Angelina's Post-Partum Depression Fears

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  1. says

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  2. says

    Супер! Все очень понятно и грамотно, и в то же время без излишних умствований и самолюбования, и на доступном языке. Редкий случай когда человек делится ценной и полезной инфой. Спасибо автору!

  3. Veronica says

    Jennifer A’s fans are so mean spirited. I guess that comes from jealousy. I sure hope that poor woman finds a man who will love her so her fans can lay off Brad and Angie. I suppose most men will be deathly afraid to date her because if it doesn’t work out they will be persecuted like Brad and JM. JA has got to have the most hateful fans ever. A vengeful bunch. I love Brad and Angelina..

  4. Aliciasweets85 says

    well i personally think she should have stopped at three. she’s bent on saving all the children of the world, so she ‘saved’ one of asian origin…she ‘saved’ one of african origin, and she had one biologically…she should have closed up shop (so to speak)…now that she has bombarded herself with three more, all this exhaustion and possible “post partum depression” are all HER OWN FAULT.

    P.S. She is a remarkably beautiful woman, and I do enjoy Angelina as an actress, so I hope she gets better soon

  5. Collette uk says

    Onatear that what i said leave for us FANS WHO LOVE ANG+FAMILY I DO im huge fan even get tattoo of her features of face asap

  6. onatear says

    Wouldn’t it be great if everyone read all the comments before leaving one? For instance, Lynn, you would not have had to leave a comment, because several others have dropped hate into the baby website. Why can’t you haters get your own ANTI-celebrity/baby website, and leave this one to the FANS. ????

  7. Nicki says

    Lynn-She has newborn twins at home along with 4 other children ages 2-7, even with nannies I’m sure is busy with them. She did claim she was talking a year off. She hasn’t worked since last October, except for promoting 2 of her movies.
    Amazing how people talk out of both sides of thier mouth. You hate her and never want to watch a movie of hers…..Yet you are complaining about not seeing her for 3 months. Me thinks someone is lying! You really are a fan. Why else would you want to see here? (You should be dancing in the streets you,if you hate her.)
    LOL! LOL!

  8. LYNN says

    I hate Angelina Jolie. I will never watch a movie of hers. She is such an attention seeker and even if she gives the money to charity, that is exploiting a child. It is like being a prostitute or robbing and giving money to charity. It is still wrong.

    She is such a bad woman and a bad mother. Those children are going to disturb her for life. Let her wait. Brad said everything is fine but why hasn’t Angelina come out in 3 months. Me thinks they are hiding something.

  9. Collette uk says

    I see bambamswife bk slagging her of again god sake if u not fan keep nasty coments to urself +let her REAL FANS TALK

  10. Collette uk says

    Omg why do people keep slaging her off im huge fan+4 anomynous yes she has 3 nanies so wud if i cud i got 2 young girls 6+2 just leave her alone

  11. Jessica says

    And I agree with the person who said that WebMistress didn’t want to post the Bristol/Trig rumor but she’s posting this. I completely agree, this is nothing but something speculating cause they haven’t seen her in a while. I think she’s fine, just taking care of Knox, Viv, and Shi.

  12. Jessica says

    I don’t believe this for a second. She’s at home taking care of the kiddies, most mothers do that after they give birth. Just because she’s not walking the red carpet with Brad doesn’t mean she’s depressed.

  13. SbK says

    Here here, selma and sweet honesty have hit the nail on the head, why do people wish such awful things on people, its terrible to say she deserves it, she has innocent young children to look after, so why would it be fair for her to have PPD? some people have so much hatred inside.

  14. sweet honesty says

    And to the person who said that a lot of people hate the Jolie/ Pitt, speak for yourself. The Jolie pitts have a lot of fans & love them both!!! God bless the Jolie/Pitts and their family!!!

  15. A fan says

    If you tell me Jen is the one that got all the bad karma dump by all the men she thought loved her, no kids no life etc…

  16. selma says

    I have read the comments, and I had want to answer, but there are so many stupid things, that I would not know from where to begin. Therefore I will not answer, and I suggest to all the persons with a little of good sense, respect for herself, and other people not to do it. Even if I have been astounded of how many wicked people surround us, may God help them.

