Brad Pitt On Lack Of Sleep & Expanding His Family

Brad Pitt says that twins Knox and Vivienne are doing great.

“All good; everyone’s healthy, and everyone’s great,” Brad, 44, told Entertainment Tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival Premiere of his flick, Burn After Reading, Friday.

“Sleep is something we long for, but that’s alright, we’ll get it [soon],” Brad added.

Brad joked that his easygoing life with his family helped inspire his goofy character in Burn After Reading. He plays a dimwitted gym employee who stumbles on a CD potentially full of CIA secrets.

“You’ll see some remnants of home in [my performance],” he told ET.

The father-of-six was in Paris with daughter Zahara earlier this week, and Venice with sons Pax and Maddox last week.

Despite their hectic homelife, Brad has ambitions to expand his family.

“I’ll have two more by next year,” Brad told reporters at a Burn After Reading press conference in Venice on August 27th.

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  1. Julian van Deventer says

    Hey Brad and Angelina.
    it was nice having you at Burning shore in Namibia, cooking for you guys was a blast, Brad at least I now know what a roastie is, you one real genuine person, not at all stuck up, pitty I left before I got to see the new addition your your family.
    Although Mickey was a pain to the press, he is a great person as well once you get to know him.
    your presence at the hotel, provided plenty of enterainment.

    ok bye for now

  2. says

    Sept. 21’08
    I think its great that this famous and gorgeous couple have adopted kids and had their own kids but whats this I just read their place is a pigsty? What proof does anyone have of this comment? How many live in that place? Do they have assistants and housekeepers? They are not really married are they? ……… will Angie and Brad star in more movies? They are great actors…

  3. LYNN says

    I wonder where Angelina is hiding all this time. I am just glad she had twins and we did not have to see her for two whole festivals. If she had had one baby, she would have been all over the place. I just can’t stand these two.

  4. theresa says

    such a sexy sexy man! i really hope this marriage lasts. it seems so loving and normal (for multimillionaire movie stars anyways!)

  5. Collette uk says

    See bambamwife bk god just leave this fam alone yeah we get u dnt like them im bisexual got 2 kids+partner 8yr male that is u got prob with me

  6. traveler says


    Who cares what someone has done in their past. We all have our indescretions. Maybe she’s bisexual. There’s nothing wrong with that. Either way, she’s monogomous and that’s what counts.

    Adopt an American child? So, children from other countries aren’t as important as Amercian children and don’t deserve families just as much? Why should it matter where the child comes from? The only thing that matters is that it’s one less child in the world without a loving home. God doesn’t discriminate based on country of origin and we shouldn’t either.

    I don’t blame them one bit for selling pictures of their kids. It satisfies the public and prevents paps from stalking the family to get that first shot. They’d probably have idiots trying to climb the walls and take photos through windows if they hadn’t done a spread. Posing for People magazine allowed them to control the situation and to allow only pictures they wanted to appear in public. They were protecting their kids. I think it was an ingenious idea. Plus, the money was donated to a charity. So everyone wins in the end. If they were really interested in using their kids for media attention, they’d have been parading the twins around town for the last 3 months. Instead, you haven’t seen hide nor hair of Angelina, Vivienne, or Knox. I think they have their children’s best interest at heart.

  7. traveler says

    Paula from Fortworth:

    What do you mean by “normal” family? Why isn’t their family normal? By normal, do you mean a couple with all white biological babies? I’m glad they’re building their family the way they are. Not only are they helping others in need, but it makes them infinitely interesting.

  8. traveler says

    Why do people feel the need to dog on AJ and BP for the manner in which they build their family? How would you feel if someone made those comments about your family? They look like they’re doing just fine to me. They have the means to have a large family, so if that’s what they want, then it’s their business not yours. Besides, 6 is not that many when you consider the Duggars. They’re on number 18. And I never hear anyone putting them down for their decision to have a large family.

