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Victoria Beckham throws superhero-themed birthday party for Romeo.

Gwen Stefani debuts post-baby form.

An expectant Natascha McElhone out and about.


  1. purple haze says

    omg Kingston is such a handsome little guy! You can tell hes gonna be a stud when hes older!

    agree that VB is defo overdressed for the occasion.

    Heidi Klum looks great, shes either wering no makeup or very little which a great to see.

  2. 2teens (Team Kx3) says

    Looks like Romeo had quite the party with all of his famous friends.
    I would love to see a photo of Zuma.

  3. says

    i agree with 1.2 and 3 victoria is over dressed but its her life

    gwen stefani looks great i know that her 2nd pregnancy was hard on her because she was pregnant all summer long but i bet she loves zuma as much as kingston

  4. bj's mom says

    i also agree about victoria. the thing is, we all know they are celebrities, but there is a time and place to be a celebrity and time and place to be a mom. they think they have to impress people all the time when actually it impresses me more to see someone like her dressed down and just being a mom. jennifer garner, for example. go play with your kids in the park a little and get dirty, Victoria! lol

  5. accalia says

    Gwen looks great. Cute pics of the birthday bash. All the kids look adorable. I can’t stand VB. Who dresses like that for their’s kid’s bday party?

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