Uma Thurman Sparks Pregnancy Rumors After Ordering Maternity Dresses

(In the above photo Uma was snapped on Arpad’s yacht in Lipari, Aeolian Islands in August)

UPDATE: According to Uma Thurman’s rep she and fiance Arpad “Arki” Busson are not expecting a baby.

“She is absolutely not pregnant,” her rep stated.

“She also did not order any clothes from Fred Segal,” the rep said. “We are trying to find out if someone used her name to order clothes that were not meant for her.”

Uma Thurman is rumored to be pregnant with her third child after her assistant ordered several maternity-sized dresses from Fred Segal in Santa Monica. A source said the assistant ordered half-a-dozen frocks from Tricky Threads. 

‘They were all two sizes larger than she usually orders,’ the insider told the New York Daily News.

In July, Uma, 38, denied she was pregnant after pictures of her in a bikini on the island of Corsica with her financier Arpad ‘Arki’ Busson sparked reports she was expecting.

However she recently told People magazine she was open to the possibility of having more children.

She said: ‘ If it’s meant to happen, it will. I love and adore being a mother.’

She continued: ‘I love and adore being a mother.

‘[My children] are the greatest gift I’ve ever been given.’

A representative for Uma was unavailable for comment. I sort of doubt that she is expecting considering she was smoking just last month, but who knows!

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  1. oriana says

    I really think this Team Dori and Team KX3 is childish and silly. Dori apologized to her very nicely and considerately on Hellorazzi. I totally believe her when she says she didn’t mean to insult her or be mean spirited at all. I respect her and admire her for wanting to make peace. Kimora’s mommy is a fine and decent young lady. What is wrong with someone being proud of their husband and family? I am proud she has accomplished all that she has in her life and I wish every woman could be as happy as she is.

  2. says

    I agree, 2teens. I would even go so far as to say that I think she’s the same person that posted as those fake mommies a while back. Zoe, Zara, and Gracie’s Mommy would always put extra garbly-goop in the name slot just like this person does. I always figured she would continue lurking even after she got busted. OH! And…same person that’s been posting as “carmello” and “Team Dori”. Still bitter! Wow!

  3. 2teens (Team Kx3) says

    Jessica UK, you are the same poster as #11 and #13.
    You gave yourself away by typing “am” instead of “I’m”.
    Also, if you want people to believe you are not a homophobe then you shouldn’t throw out insults like “big lezzy” as you did in post #11.

  4. Jessica uk says

    Ok I have read all of the above comments and I got to say I agree and completely disagree.

    I am in stitches about the fact that people are calling others jealous of Kx3 who ever she is don’t really know her in my eyes anyone can adopt, anyone can have a husband and anyone can have children (unless they have medical problems)
    So anyone ‘jealous’ of that? Am not what has she got by the way that has got people so ‘jealous’.

    And ‘blogger legend’ please anyone can write a blog.
    Now am not trying to take sides but some of the bollocks people write on here is rediculios!

    P.s nice to see peeps from uk on here!

  5. theresa says

    i hope she quits smoking for the sake of being there for her other children, even if she isn’t expecting another

    other than that, best wishes to her!

  6. MOMX3 says

    15—SO TRUE! It’s nice to see someone from overseas who doesn’t care either way! Everyone seems to have an opinion these days.

    Yeah, she looks it to me too!

  7. pat says


  8. Arianna's mummy says

    I am not going to defend that she smokes around her children, but for some people who get all high and mighty, if you already smoke when you find out you are pregnate, most doctors actually recommend that you do not quit compleatly, as the baby will feel withdrawl as well. It is recommended that you cut back as much as you can, but do not let yourself go into withdrawl. So do not judge a women who is smoking well pregnante to harshly, not everyone plans a pregnancy, so do not have the opportunity to quit before becoming pregnate, which if they are planning to do they should definitly do.

  9. suzi says

    I agree, I thought this was a site about Babies-if you want to talk about the elections-go to CNN.COM

  10. Violetsky says

    I am from the UK, please cease and desist this election crap, this is a site about BABIES not THE USA Election.

  11. mslewis says

    When did this become a political message board?

    Uma smoked during her two pregnancies. I remember her walking with her then husband, what-his-name, and they were both smoking. Plus, she smokes around her children all the time. Hard to admire a woman who would do that. So . . . I don’t really care if she is pregnant or not. She’s just getting Elle’s leftovers, millionaire or not, he’s not exactly Prince Charming!!!

