1. Kittycat says

    Nice to see a celebrity mum actually looking less than gorgeous, unlike most celebrity mums who always look so unnaturally picture perfect and who, no doubt, spend god knows how many hours on themselves, along with teams of make-up artists, personal trainers, etc, to look as perfect as possible. Also, very cute baby!!

  2. Rachel says

    Look I’m sure she knows she’s not exactly a beauty queen, but let’s cut her some slack here..she produced a cutie.

  3. mavis says

    Sara was awesome on Roseanne. So funny. I always thought her and Tobey Maguire were related because they look so similar! He actually did a guest spot on the show too. Sawyer is a cutie!

  4. says

    Too bad Sawyer is not really hers. Unless she was the one who used her eggs and not her partner. For any of you who don’t know, Sara is a lesbian and she and her partner have a couple of kids.

  5. Cheetah says

    O my God! is that Darlene from Rosanne!? If it wasn’t mentioned i would have never understood who this is. She didn’t turn out to be a beauty, but she is talented.

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