New York City Woman Expecting Sextuplets!

Victor and Digna Carpio didn’t want their 7-year-old son Jhancarlos to be an only child. The Queens couple tried for years to have a second child – without success.

Now their family is about to expand…Brangelina style!

The Carpios are set to become the second couple in New York City history – and perhaps the first Hispanics in the U.S. – to have sextuplets.

They learned the stunning news nearly five months ago after Digna, 31, became ill during a workout at her gym.

“I suddenly felt faint, and my heart began racing wildly,” she told the Daily News.

She rushed to the emergency room at Flushing Hospital, where doctors told her she was two weeks pregnant.

A few weeks later, in a return visit for a sonogram, doctors said she was carrying quintuplets.

“They also warned me there was a mass behind the babies that could be a tumor,” Digna said. “I thought I was going to die.”

The final shock came days later – the unknown mass was actually a sixth fetus. Digna, it turned out, was carrying four boys and two girls.

“Mami, that’s too many babies,” her son shrieked. “They’ll destroy the house!”

He soon warmed to the idea of having enough brothers to form a basketball team. “Now he reads and sings to the babies every day,” his mother said proudly.

Carpio, who stands barely 5 feet tall, is in her 21st week, but she looks ready to give birth at any moment. These days she finds it hard even to walk. She spends most mornings in bed sleeping.

“She eats every 10 minutes because there’s not much room in her stomach for food,” her husband said. “Vegetables and low-salt stuff for the babies.”

Victor Carpio, 34, can barely sleep at night trying to figure out how he’ll feed all those new mouths and pay for all those diapers.

He wonders how they’ll manage in the small, three-bedroom house he bought less than two years ago.

Not only are sextuplet births rare – less than 200 are known to have occurred worldwide – but the odds are even slimmer against all the babies surviving; only 14 sets of sextuplets have done so in the U.S.

Carpio had such a rough time during the first four months of her pregnancy that her doctors tried to convince her to sacrifice four of the babies to improve the chances of survival for the other two.

After suffering through miscarriages two times following the birth of her son, Digna refused to voluntarily give up another baby.

Luckily, the latest battery of tests, conducted last week at Mount Sinai Hospital, show all six babies are developing well, and Digna remains in excellent health.

The average gestation for sextuplets, medical experts say, is 29 weeks.

“When I get to 24 weeks, my doctors are going to admit me to the hospital,” she said. “For us, this is all a miracle. And now it’s in God’s hands.”

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  1. Andrea says

    Poorer families often take unsupervised doses of fertility drugs and wind up having these super large pregnancies that they are unable to provide for. I am sick of seeing the donations come thick and fast for a family that is doing little more than promoting a pregnancy that should really not be idolised. The mother may be uncomfortable, but its the babies who really suffer. Born at 25 weeks gestation, the odds are that one or most of the babies will have a medical condition such as cerebral palsy due to their extreme prematurity.
    Whoever prescribed her the fertility drugs should be shot. I find this sickening and sad. I hope they dont become another Jon & Kate plus 8. Always with the hand out and using their childrens ability to draw interest to cash in.

  2. Maria says

    Congrats on the babies!!!!!!
    my children go to your sons school my son is in Jhancarlos
    class his name is Justin.

  3. JESS says

    I dont think IVF or Fertility drugs are covered by insurance..sounds like it took alot of money just to get pregnant and they have a “house” in Whitestone!!! Is it just me or am I missing something here? Sounds like this family already has enough money. I would rather give donations to families that are less unfortunate.

  4. says

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    NeoForce Group is the exclusive distributor of Atom’s products as well as other high quality medical devices for your newborn nursery needs from Labor and Delivery to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. In addition to our products, NeoForce brings over 120 years of experience in sales, service and marketing of Neonatal Products.

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    For more information, please visit us at or call us at 215.672.6800.