  12. Kx3 mommy sucks!!!! (IF SHE REALLY IS A 'MOMMY' ) says

    12 wrong , wrong and guess what WRONG again!

    No i may not have met the woman before but yes hate would be the right word. ( have you ever met her?)

    And how in the world do you think am jealous! AGAIN iask you do you people think am jealous???????????

    homophobe NO i have no problem with Gay people they are just like us if i had a problem with Gay people i would say i have a problem with Gay people but i do not.

    anyone else who wants to tell me that am a homophobe or jealous of whats her face?? Huh?? anyone come on make a line!

  13. 2teens (Team Kx3) says

    #11 Hate is a pretty strong emotion to have for someone you’ve never met… so yes, you ARE obsessed with Kx3’s mama. It’s clear to everyone how jealous you are. And apparantly you’re a homophobe too.

  14. Kx3 mommy sucks!!!! (IF SHE REALLY IS A 'MOMMY' says

    A) she is so NOT a ‘blogger legend ‘

    B) ‘reeling with jealousy’ i think NOT why do people ALWAYS say that what has she got that other havent!

    C)obsession i think NOT the only thing i have for her is plain ahnd simple HATE

    D) am not on here to be popular unlike some people!

    oh and by the way you sound like a big lezzy so i think you need to control your obsession!

  15. Kx5 is Outta Your League says

    #6 I’ve seen ppl come in here time and again. They’re all the same type of person too. They all get this unhealthy fixation with Kx3 Mommy, so you’re just one of a bunch of people that keep idolizing her. Some get their kicks by sucking up and kissing a–, others get their kicks by hurling insults. They all really fall into the same category, though, and that’s people who can’t get enough of her! My suggestion would be to stop drooling and focus your obsession somewhere else, because Kx3 is out of your league. She has both fans and ppl who are reeling with jealousy, just like a celebrity. She seems like a blogger legend around here, so unless you want to become quickly unpopular with everyone, I suggest you cut the act and learn to control your obsession.

    Hey, I know what’s good for me!– Team Kx5

  16. Collette uk says

    Thatp such pg tum 4mth i reck coz it dnt rol in midle preg tum bet she annoces this mth

  17. Anne says

    Vote for Obama-hardly likely because I wouldn’t want to waste a vote on this non-entity from nowhere with no experience.

  18. Could it be says

    Smoking is such an ugly, gross habit.

    Can we please politics out of the posts that have nothing to do with any of the candidates?

  19. boo says

    Unfortunately Not all women quit smoking when they find out they are expecting, so there could very well be truth to this rumor!
    Judging by the Second pic with the Bump and the First pic the way she is caressing her Tummy, I’d say she may in fact be preggers, but its so hard to believe any rumors in Hollywood these days, unless the celebs themselves come out and say it themselves!!

  20. v4O says

    it’s not about Palin,it’s about Mccain,she is just a distraction and we are falling for it,Senator Obama needs to focus in Mccain Bush,Dems in general cannot be anymore soft and nice,Joe Biden needs to decide if he is John Mccain friend or Barack Obama ticket partner,Bill and Hillary need to decide if they want to make this bet against Obama and maybe lose everything forever or fight back.

    We cannot hold our breath waiting for the troopergate,we need to volunteer,donate and convince everyone that a Mccain and Palin administration is going to be worst than Bush eight years.

    Explain to your friends and neighbors that Abortion is going to be banned,Birth control is in jeopardy,that kids in school are going to learn about Creationism instead to focus in Math and Science,that if you disagree,you could be prosecuted under that administration,that if you have another religion or political afiliation these extreme evangelical christian bullies are going to push you and make your life miserable.

    The Land of the Free is in danger if Mccain win this election…

  21. v4O says

    If you truly care about our veterans and this great country of ours…

    …Don’t vote for John McCain.

    McCain voted against our troops MANY times in the senate.

    John McCain voted AGAINST 20 million dollars for veteran care facilities.

    John McCain voted AGAINST $322 million for safety equipment for our troops in Iraq.

    John McCain voted AGAINST $1 billion dollars in new equipment for the National Guard.

    John McCain voted AGAINST $430 million for veterans outpatient care.

    Barack voted FOR all of these troop support initiatives.

    They deserve better than McCain.

    We deserve better than McCain.


    Obama VS. McCain: Who Should You Vote For?


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