Teri Hatcher's Advice To Her Daughter

Teri Hatcher shared her advice to her 10-year-old daughter, Emerson.

“Have great sex [and] eat the chocolate,” the single mom advises 10-year-old Emerson – and the general reading public – in Teri’s October column for Britain’s Glamour magazine.

Other pointers: “Don’t sit on public toilet seats and make sure to floss. … Life’s too short to stress; you’ll be able to get past anything difficult; the sun will rise tomorrow; you are beautiful; you are lovable.”

Describing herself as “43-year-old somewhat successful but still flawed and fragile woman,” Teri also confesses to a little self-help handiwork – she’s made herself a “goal board” to which she adds every night.

“It’s basically a collage of images of things you want to achieve in your life – all written, glued or drawn onto a big piece of paper,” she shared.

Among the sample entries are “Don’t eat after 7 p.m.” and ‘Dance like a teenager.”

Shares Teri: “Against all my well-honed cynical beliefs, it’s actually working!”

Those dream boards really work! Everyone should make one!

Splash News Online & Source


  1. Gigi says

    Hatcher is some sick woman, what is wrong with her. Her child should be playing with dolls, not playing grown-up. Seriously, this woman is something else!!!!!!!!!! By the way, instead of buying such expensive gowns for her daughter, she should invest in a Dental Plan, Teri has the ugliest teeth around …….. how about some Veneers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Joyce says

    Sbk is right she never said she TOLD her daughter to go out and have great sex she was giving advice to women including her daughter )who will be a woman someday believe it or not). Splash news who is a completely unreliable source twisted the words to make the story sound salacious.

  3. SbK says

    We seem to forget that she didn’t actually tell her daughter to have great sex, it was in a magazine article, which actually read ‘Ask me the most important information I’d pass on to my daughter, and I immediately imagine myself about to be run over by an oncoming train….and I shout “life’s too short to stress; have great sex;eat the chocolate;you’ll be able to get past anything difficult that comes your way; the sun will rise tomorrow;you are beautiful; you are lovable; dont sit on public toilet seats; make sure to floss” and then SQUISH. That’d be it.’ Just thought I’d clear that one up!!

  4. Analise says

    My mother told me about sex, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. at a very young age. HOWEVER. She certainly wasn’t telling me at age 10 to have great sex. Good heavens.

  5. Zbella says

    Thank you samsmom. Hellllooo, this is the way a woman talks to her friends, not her PRETEEN!

  6. Rachel says

    Why is she robbing her of her innocence at such a young age. What a shame. I understand she’s trying to play the the “cool” mom, but this takes it to a whole new low level.

  7. 2teens (Team Kx3) says

    I think Emerson’s dress is gorgeous. I don’t see anything inappropriate with it.
    It’s just her shoulders. She probably wear tube tops, tank tops and camis all summer long too, just like most 10 years olds.

  8. Samsmom says

    Teaching your kid about sex at an early age and telling them they should have great sex are not the same thing! Talking about great sex in the early years should not even be a topic of discussion. First we say, “well they will do it anyway, so we may as tell them how to do it safe.” So now that safe sex is covered we need to tell them to make sure it is great? Give me a break!

    BTW she is a beautiful little girl. I wish Teri had a bit more sense.

  9. Team Dori! (whooooo) says

    Ever wonder why she is talking about sex to her 10 year old well maybe because of all of the teen pregnancey ‘s this year?

  10. Honey says

    I have always had the opinion of Teri that she’s a good mom. She may have been well-intentioned, but she’s making suggestions to her daughter at far too young an age. Aside from the have good sex comment, I am also appalled to see she told her not to eat after 7pm….maybe when you’re older and your metabolism has slowed down you should worry about that, but that is like shoving a future concern in her daughter’s face (not to mention any other girls who happen to read the article), and would only make them ask “why not?”, to which her stupid mother would be forced to reply something regarding weight gain – clearly not something a CHILD should be thinking about. She’s a moron!

  11. SbK says

    Did some people not read it properly???
    “Have great sex [and] eat the chocolate,” the single mom advises 10-year-old Emerson –AND THE GENERAL READING PUBLIC- IN TERI’S OCTOBER COLUMN FOR BRITAIN’S GLAMOUR MAGAZINE!!!!!!
    I totally agree with barb in talking to children about sex when theyre young instead of keeping it taboo until they are teens and are more embarrased about their parents talking about sex because it’s never been spoken about openly before

  12. says

    I am not being mean here, just a personal observation:

    Terri and Michael Jackson look like they could be twins.

    Really if you look at some pictures of her, I am sorry but she is not very attractive and she looks like Michael, I thought I was crazy but ya know in the magazines sometimes they have a “seperated at birth thing” they had her with him too..I was so happy I was not the only person to feel this way.

