Matthew McConaughey & Family In Texas

Matthew McConaughey, girlfriend Camila Alves and almost 2-month-old son Levi were snapped at the Nike + Human Race in Austin, Texas on Sunday. Afterwards, Matthew and Camila took Levi to yet another concert when the family checked out Ben Harper’s performance.



  1. Rachel says

    I have to agree Honey (# 3). This seems a tad bit selfish to me. Dragging an 8 week old baby around to concert after concert isn’t exactly very bright.

  2. Melissa says

    Hmmm…Concerts are usually pretty loud. I mean, I leave concerts w/ my ears ringing…What’s a baby doing at a concert? (I hope they had tiny earplugs to not damage those cute little newborn ears of his…). He does seemed loved though.

  3. Sassy says

    Take a chill pill everyone, they are 1st time parents which we all were at some point in life, they will make their mistakes with Levi, as we did with our children. Give them a break, as for Matthew, yes he looks like he does need a shower and shave…

  4. jime says

    i am totally agree #17!!!! he looks so….dirtyyyyyyy and his baby like an angel.. i think that he need to see this pixs

  5. Sarah's frumpy alaskan hair says


  6. vero says

    omg… seriously… poor little thing his neck looks like its about to break!! lol
    somebody teach that girl how to hold a baby..a NEWBORN baby at that

  7. Granny says

    When both my grandson and granddaughter were in NICU they had us hold the babies right there, close to our hearts. It was supposed to be conforting.

  8. says

    “almost 2-month-old son Levi were snapped”………
    I know its for the attention so I will indulge you
    #8 – Levi is a boy…

  9. Collette (uk) says

    Yes hd def wil asap my view my 2yr girl ad rountine at a day old slept 9pm to 6am frm 4days old so did my first daughter now 6!

  10. Honey says

    I get the impression these two are going to do their best to live life as though it hasn’t changed since the arrival of their baby….which might work for a little while, but little Levi might need some kind of schedule soon enough. Just think of it this way: if another celebrity (say, Angelina or Halle, etc) was dragging their baby all over the place for completely self-indulgent purposes, people would have something to say about it.

  11. Anne says

    At 8 weeks baby should be cradled in arms and not held like that as the head falls down. Matthew looks grubby and dirty, yuck.

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