  9. Analise says

    I just can’t imagine that many kids cause I have my hands full with one. That said, I think it’s wonderful what they are doing and they all seem very happy. 🙂

  10. mslewis says

    “Get home to Jen and have a normal family life”


    I can’t believe people STILL want Brad to go back to Jennifer. Why would he want to go back and why would she want him? It’s been FOUR YEARS. Get a clue!!!

  11. bambamswife says

    WTG #13. I can’t stand this family, but nothing bad to say against the children. Don’t forget too, that this Jolie was in love with a woman and wanted to marry her. Not gossip, words right out of her own mouth. Why don’t they enjoy their children they have right now. What are they trying to do? Why don’t they adopt an American child with a disability who nobody else would want if they are so valiant? On second thought, I wouldn’t wish them on a goofey family as they are. I feel sorry for their children now. If everybody would stop feeding these nuts, maybe they would go away. And selling teir baby pictures_ come on. Anybody who bought this magazine should be shot. They should have given that money to a favorite charity of theirs, in stead of feeding these predators.

  12. Nicki says

    laila-Six children under 7. Maddox is 7. So it would be 6 children under Seven.

    PAULA FROM FORTWORTH -You are just plain delusional. I hope you get the help you need. Best wishes.

  13. laila says

    Instaed of always looking for more kids, why not just concentrate on the ones you have for now? 6 kids under 6 is a lot to handle. They could slow down a bit. Whats the hurry? You have your whole life ahead of you. Enjoy all the beautiful children around you now.



  15. mrsg says

    they have a beautiful family though i agree with concerns over induvidual attention for each! he wants to expand the brood ! hmmmmm

  16. mslewis says

    Candi, you can see more of the twins and all the family in an upcoming issue of “W” magazine. I think it will be the November issue. Brad is taking the pictures.

    #1, my question is: What does Josephine Baker have to do with Brad and Angelina? MIa Farrow also adopted a boatload of kids. Nobody said Brad and Angelina are doing anything that hasn’t been done before.

  17. accalia says

    I love this family! For all the haters, I really can’t remember anyone saying negative things, like what they do about Brangelina, about Mia Farrow when she was adopting. And she had I think 14 kids! BP and AJ are amazing people with beautiful hearts.

  18. eli says

    i love them! their fame never got to their head and the yare trying the best they can…. unlike jenny from the block.

  19. Lauren says

    Brad looks so cute in this picture. 🙂 Good for Brad and Angelina. I get tired of hearing about them all the time but I admire how they opened a home for children who otherwise wouldn’t have one.

  20. Candi says

    I love this Family! I want to see more pictures of those precious twins and the rest of the family.

  21. bj's mom says

    they are getting alot more attention than if they were never adopted. good for brad and angie for giving them a decent life.

  22. Zbella says

    If he needs a quick nap, I’ve got a place he can lay his pretty head! Love the family, each and every one.

    #1 So because it’s been done before, it’s not worth doing? They are awesome.

  23. Amanda says

    I LOVE his eyes!!!!

    I think they have too many kids to be able to pay good attention too BUT they have enough money to hire really good help so these kids can have good full lives and they will always have each other. I love big families and I wish more people would have them so so many people wouldnt be so alone in the world

  24. Rougelatete says

    Kelley — it may not be original, but it IS far different from something 99% of American families are currently doing. I do find it admirable that they are giving children from 3rd World countries a second chance. Although I sometimes get concerned that their children may not get enough attention, I also realize that they probably have enough familial and professional help to make this possible. I think anything we can do to support adoption should be encouraged.

  25. Kelley says

    I would be really impressed with Angie and Brad, if a black woman named Josephine Baker hadn’t already done this way back when. I mean, the same as in she adopted lots of children from other countries and raised them to love each other and their own heritage. I like Brad and Angie ok, but some of the articles about the children she is adopting portray her as such a world changer for doing this. i just think ONE of them could mention that what she is doing is not all that original.

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