Joey McIntyre's Son Ready To Hit The Road With The New Kids On The Block

Griffin McIntyre, the adorable 9-month-old son of New Kids On The Block’s Joey McIntrye is ready to hit the road with the band! The New Kids On The Block are about to embark on a new world tour.

Below is a pic of Joey, 35, and wife Barrett.



  1. SandieBeaches says

    And i always felt sorry for Donnie’s lil bro Mark for not having his fame…tables turned quite swiftly!

  2. SandieBeaches says

    I came across my NKOTB album cassette i bought on a family holiday to Florida in 1990…just need to find some old machinery to play in on. The one Joey sings is cringe!!!

  3. Nicki says

    Very cute lil boy! He is adorable and looks very cute! I barely remember The New Kids on the Block , except for one was Marky Marks brother. (Mark Walberg was the cutest out of any of the “kids” and they were kids, back then, , JMO).

  4. Black / White says

    If that baby grows up looking anything like his daddy.. he is going to be quite a stunner.

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