Alison Sweeney On Baby Names & Pregnancy Cravings

Alison Sweeney, host of The Biggest Loser, is expecting her first daughter in January and is starting to talk about her pregnancy. Alison and husband, Dave Sanov, have a son, Benjamin, 3. She has some baby names picked but she is leaning on the conservative side, instead of being wacky.

“I’m definitely conservative when it comes to baby names. We’re looking for pretty but traditional. There are lots of names up in the air, but we’re not anywhere near picking one.”

And she shared about her pregnancy cravings.

“Pregnancy cravings for me are when someone says mentions a certain food and I’ll have to have it immediately,” she admits. “Last weekend I was at the Farmer’s Market and a woman next to me ordered four pounds of tomatoes to make homemade gazpacho. I was like: Great, now I have to make gazpacho! So I busted out my BlackBerry, found an online recipe, picked up all the ingredients at the Farmer’s Market, went home and, if I may say, made delicious gazpacho. Those are the kinda cravings I’ve been having.”

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  1. JIll says

    Collette- I’m sorry I can’t read what you wrote. You are from England right? I’m assuming that you can speak proper English. Or maybe you just can’t type it.

  2. Collette uk says

    Oh my god wherd her bump she got be 6mth hardly any there i was huge wit both preg good luck to her x

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