & Daughter

Mark Wahlberg, 37, was snapped taking an afternoon off to spend with his daughter Ella Rae, 5, going to American Girl Palace and getting pizza at the Grove in Los Angeles, CA. Mark and girlfriend Rhea Durham have a son Michael, 2, and are expecting another son in September!

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  1. bj's mom says

    it is nice to see a couple fall in love, get married, and have babies, but that dosent happen much anymore, so I guess it is nice to know that they are atleast together and raising the kids and both are part of the kids lives. although, you do have to wonder why they havent married yet? cute, cute picture tho.

  2. Alice in Chains says

    Wow, I can’t believe all the vicious comments on here. I read all the threads and Chloe, what is your problem? Are you on the rag? Peppers made a comment about when they are going to get married (which I thought about since they’re going on baby #3) and you start calling her a moron? Everyone has an opinion, lighten up. If you don’t agree with it, read the comment and move on and grow up. Now the comment I wanted to leave about the actual picture of Mark and his daughter. We’re supposed to be leaving comments about the pictures not name calling right? How old is everyone on this board? It sounds like a bunch of teenagers to me. Anyway, I think Mark and his daughter look great together. She a cutie and looks just like her dad. Can’t we all just get along?

  3. 2teens says

    By the way “winged one”, Britney & JamieLynns parents were married so I don’t get your point.

  4. 2teens says

    I agree with Chloe. It is only immoral to have children out of wedlock in some peoples opinion, certainly not mine. Do you realize how many marriages end in divorce? In my personal experience, the unmarried people I know with kids seem to have longer lasting relationships than the married ones.

  5. WINGED ONE says

    I agree with Peppers. When you don’t teach your children about morality and marriage, you wind up with kids like Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears. I was taught to get married then have kids not the other way around and I’m 25 years old.

  6. Peppers says

    Chloe: I guess you weren’t taught morality either. Yeah, so let everyone just keep getting knocked out, spit out babies, don’t get married. That’s why this world is so screwed up and it starts with people like you. And next time, use spell check.

  7. Ruby Jackson says

    Thank you, Chloe. Peppers is a sad and ignorant person who seems to only want to spew hate into the world. Her father probably never spent one day with her, doing something she liked, like these two.

    These photos are precious, and that little girl looks like she adores her dad! She is adorable!

  8. chloe says

    Yes, Peppers, good logic. When a person disagrees about something it is because they are they that certain something. That is the only time a person can call out another person for being a complete moron like you are. And to answer your moroninc and IQ demonstrating sense of logic, my parents were married when they had me, but only morons and dim wits like yourself try to make any connection between happiness and morality with a couple that has a kid that is married and those that are not married. So “people” like yourself do not actually argue the points rationally, they just use the same standard “scary” words like “b*stard” and “illegitimate” and actually think that those words mean anything or they are actual insults. What is more insulting is that people like yourself are taking up space and wasthing precious materials on a planet that would be so much better off without the presence of morons like yourself.

  9. My perogative says

    Mark and his little girl having a special day out! That is the sweetest thing. Luckly little girl!

  10. chloe says

    Who cares if he is going to marry the mother. This obssession some women have with marriage is ridiculous.

  11. Sarah says

    She is adorable and of course he looks unhappy, people are snapping pictures of them. I bet he’s a great dad.

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