Julia Roberts Out For A Stroll With Henry

Julia Roberts, 40, was snapped out for a stroll with son Henry, 1, in NYC.

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  1. Someone says

    Julia Roberts’ uses collagen only on her upper lip to make it look plump. I wonder who gave her this idea. It looks really awful. Her upper lip appears like a thick pile of flesh while the lower lip is one thin line. Good grief woman! these aren’t pretty lips, these are deformed lips.

  2. RS says

    There is nothing wrong with having a baby face inward. We brought my 11 month old to El Salvador for 10 days and she faced inward the whole time. It is comforting to them and I think it is great that Julia Roberts is protecting him from the onslaught of paparazzi. I love my ergo.

  3. K says

    Maybe she’s nursing him! It looks that way to me. Good for her. I’ve nursed in a sling in public before and no one knew. I want an Ergo – they are supposed to be the best carriers around.

  4. Jill says

    I like Julia but she has a weird mouth. I know she is known for that, but I find it strange when someone’s upper lip is larger than their lower one.

  5. Amber says

    It is not good for baby to be in forward facing carrier dangling by their legs. I work with physical and occupational therapists and they tell me that those type of carriers are not good for their cervical spine I believe. Also the Ergo is better for the parent. It distributes the weight more evenly on your hips and shoulders. I love my Ergo

  6. clara says

    Also, we don;t know if he could have been asleep in this picture and cuddled up with the sleeping hood on.

    My son has been in an Ergo when we’re out since 5 months and as soon as he sees it he is climbing me to get into it. He loves it.

    The thing about baby bjorns compared to ergos is that the baby can face out in a bjorn, but it can be overstimulating and a little scary for babies. Also, the bjorn puts all of the baby’s weight on baby’s own hips–which is not healthy. the Ergo has them actually sitting they way they would be sitting on your hip or on the floor, The bjorn has a baby hanging by their crotch and also doesn;t go as far in time as the Ergo–which puts a lot of the baby’s weight on your hips so you can carry them a lot more comfortably than a bjorn.

  7. clara says

    “I would think that when you’re 1 you’d want to see things around you, not just your mom’s sweater” sheila

    Actually, babies can see a lot more in an Ergo than in most strollers, they are at eye level, actually interacting, its much healthier than being passed from bucket to stroller all day. Look around, the rest of the world has known about babywearing for a long long time.

  8. smmom says

    i agree with that being the best carrier. you can use it in the front, back AND on the side (which wasn’t mentioned before). my daughter older then julia robert’s son and she doesn’t mind being in it or facing me when she is. it is great when you are traveling or in an airport and you have to carry luggage, bags and a kid at the same time.

  9. MOMX3 says

    Hmm , it seemed like I could smell this snark from a mile off.

    People don’t realize that so many of these celebs aren’t even raising their own children, let alone letting them THAT close to them.

    I’m just happy she loves him!!!!

  10. Lilac says

    In the Ergo carrier, it’s either the front facing in or on her back. Maybe she wanted to protect him or maybe he was sleeping.

  11. V says

    What is that child doing in a sling facing her no less? Newborns face inward, certainly not a one year old! He is too old to be carried like that.

  12. accalia says

    Minnie Driver welcomed her baby boy, Henry. celebrity baby blog has a beautiful picture of Halle Berry and her husband and Nahla. Get it webmistress!

  13. Suzi says

    She is just so pretty and such a cool mother.
    Love how great she looks sans makeup and out for a stroll.
    She (unlike some other couple we know) has no need to constantly have her picture taken in the public with her children and keeps her children home where they can play and enjoy being children. (unlike some other couple we know).
    Smart woman. Love her.

  14. Sheila says

    I would think that when you’re 1 you’d want to see things around you, not just your mom’s sweater.

  15. Best Ergo says

    The ergo is the best carrier on the market. My 10 month old is super comfy in it and it’s not a strain on my back. The little hood is great especially when they are napping.

  16. Rachel says

    I love Julia Roberts! How great that she’s walking around in her ‘non made up state’ but still looking as beautiful as ever. Too bad Henry’s hidden away though.

  17. canuck says

    The carrier is called and ERGO and baby does not face forward in it, ever. It is made to carry the baby/child facing inwards. You can also use it for a back carry. It Is the BEST carrier out there, in my opinion. I used mine until my son was three. I only stopped because I got pregnant!

  18. says

    im not trying to be mean or anything but isnt henry to big to be in that sling like that i thought that when an infant turns 4-6 months they reverse to face the front

    please tell me if im wrong


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