  17. says

    mslewis-i agree with you 100% brad did say that EVERYONE IS fine just leave them alone and who cares if they exploit there children NO MATTER WHERE THE GO OR DO THEY WILL ALWAYS HAVE THERE PICTURE TAKEN BY THE PAPARAZZI SO WHO CARES

  18. mslewis says

    Gina, just because you hate Angelina doesn’t mean that EVERYBODY hates her. You wish!!! If “everybody” hated her why was “Wanted” such a big hit, not just in the U.S. but around the world? If “everybody” hated her, why is she still being given movies to star in? If “everybody” hated her then why is she still on magazines covers that sale out?

    By the way, if any of you haters care, Brad said that everyone is “doing fine” and he flew back to France after TIFF. He should be back at that $60 million estate they didn’t buy, as we speak.

  19. mslewis says

    They didn’t buy a $60 million estate!!! Get your facts straight. And, I repeat . . . what business is it of yours how many kids they adopt?

  20. bambamswife says

    Let’s all stop feeding this stupid woman. They feed everything enough on their own. What is our world coming to when people like this sell their children’s pictures? All celebrities and the wealthy have to give money away to charities, they just don’t talk about it as much as these two. Why did they have to buy a $60,000,000 estate? Oh spare me. Everyone who bought the magazine should have donated their money to charity. If this couple is going to adopt again, why don’t they adopt a disabled American child. No, on second thought, I don’t wish a child like a poor chalenged child on these two.

  21. Clare says

    She should have seen this coming. The world is watching her building herself up for a fall. Pretty soon it will be clapping with glee. That is what the media is like. Any one should have told her she is on a path to disaster. All those kids are not a joke. serves her right.

  22. Gina says

    May be she has realised that people really hate her. There is a difference between being loved and being famous. With many people coming out to show their distate for this couple, I guess she is realising that their contrived charity dos are fooling no one. Many people have spoken badly about their selling of baby pictures. More and more celebrities are no longer doing it because it is now considered tacky and cheap to exploit a child even if you are doing it for charity. Angelina must know all this things even if she says she does not keep up with the gossip and she doesn’t care. She admits that she knows some people really hate her. All this and two colicky babies can be a stresser.

    Why did she have many kids too fast? That is why I don’t feel sorry for her. This story may be speculation, but it is entirely plausible. Her hormones, her C- section, her being underweight and the premature birth of the kids is a recipe for disaster. Her hormones must be all over the place. PPD can take years to go away. Since Angelina stole someone’s husband, yes men can be stolen especially st upid ones like Pitt. I have never liked her and I don’t feel sorry for her.

  23. says

    best of luck with vivi and knox
    i bet that princess shiloh is a great big sister

    i like shiloh because her parents dont put her in dresses as much as suri

  24. oriana says

    I really don’t believe one word of this. And wasn’t she in the pictures those vultures snapped of all of them out in the yard playing not long ago with Brad’s parents?

  25. mslewis says

    Well, you fools can believe what you want to believe. Karma is crap and I don’t believe in it, but if you do, fine. If there is such a thing as karma then it will bite some of you in the behind because of the way you hate on innocent children!!

    Angelina does not have any “people.” She hasn’t had a PR person since she was in her teens. Brad fired his PR person earlier this year, so he doesn’t have one either. So, there are no “people” to confirm or deny anything.

    And, excuse me, but perhaps Angelina has not been seen in a few weeks because she has six small children to look after. I don’t care how many nannies she has, they are still her children and she needs to spend time with them. And, she’s not exactly trapped in a small house. She’s on a 100s of acres of land. Maybe that’s all she needs right now. The paps cannot get onto her property anymore so they can’t take pictures. The just want Angelina out of the house, doing something so they can sell pictures of her.

    And, I don’t see where it’s any of your business how many children they have or how fast they have them.

  26. Rachel says

    I don’t think we need to resort to name calling. That’s completely uncalled for. I don’t necessarily agree with what they’re doing, but if AJ is suffering from depression then obviously things have finally gotten to her. It was just a matter of time I guess.

