1. co says

    I think Katie carries Suri a lot because she IS the daughter of one of America’s biggest stars, and they are constantly surrounded by Paparazzi, not to mention there are a lot of freaks out there who may try to kidnap her

  2. ali says

    suri is very cute though in some pics she isnt..the fact shes still drinking from a bottle really annoys me (it could rot her teeth in the future!) and also, still have not witnessed a pic of her smiling!!
    having said that, i am sooo happy to be finally seeing her wearing cute NORMAL kids clothes with bright colours etc. all the clothes shes worn up until recently have, of course been beautiful, but were all dull blacks and navy blues and beiges..children need to wear bright happy colours and also wear clothes which they can run around in not exxy designer deals.

  3. elisa says

    my gosh, on every katie and suri pictures (and also on every jennifer and violet)mums are holding kids: why? can’t those little girls walk? don’t they have feet and legs? this is really mis-education

  4. Kat says

    I suppose Katie could leave suri with strange babysitters or take her with her… I know i would take my daughter with me than leave her with strangers. Katie looks good and suri is cute.

  5. Anne says

    Why does Katie always carry Suri or at least most of the time? Most likely for photo ops-what else!!

  6. Peppers says

    For some reason, this kid annoys me. She’s cute but just annoys me; maybe it’s because of her parents.

  7. prawn says

    Why is Suri out at various restaurants every other night and not at home in bed? She must be knackered , poor little thing.

  8. Lara says

    Am I the only one who thinks Katie is looking a bit “Skeletor-ish” lately? Her hands are so thin and wrinkly, like an old lady’s hands! She needs a little meat on her bones. She’s positively unhealthy looking!!!
    Of course, Suri is adorable.

  9. SandieBeaches says

    Also, her style looks old fashioned but she is wearing the current British look. I’m in sunny Scotland!

  10. SandieBeaches says

    Suri seems so exposed … her mother is covered up and wearing sunglasses and she is just out there. I enjoy seeing pictures of them but hate the idea of them being shadowed by paps flashing lightbulbs in their faces. I would be mad if anyone attemoted to take of photo of my child.

  11. Rachel says

    Suri’s a beautiful child. I think Katie Holmes looks great..but then again she always does. On a totally different note, I really hope she takes that bottle from her soon….she’s way too old for that at this point.

  12. Nicky says

    Katie is my favorite!
    You can see her really see her mature when you look at her more recent pictures vs. all the ones on

    The last time that she was wearing heavy sweaters “out of season”….. She was pregnant with baby Suri!

    I have a bunch of job interviews this week and next.
    Soon, I won’t have much time to web surf. Aw shucks!

    Happy Fall Everyone,

  13. selma says

    I think that Katie want to seem older, in order to hide the age difference between Tom and her (she must really love him).
    However I hope that Suri will have her mother’s character and appearance (she isn’t cute in the pictures where she looks like her father).
    For the clothes, I have noticed that when it’s cold they put her of the stockings, and Katie is a mother first, and she would never let her daughter’s to take cold and to become ill (at least I hope)!!

  14. jamies mom says

    Please post pic of other kids. Suri is a boring clone baby who only wears dresses and still drinks a bottle.

  15. oriana says

    I have noticed that Katie is usually wearing long sleeved sweaters and scarves now when Suri has on a sleeveless dress and sometimes even barefooted. What is the deal?

  16. Anne says

    Ever since she married Tom, she looks to have aged 10 years. Suri looks just like Tom’s 2 younger sisters and if you can find photos of them now, you will see that they are not that attractive. I can’t remember where I saw the photos of his sisters.

  17. Bethany says

    So is it cold out, or hot out? Suri is dressed for summer, and Katie is dressed as if she is an 80 year old woman who can’t stay warm. Enough of them!

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