  5. Emily says

    another jon and kate plus 8 coming to grace us!!! I hope they make a show! hahaha it is so crazy that god has given us the ability to carry this many babies at once!!! I wish them all the best…she looks very healthy

  6. pandorawasinnocent says

    Most likely had IUI like the majority of the sextuplet parents. Apparently they don’t listen to the part of risk of doing IUI is that you can have HOM so if you can’t afford quads, quints or sextuplets then IUI may not be a viable option and better to save your money go with IVF.
    I’m not giving money to any parents that go against my religious beliefs and we are strongly against fertility treatments. They could have adopted if they felt the son needed a sibling for some reason. And that’s a dumb reason for having a baby any way.
    I don’t watch that show with the greedy family since it’s on the channel that is like a PT Barum Freak show for the media age. I swear they find all the unfortunate people they can and lets have a special about them. Watching mom and dad exploit their litter of children on a so called “reality TV show” would be like going to Canada to gawk at the Dionne quints. Look at how those poor quints turned out, poor and emotionally scarred.

  7. beezasmomma says

    #16 – I have had a number of friends go through IVF and the doctors put in a lot of healthy embryos… friend had 10 put and and all failed…they do more than 2 or 3.

  8. Bethany says

    Do you know how much they get paid per episode/per person for appearing on reality tv? Do you know how much money they rake in when they do these public speaking engagements at churchs, collecting “love offerings” to “help them make ends meet”? After all the freebies they get, plus their income from the show, they have plenty of money to take their own vacations.

  9. Kristeena says

    Although this family will no doubt be big, cute, and look friendly, they will NEVER be as great as Jon & Kate. Jon & Kate are wonderful parents and number 8, why do you beleive that they are selling out their children? Do you have eight children, would you go on trips if you were given the chance, knowing your children wouldn’t be able to without the kind individuals giving things. If you have seen an episode of their shows, then you are in a sense helping them and giving them freebies. Walk a mile in their shoes…..if you were given the chance would you!! XOXO

  10. babyrazzi junkie says

    I highly doubt this was an IVF pregnancy because most doctors would not put more than 2 (maybe 3) back in for the exact reason that they try to avoid multiple pregnancies. I would assume she used some kind of fertility drugs to produce more eggs. Good for them for choosing not to abort any of thier babies!

  11. DMITZ says

    God Bless this family. I hope someone can start a donation for this family or some megastar (like J-LO or Madonna) can make a great donation to this family. That would be a great charity.

  12. Could it be says

    It wasn’t totally clear from the article if this was IVF but I am assuming it was. If that’s the case, it is completely irresponsible for a doctor to put that many fertilized eggs into a woman and irresponsible for the potential parents to accept that. The doctors shouldn’t have put so many in there and then ask this woman “to sacrifice” four of them! As one of the previous posters pointed out, it is dangerous and puts an incredible strain on the mother and the babies– not to mention the financial and emotional implications of having that many children.

  13. bj's mom says

    #10…I hear ya! kids are expensive, but honestly can you imagine you want to have A baby and you end up with 6 on the way! OMG! I would be worried about how Im going to support them, too.

  14. phnxgirl says

    This sounds so mean but the whole thing sounded like “Please give us money!” My lord, I’m doing the best I can to support my own two kids.

  15. Amber says

    people don’t realize the risk with having these many children at once. You put the babies at such a risk. I work with kids with developmental delays and we get multiples constantly. Mostly due to prematurity and all the complications that go with it.

  16. Bethany says

    Let’s hope they don’t do like Jon and Kate, and expect handouts and freebies, and continually sell out their poor children. I’m sick of them

  17. My perogative says

    I’m not really sure why. When I saw It – it just rubbbed me the wrong way. Maybe I am just having a weird moment. I also forgot to add a *P* in my word, sorry for the error.

  18. Jessica uk says

    wow congrats my aunt had sextuplets last year she also tried for years and had given up on the idea of ever having a baby then bam! six! she was carring 7 but sadley 1 baby died at 13 weeks and the doctor told her she could lose all but all 5 boys and 1 little girl made it safeley thank god.
    congrats again great news.


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