Marcia Cross & Family At Will Rogers Beach

Marcia Cross and husband Tom Mahoney were snapped enjoying an afternoon at Will Rogers beach in Santa Monica with their twin daughters Eden and Savannah, 1.

Splash News Online


  1. Tabitha says

    I agree…The hats are stupid looking and hide their precious little faces. I know she’s trying to protect them from the sun, but this style of hat…with the flaps coming down on the sides….makes them look like little flappy eared puppy dogs or something. There are so many cuter styles of sunhats that would protect them from the heat and sun.

    But they are ADORABLE little girls, just the cutest……and they always seem so happy and lively, they clearly have great little personalities! Plus Marcia seems like a wonderful mother, so nurturing, hands on and interactive with them.

  2. Rachel says

    She seems to be one of the few celebrity moms that actually really enjoys being a mom. Most always look so serious and frazzled.

  3. mommy-of-two-girls says

    i always love seeing pictures of her with the kids. she always looks so full of joy. the girls are adorable.

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