  27. Freya says

    I had PPD after both of my pregnancies, and I can tell you it’s pure H-E-L-L. I hope and pray this isn’t true, but it’s normal and with help, she will be ok.

  28. Mary says

    Even in the video, she looks too thin to be of any use to any one let alone twins. She is still thinking of going back to work. Talk about mental derangement. Brad should have known that this woman was bash-shiite crazy. I believe this story because her people have not come out to deny it after so many days yet it is everywhere. Most people are probably thinking she deserves all the bad karma for stealing someone’s husband.

  29. Jayne says

    She likes to show off like super woman, that is why this makes news. It is probably true. It is not like Angelina to miss two movie festivals- Venice and Toronto. She loves attention and the red carpet. We have not seen her out and about in three months. I think there is something wrong. Karma has finally got her.

    Her loverboy is strutting around the world when the missus has 6 crying kids. What a loser. Then again he was not sensitive with his ex. Humiliated her to the last.

    Why did they go rushing to collect those kids in a short time? I think she switched one obsession with another.

    Time will tell what will become of these tow losers and their brood. For their sakes, I hope they stop and concetrate on those they have. I do not feel sorry for her at all. She has nannies. When Brad was with Z there were 2 nannies in the background. He had four nanies when he was witht he little boys and a whole army surrounding him. This was Pitt who 3 years ago went and shopped with no one running after him.

  30. says

    Everyone has mental problems at one time or another in their life. That’s why it’s called LIFE. You’re living in a fantasy world within your head if people can’t realize that.

  31. anonymous says

    #11, for your last question– yes…if one believes Jennifer Aniston has mental problems (as many Angelina Jolie fans assume she has mental problems).

  32. mslewis says

    I only have one word for these “reports”: BULLSH!T!!!

    I completely agree with ssbam . . . these crappy tabloids want Angelina out of the house so they can make money off her. The woman sells magazines. When they don’t see her for awhile, all of a sudden “sources” and “insiders” are quoted on how “bad” things are and how “sick” she is. Bunch of crap and it always amazes me that people actually believe this stuff.

    Angelina will be seen, a lot, in October when she has to promote “Changling” at the NY Film Festival and the premiere of the movie.

    Also, do any of you really believe Brad would leave Angie behind and fly off to Toronto if the woman was having mental/physical problems?

  33. eli says

    i hope she is ok…. i believe she is going through it and lets not forget she just lost her mother.

  34. anonymous says

    #5 – I most certainly did not miss your message about how it is likely untrue that this bit of news is factual.

    I’d just like to point out that it is unlikely that she takes care of all 6 children by herself.

    The irony is that it’s all probability 🙂 Hope you don’t miss that point.

  35. ssbam says

    Oh, come on, I dont believe this is true, and I think its a ploy to get her out of her house so somebody can make money off of her pictures. Slow media days….And if she hasnt been out then how would anybody writting this stuff know what goes on behind there closed doors.

  36. heather says

    If it is true, I hope she is okay. I had PPD with my first baby and it was a very difficult, low time in my life. It’s hard for people to understand how someone with a beautiful new baby (or two, in her case) can be so sad, but for whatever reason it does happen. I think the fact that women don’t talk about it more makes it seem shameful, which is really a shame in and of itself.

  37. anonymous says

    I hardly think she takes care of them all on her own. I’m sure she has nannies running around to take care of them. Please — Let’s not give this woman any more credit than she deserves.

  38. accalia says

    People stop believing every rumor you hear. Webmistress, you did not want to post the rumors about Sarah Palin’s daughter being the mother of Trig, so why did you post this one of Angelina? Did anyone actually come out and say that AJ was suffering from post-partum depression? Everything in this video is “reportedly”. Nothing is actually a fact. Oh wow, just because she has not been seen in the spotlight recently doesn’t mean that she is depressed! She has 6 kids to take care of at home! Jeez….

  39. Deeds says

    She’ll be OK, it happens to many women. I hope her kids can understand. I imagine it is very hard on them.

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