  13. 2teens says

    People, she didn’t “tell” any of this to her daughter. She wrote a column for Glamour magazine.
    It was probably something like this: “what I want for my daughter Emerson… when she is a WOMAN”

  14. Kimbo says

    Um… haven’t you guys noticed?it’s the new thing, every little 10 year old is doing it. .lol [teen preganancy]HELLO?!!!!

  15. Barb says

    I’m no fan of Teri Hatcher, I find her to be a rather annoying actress. However, I have to say something in her defense here. First off, I’m not sure she actually SAID this stuff to her daughter, it kind of sounded to me like she wrote all this stuff in a column, kind of a “things I want her to know someday”. Second, I have a high school age daughter (and a 10 year old daughter), and she was around 10 when we started talking pretty frankly about sex. I don’t know my exact words, but I’ve told her that I want her to grow up and love her body, and to have great sex. I’ve ALSO, and very importantly, told her that I really don’t want her to have sex while she’s in high school, because IMO it distracts you from what you ought to be doing in high school, which is learning. I also pointed out to her that the vast majority of high school romances break up, and if you’re having sex with the person, then you are going to have to sit in class, in the cafeteria, go to parties, etc. etc. etc., with a boy who has, well, as my 10-year-old would say, seen your private parts. Close up. REAL close up. And it’s bad enough to have to see a boy you’ve broken up with around school when all you did was kiss him. That seems to have made a lot of sense to her, and I’m pleased to say that she’s following my advice. It might have been a little awkward to be that frank with a 5th or 6th grader, but if you don’t start getting that message in young, you lose the window of opportunity you have while they still really listen to you. The girls I see now who are 15, 16, and sleeping with their boyfriends are the ones whose parents just told them not to, end of story. I really think you have to qualify that. Even just saying “with ’til college” makes it much easier to get your head around it when you’re still in middle school. So yeah, I probably wouldn’t say to my 10 year old “have great sex”, but if I had to err on the side of one way or the other, I’d rather be too honest, too young, than not enough or too late.

  16. Melissa says

    She seems to think of her daughter as her friend and peer instead of a child she is raising to be a solid human being with a good foundation. She has a serious screw loose and ironically is very much like her character on Desperate Housewives who has a daughter that acts like the parent.

  17. Team Kx3 Mommy says

    What kind of mother would even want her 10 year old daughter to be thinking about sex? What kind of mother even enjoys the idea that her daughter will one day have sex? She’s priming her early, that’s clearly seen.

    Down with Team Dori!

  18. Rachel says

    That’s pretty bad coming. Look out another teenage pregnancy waiting to happen. Some mother’s just can’t get the fact that you CANNOT be “friends” with your daughter…you must be a MOTHER.

  19. MOMX3 says

    Yeah, I agree with the consensus…my daughter will be 10 in November and I would NEVER tell her that!

    I just had a baby in July….I don’t want to be a grandma THAT soon!

  20. Rougelatete says

    Hmmm….I wonder if Terri is also going to pass her eating disorder onto her daughter by telling her when and when not to eat….

  21. Lurker says

    Glad to see I’m not the only one unimpressed with this little piece of “advice” this Hollywood mom is giving her 10 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!

    My daughter is almost 12 and I would never dream of saying something like that to her!!

    And I agree that though Emerson is a pretty little girl who could have a bright future ahead of her, with advice like that she could also turn out to be a totally messed up teen too. Just asking for trouble, I would think. And who will be able to be surprised by it?

    I mean yes, anyone’s child can turn out “screwed up”–but why encourage it? And I also agree–not someone I would choose for my daughter (or my sons either, I would guess!) to hang around with.

  22. colle says

    Real classy mom! Wouldn’t let my child be around hers at their house with advice like that. Hollywood trash.

  23. Sunny says

    Give me a break—another SHOCKING teen pregnancy in the making—I wonder why it happens?? duh

  24. no name says

    Yeah right ‘ dance like a teenager, but make sure you dont do it in front of your son, kiss of death as far as they are concerned! daughter talk about life,sex etc fine – Son, forget it!!!!

  25. Team Dori! (whooooo) says

    I think it is a good thing to tell your child to have great sex because you know what life is way too short!
    i bet she will tell her more stuff about sex, use condoms and all of that stuff when she is older.
    i mean come on a 10 year old is not going to go out and have sex just coz her mom said hey hunni have great sex!
    no i didn’t think so!

  26. OhHellNo! says

    No wonder these hollywood kids grow up too fast and f**ked up. Have great sex to a 10 yr. old is ridiculous! What a moron.

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