John McCain's Daughter Writes Children's Book As Tribute To Her Father

Meghan McCain, 23, daughter of John McCain, was snapped signing copies of her new children’s book “My Dad John McCain” while at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul Minnesota.

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  1. N says

    #15….How many of these blogs talk about other things that have nothing to do with the topic…. Repugs are always whining.

  2. KMS says

    Amyyeager2 – I didn’t say that adopting a child made her the person for the VP job. The main point of my post was that what does Mccain’s daughter’s book have to do with ripping on his vp choice?

    You liberals are too funny.

  3. says

    Bigger problem.

    Two weeks ago, Palin sat through a sermon in which her pastor said that, “terrorist murders of J ews represent G od’s judgment against J ews for resisting Je sus”

  4. M Glassingwell says

    I think it’s very possible that McCain picked Sarah Palin expecting a lot of fallout that would shelter him from having to discuss the real issues of this election year. Now if he loses he won’t have to blame Bush but can blame “that liberal media”. How can Repuglicans expect people to vote for Palin, a candidate that is being shielded from the press, and for McCain as well, who is cancelling his press appearances. This “poor little Sarah” tactic might work on the playground but not in a presidential/vice presidential election. If they can’t stand up to media scrutiny and the hard questions, how in the world will they be able to govern this nation? Would McCain want to win and then have his complete presidency enveloped in Sarah’s scandals?

    This reminds me of a courtroom trial when the defendant doesn’t take the stand to reveal their side of the story. They usually don’t and it’s usually because they can’t hold up under the cross examination by the prosecution. Sarah’s on trial here and she’s not taking the stand in order to avoid being grilled by the prosecution. Her case won’t hold up under cross examination. Sure the candidates will have debates but that format, allowing each party a designated amount of time to speak, doesn’t allow for REAL debate. The Repuglicans must feel that speeches, with no questions, will be all that they need.

  5. w says

    Check out the new polls in some battleground states.
    Obama up 15 in Iowa, leading in Minnesota, up in Michigan and Pensylvania and tied inOhio.
    Go Palin.

  6. Amyyeager2 says

    Opening your hearts and adopting a child doesnt make you a good candidate to run a country… it just means you wanted to give a child a home. Get real people. and Yes its very convenient that she wrote a book now

  7. says

    How can you turn a story about a daughter writing a book about her dad into a political debate.

    Seriously – what a tribute to ANY dad no matter what their political views.

    And wow – to say Gustav is a good thing? That is disgusting.

    WasWendy – I agree – it’s wonderful that the McCains opened their hearts and adopted a child.

  8. Waswendy, suckac0ck says

    How is that sprewing hate? It is true? he did cancel a interview with Larry King..The only thing that is hate, are those questions, when Johnny boy saw them and walked off

  9. WasWendy says

    The Best thing that happened to RC is Gustav – shouldn’t you be at DU?

    We are trying to have civilized commentary here, not lefwing political spam.

  10. The Best thing that happened to RC is Gustav says

    Is he regretting his V.P. pick?

    John McCain pulled out of his interview with Larry King on Tuesday because he didn’t like a question posed to one of his top advisors by CNN correspondent Campbell Brown earlier in the day.

    No, she didn’t bring up Bristol Palin’s teen pregnancy.

    Brown simply asked the advisor for examples of a foreign-policy decision made by Republican V.P. pick Sarah Palin.

    McCain said the questioning was ‘over the line’.


    CNN said it disagreed and it is committed to covering both sides of issues.

    Has Johnny boy lost it?!

  11. Heidi says

    Where can i get the book?! I’m a huge fan of Megan and her blog! I admire her father (and mother) very much.

  12. WasWendy says

    Cindy and John are not only great parents, they are great parents of an adopted daughter.

    They opened their hearts and their home to someone in need of a family.

  13. where were the minorties? says


    I agree with this poster

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