Christina Aguilera Arriving At The 2008 MTV Music Awards

Glamorous new mom Christina Aguilera was snapped arriving at the 2008 MTV Music Awards.

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  1. Maria says

    ps: just because she’s a mom, it does NOT mean that she has to stay at home cleaning dishes and so on.. she’s still one of the best singers on the planet and a business woman.. there’s time for everything; even for being a sexy momma hangin’ out at an awards event!

  2. Maria says

    i LIKE everything about this look.. ok maybe the dress was not so stunning but it’s still gorgeous! her hair, her make-up.. way to go christina =D can’t wait to have my hands on bionic =D

  3. Marie says

    O.k she looks like she’s 40 something. For all the trainers and diets her body does not look all that great. She looks like she could be the sister to …hmmm that famous blonde italian designer whose last name starts with a “V”.

  4. Eli says

    She looks like a younger version of Linda Hogan (Hulk Hogan’s soon to be ex-wife). In no way is this a meant to be a compliment!

  5. no name says

    l thought Britney looked fantastic at the awards, good on you girl for turning things around- hopefully this will lead her to getting her boys back for good. Although l disagreed about the 3 awards, one was deserved, but 3, sympathy vote??

  6. cookie says

    Omg, how is she always soooo over done? Why is she trying to look like a tarty teen?? The exquisite couture she wears looks cheap on her… I think her style (in clothes) is much like Beyoncé’s, only B is million times prettier and more classy and elegant… Christina herself is gifted though

  7. Lauren says

    I think Christina looked pretty but I don’t like the blunt bangs on her. I liked when she was rocking the retro glam look.

  8. Sandra says

    Her boobs look awful and the dark eyeliner on such a pasty white with very blonde hair doesn’t look good either!!

  9. Tabitha says

    I agree, this dress provides no bust support, making her boobs look saggy. And way too much eyeliner. She looks like a posessed cat or something.

  10. laila says

    not loving this look on her, but she is a very talented singer and has always been a bit extreme in her looks ,so I’m not too surprised.

  11. Jello says

    Why does she try so hard???? She is so lovely and gorgeous without all this image, fakeness, and heavy makeup.

  12. SbK says

    What happened to the sexy, classy and retro xtina? she looks like she’s going back to what she looked like before, it’ll be the chaps next LOL!!! Seriously though, she’d look so much better with more natural make up and curly hair, she looks WAY too over done here!

  13. Dnice says

    Not a flattering look at all, that goes for hair, make-up and her lack of support. I would love to see her go all natural for once..I bet she’s really pretty without all that make-up caked on her face.

  14. Bethany says

    Her boobs looked horrible in this dress…smashed or something. I’m sorry, but I just don’t think she is pretty.

  15. Candy says

    I don’t know guys ..i didn’t like it here, i think she looks weird , it may be bec. of the dress or that look

  16. DMITZ says

    That’s how my friends and I refer to them. It feels weird IMO to talk about another woman and call them “boobs” or “breasts”. That’s how a man would refer to them (IMO). To each his own I guess!

  17. Just me says

    Her make up looks better than usual, although I don’t like the dress, bangs or tan. Sorry, this looks reminds me too much of Linda Hogan.

  18. purple haze says

    yep ‘the girls’ defo need more support, they look saggy, otherwise she looks ok I guess

  19. V says

    I cannot stand it when people refer to breasts as ‘the girls’.
    As for the way Christina looks, the word that always comes to mind when I see her is ‘vamp’. She has become a very voluptuous, glamourous woman.
    I don’t care for those heavy bangs on her though.

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