An Expectant Ashlee Simpson At The 2008 MTV Music Awards

An expectant Ashlee Simpson was snapped arriving at the 2008 MTV Music Awards.

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  1. phnxgirl says

    I have hated her hair ever since she changed it to that color. Plus the fact that it seems so lifeless. She is so pretty, I think she is prettier then Jessica, but she doesn’t really do anything with herself it seems.

  2. BribriBrina says

    Actually, the twin thing might be true because when Pete Wentz was giving an interview with the local radio station he said “they, them.” But, then again it could be just a mistake, maybe I can find the podcast of the interview at the radio station.

  3. DMITZ says

    I think what I don’t really like about this outfit is mostly the shoes. They throw off the whole outfit. I know they are probably much more comofortable than “skinny” heels and much safer for a expecting mother wearing such a long/flowy dress.

  4. scarlet says

    Oh gosh there are my curtins… Hello Ashley why would you where a dress like that? It make you look 20 sizes bigger…Where is your stylist when you need her?

  5. Bethany says

    I like the dress, until it comes to that swag part that’s going from the back to the front. If it didn’t have that, it would be very pretty. I think she is a pretty girl, but I hate how she always tilts her head, trying to portray this “I’m so innocent” look or something. Every pic I see of her, he head is tilted as if she is trying to look so sheepish.

  6. Candy says

    Right that dress makes her look doesn’t suits her , it might goes well with Angelina Jolie to wear that kind of dresses but not Ashlee she is much younger to wear that dress …and the hair & makeup are good ..she’s pretty

  7. Just me says

    She looks pretty and healthy but I don’t like the dress. Maybe it’s the black color, but it looks like a giant tent (and she’s really not that big!) and it makes her look older, too.

  8. Diana says

    She looks absolutely beautiful and blooming! She is big but I guess it’s because she is due very soon xx

  9. DMITZ says

    Maybe I’m in a catty mood today, and I’m the first to say don’t knock a preg woman about how big she is, but this is the wrong dress for a prego at an MTV event.

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