Father Of Bristol Palin’s Baby: “I Don’t Want Kids”

Levi is a hockey player for the Wasilla Warriors.

Uh oh…this isn’t looking good. The father of Bristol Palin’s unborn baby does not seem nearly as sweet and domestic as Casey Aldridge, 20, (the fiancé of Jamie Lynn Spears and father of Maddie Briann). Obviously, he may still rise to the occasion and mature quickly.

Levi Johnston Bristol Palin’s highschool sweetheart, and father of her unborn baby sounds like not be ready for fatherhood just yet.

Bristol, the 17-year-old daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is five-months pregnant.

Palin announced the pregnancy in a statement to Reuters on Monday. She also used the occasion to reveal Bristol and Levi’s marriage plans. She said, “Bristol and the young man she will marry are going to realize very quickly the difficulties of raising a child, which is why they will have the love and support of our entire family.”

The New York Post reports that although Levi admits to being ‘in a relationship’ on his personal My Space page, (which is over a year old BTW), the teen hockey player makes the candid revelation that he does not want to be a parent stating, “I don’t want kids.” I guess a lot can change in a year.

The teen also uses the site to talk openly about how he likes to spend his time. He boasts, “I’m a f – – -in’ redneck who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes. But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some s- – – and just f – – -in’ chillin’ I guess.”

He warns, “Ya f – – – with me I’ll kick [your] ass.”

Now mind you, this is unfortuneately typical 16 year old boy banter, so we all hope he has been doing a lot of growing up since then.

Sarah Palin, 44, who is expected to be a grandmother by Christmas, will be the first woman nominated by the Republican Party to run on a national ticket.

Again, best wishes to Bristol and her family. It’s hard enough being a mom with a supportive husband, without having an angry young man to coddle. We all at Babyrazzi pray that Levi was just being a boy on his MySpace page and that now he’s becoming ready to be a man and take care of his precious new family.

Our prayers are with you Bristol and Levi.


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  3. Anne says

    I’m Canadian and keep in touch with your election and Obama is not the man to run America. McCain is the better of the two but of course the ultra Liberals think otherwise. As for Campbell Brown, she left the Fox channel to go to CNN a staunch Liberal (Democrat) station. Most times, her tongue flaps before it connects with her brain and she is very irritating because she never shuts up and p….. people off including the guests.

  4. N says

    When most of these kids today get Myspace accounts they personalize them. The page becomes a representation of the owner. At 17 I can believe that he does not want kids. Since Myspace was really created for kids…. That default is appropriate. What teenage boys do you know wants kids ….. I have not met one.

  5. Nicole says

    Someone should mention that, in the place where myspace asks about kids, the DEFAULT is “I don’t want kids” not “I don’t HAVE kids.” I didn’t even realize it was like that, and I left it.

  6. cammy says

    ………how she used the “Agent of Change” Theme….she’s definitely going to end up hurting him, the idea of them keeping her away from the press is Ridicuolous……Let the games begin…


  7. N says

    Also, #62…. those tags can be changed…..I have a myspace account. Do you? Every parent should have one and a Facebook account….. For the sake of spying on the kids…… ; )

  8. Sandra says


    For why are they not celebrities? What makes a celebrity? In my opinion anyone in the public eye is a celebrity. They don’t have to make a movie, sing songs or whatever. So if you don’t want to read anything political then use the scroll button to move on past.

  9. Kelley says

    Wb is seriously messed up. It’s her sight and she can use it as she will, but don’t advertise it as a celeb baby sight if you are going to go all political. We have sights for that.

    Everyone posting, I hope you all don’t end up in throw downs over this, its probably exactly what WB wants

  10. says

    Bigger problem.

    Two weeks ago, Palin sat through a sermon in which her pastor said that, “terrorist murders of J ews represent G od’s judgment against J ews for resisting Je sus”

  11. lisa says

    wow… as a Canadian, I have no vote in the upcoming U.S. election and it’s pretty scary up here thinking that there is any chance of the Republicans getting in again.

    I may not agree with Ms. Palin’s politics or values, but I feel so sorry for her. This could happen to every teen girl, especially without much needed sexuality education.

    There is such a serious need for women in the white house – I was devastated that Hilary didn’t get the spot. If I could vote in the U.S. election, I might just vote for a woman who shows she is a normal, caring mom, dealing with normal human problems. I don’t think I could bring myself to actually vote republican, but I would seriously consider it, just to get a woman in office.

