Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Take Violet To Dance Class

An expectant Jennifer Garner, 36, and Ben Affleck (not pictured) were snapped taking daughter Violet, 2, to a children’s dance class in Los Angeles on Sunday. The family also enjoyed a trip to Brentwood, Calif.’s kid-friendly restaurant Giggles N’ Hugs. The spot is a favorite for Violet, who recently enjoyed pizza and arts and crafts there.

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  1. ali says

    violet is adorable!
    why cant she dance? any activity for kids is great, am sure its just “play” dance and she’s not going to be doing any performances or anything! its just a good opportunity for her to be active and mingle with other kids 🙂

  2. Renee says

    Some people are ridiculous, maybe instead of dance class, she can just sit in front of the TV with some videos. Now that sound a bit more stupid than a 2 year old in dance class.

  3. Honey says

    Wow, what a hot debate! To dance or not to dance….V, I think you’ve taken this a bit far – the little girl, whatever her age, wants to dance, so let her dance! No one knows whether there will be a performance under hot lights at the end or not, but rest assured, people have been enrolling their kids in dance and other classes at this age for years. No matter what the activity is, it’s a social experience. No one really cares if they know what they’re doing, they’re having fun!

  4. says

    I love Violet….such a cutie…my fav celeb baby by far.

    I think whatever the parents decide is a suitable and ACTIVE activity for their child to participate in is great. At least she is out doing things instead of sitting in front of the television. Since when was there an age limit on dancing? It is probably a play dance group not some big organized ballet group.

  5. V says

    Swim lessons are entirely different. In fact, the younger the child is the better when it comes to learning how to swim! One year olds that dance around the house when they hear music they like has nothng to do with enrolling them in dance instruction.
    It is one thing for a baby to dance and show interest in music, but when you put that baby in a costume, on a stage, beneath hot lights, you cannot expect that same child to remember a routine, or specific dance steps in front of an audience that doesn’t consist of just mommy and daddy and anyone else who thinks it’s oh so cute to watch some clueless little toddler attempt to comprehend what they are doing.

  6. bj's mom says

    so a two year old dancing around is wrong? i have friends with one year olds who dance all over the house when music comes on. so putting them in a dance class at the age of two to have some fun is ridiculous? sorry i disagree. i had my kids in swimming classes by the age of two and although they “didnt know what they were doing” at first, they sure do now! same with snow skiing. i just think, again, if she’s having fun and being active, good for her.

  7. Black / White says

    V, beauty is more than skin deep. And while I think Violet is a cute a little girl. (I am a sucker for dimples). It is her sweet demeanor that is irresistable.

  8. V says

    BJ’s mom..
    You are right, they do say to start kids young, you don’t think 4 is considered young? People are in such a rush to hurry their kids up and stick them in too many activities. Let a two year old be a two year old. Putting a 24 month old baby in a dance class serves no purpose for the child. Like I said, it’s the mothers who do it for themselves. So they can say ‘oh look how cute’ watching their kids stand around not knowing what to do in their tutus. Ridiculous.

  9. Rachel says

    Violet looks adorable. I don’t see anything wrong with sending her to dance class. I’m sure she doing it for the social aspect primarily.

  10. bj's mom says

    I agree, Charolette. why can’t she dance? they always say start kids out young. I started my kids on everything young and they can do more than i can do right now. also, even if it isnt “serious” dancing, its still being active which is a good thing.

  11. says

    V-shut your ass up of course 2 year olds could dance they enjoy doing it and dmitz is 100% right i dont think jen garner does not care what they look like there the few celebs who normal


  12. DMITZ says

    V, it looks like Jen did put some effort into her daughter’s hair but like my child, I spend almost 10 min on her hair because it’s so thick and curly and I have straight hair so I don’t know how to fix curly hair. I’m still learning! But my point is, my daughter looks great for about an hour or so, but after playing and naptime and her playing dress up, it gets to looking like Violet’s. I don’t think Jen really cares about what we or the paps think about her or her family’s appearance at all times. They are too busy living life.

  13. V says

    I don’t think Violet is cute at all. And would it hurt Ms. Garner to put a brush or a comb to her daughters hair? This childs hair is always a ratty looking mess.

  14. DMITZ says

    Wow, Violet is turning into such a beautiful little girl. She was always cute IMO, but she is turning into such a pretty young girl.

  15. V says

    Taking a two year old to dance lessons is ridiculous. At two a child doesn’t even realize what they are doing. Professional dance studios will not start children in dance lessons until they are at least four. Some will take three year olds but it’s referred to as ‘play dance’ because at such a young age, there isn’t much they can do, sure it looks cute, but it’s not really ‘dance’.
    These dance studios that have two and three year old classes are doing it more for the parents, not the child.

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