  12. says

    I wish McSame would just go away. Anyone who is 72 years old, who doesn’t know how many houses they own and never used a computer and wants to be the leader of the free world and can’t talk to Larry Fish Lips King SHOULD NOT BE MY PRESIDENT!

  13. M Glassingwell says

    I think it’s very possible that McCain picked Sarah Palin expecting a lot of fallout that would shelter him from having to discuss the real issues of this election year. Now if he loses he won’t have to blame Bush but can blame “that liberal media”. How can Repuglicans expect people to vote for Palin, a candidate that is being shielded from the press, and for McCain as well, who is cancelling his press appearances. This “poor little Sarah” tactic might work on the playground but not in a presidential/vice presidential election. If they can’t stand up to media scrutiny and the hard questions, how in the world will they be able to govern this nation? Would McCain want to win and then have his complete presidency enveloped in Sarah’s scandals?

    This reminds me of a courtroom trial when the defendant doesn’t take the stand to reveal their side of the story. They usually don’t and it’s usually because they can’t hold up under the cross examination by the prosecution. Sarah’s on trial here and she’s not taking the stand in order to avoid being grilled by the prosecution. Her case won’t hold up under cross examination. Sure the candidates will have debates but that format, allowing each party a designated amount of time to speak, doesn’t allow for REAL debate. The Repuglicans must feel that speeches, with no questions, will be all that they need.

  14. Liza says

    What a nice little quote you provided by Margaret Thatcher. So when you provide that quote to us, are you also talking about?

    -Swiftboat attacks on John Kerry in 2004, attacking his military record
    -spreading rumors that Obama is a Muslim, even though we all know he is not?
    -calling Obama and his family unpatriotic because he doesn’t wear a flag pin and his wife states she has been disappointed in this country?

    …there are plenty more

    I can’t think of one policy that of any those incidents refers to? What are the above things, if not personal attacks not based on actual polictics?

    You should know, after all, the Republicans are VERY good at smear campaigns.

  15. w says

    Check out the new polls in some battleground states.
    Obama up 15 in Iowa, leading in Minnesota, up in Michigan and Pensylvania and tied inOhio.
    Go Palin.

  16. Liza says

    In case you don’t watch the national news, both Biden and Obama, have made clear that their families and those of the opposition are off limits. In fact, Obama reminded people very clearly that he was born to an 18 year old mother and that what is happening in the Palin family is not up for tabloid speculation.

    You can claim all you want that Obama and Biden are behind this story (for which you wouldn’t have ANY proof), but they have both vocalized, the issue is off limits and that they will not talk about it.

    Oh and Ashley Biden’s arrest? That was in 2002.

  17. Me says

    Ok. Those myspace things that you fill out are general and they give you different options. LIke “I’m a proud parent, etc.” Those are the only things that you can use. Obviously a year ago he said he didn’t want kids. Anyone at 15 shouldn’t. So please take this lightly. Honestly, I can’t believe you even put this article up. This is so stupid and circumstancial.

  18. w says

    I’m surprised that nobody has asked the obvious question here. If Palin is so great, why did McCain want Lieberman in the first place?

  19. Mimi says

    Governor Palin is a staunch believer in “abstinence only” sex education.

    Whoops… that didn’t work! In fact, it’s been proven that abstinence only sex education is a failure. Teen pregnancy rates are higher among students in that curriculum more than among students in regular sex ed classes. Facts and numbers don’t lie.

    I would have more respect for Gov. Palin if she accepted the evidence in her own family, that sex education needs to include contraception information in the curriculum, assuming that reducing teen pregnancies is a goal.

  20. telemetry says

    If he didn’t want kids what is doing sh*gging with no condom?

    What a tosser he sounds!

    She’s better off without him.

  21. Ashley Biden arrested says

    According to the Los Angeles Times, the daughter of Sen. Joe Biden ( yes, that Biden, Barack Obama’s running mate) was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a police officer outside one of “those” Chicago bars.
    Ashley Blazer Biden, 21, of Wilmington, Del., was with a group of “friends” on a North Side Chicago street where several bars are located when someone else threw a bottle at an officer, police said.

    When police tried to arrest that other person, Ashley blocked the officer’s path and made intimidating statements, about who she was, who her father was, and the like, and generally tried to block the officer from arresting Ashley’s “friend”/”acquaintance”, the police officer said.

    Miss Biden was later released and is scheduled for court on September 20th.

    Sen. Biden’s spokeswoman, Margaret Aitken, declined to comment, calling it a “private, family matter”.

    Well, yes, one can understand their wish to keep this a “private, family matter, given the humilating and demeaning rumors and false accusations the Obama/Biden camp have spread for three days now about Governor Sarah Palin. I really, really do understand that. But don’t you think that what you encourage your supporters to do to others, should also be good enough treatment for you?

    But I won’t go there. I’ll just use the facts, and people will assume what they will. Fair enough? I just know you will understand, after all, politics is politics, right? I will say, however, in the spirit of Barack’s statement about Governor Palin’s family, that it would be wrong for anyone to speculate about Ashley Biden’s friends or lifestyle. I firmly believe kids should be off limits. And if I ever run for office, I will do my best to keep it that way. Too bad Ashley isn’t a kid anymore.

  22. N says

    SO…#3…Why would a teenager be talking about kids a year ago. Most teens I know aren’t thinking or talking about kids. Unless they are in a predicament. Doesn’t matter when he posted it…. He has been her steady high school sweetheart for a couple of years now…….. Makes you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMM doesnt it!

  23. Lauren says

    Maybe he did make those comments but he’s probably grown up a lot since then. It’s irresponsible for Gov. to focus on her candidacy rather than her family but hopefully things turn out okay

  24. W says

    Bush left us with 2 unfinished wars.
    Bush doubled the national debt.
    Bush has left us with no international respect.
    The list goes on…and on…and on…

    As President, Bush is a failure. Bush supports McCain for President

  25. Sandra says

    #37…Actually I know a “friend” that takes advantage of everything she can, WIC, Welfare, State Health coverage and she is republican. I am a democrat yet I seem to pay my way for everything.

    I strongly am a fan of a woman in charge. But this woman I would never stand up for. If she cannot control her home life and yes believe me parents are responsible. You cannot pick and choose when parents are responsible or not if they are under 18 they are responsible. I didn’t get pregnant yet I had sex WHY because I was taught better by MY PARENTS!

  26. Kelley says

    ummmmm, HappilyADemocrat!. I realize that her daughter is young, but you could have made your point a little better. “a grandmother at 44”. Well, I just don’t see the prob with her age. Most grandmothers become so at just about the same age.

    IF she had her daughter when she was twenty, then her daughter would be 24 now……or any variation therin.

  27. Waswendy, suckac0ck says

    You speak of REFORM? This is the REFORM PARTY? Reform to what? To your way of thinking or GET OUT OF THE WAY? So if I don”t reform to your way of thinking, if Palin going to fire me too? Am I now UN-AMERICAN and UN-PATRIOTIC?
    After watching last nights convention speeches, as a Republican conservative christian, I am disgusted to see that the Republican Party is creating further divide in America. It is not an INCLUSIVE Party. It does not speak for ALL AMERICANS or ALL CHRISTIANS. The Republican Party has turned into a movement for the extreme right wing evangelicals! It is an EXCLUSIVE CLUB that is DIVISIVE, NOT INCLUSIVE!
    COUNTRY FIRST? This country belongs to MANY people, not just your brand of Republicanism! You don”t get to decide who is PATRIOTIC and who is not! You don”t get to say who is a Christian and who is not!
    Shame on You President Bush. When you said that McCain was going to stand up to the “ANGRY LEFT” we know you were really talking about the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS who will not REFORM or CONFORM to how you”ve been running this country!!! You just reinforced what the rest of us Americans have known all along, that you and the exrtreme right wing Republican”s are DIVISIVE and NOT INCLUSIVE of ALL Americans!

  28. MomofNatalie says

    Yes, I don’t know anyone who would tell their daughter, “Honey, you can’t be a mother and vice president. You will have to be one or the other.”
    We need to be careful we aren’t sending a message to our daughters not to dream big!!!

  29. The Best thing that happened to RC is Gustav says

    Is he regretting his V.P. pick?

    John McCain pulled out of his interview with Larry King on Tuesday because he didn’t like a question posed to one of his top advisors by CNN correspondent Campbell Brown earlier in the day.

    No, she didn’t bring up Bristol Palin’s teen pregnancy.

    Brown simply asked the advisor for examples of a foreign-policy decision made by Republican V.P. pick Sarah Palin.

    McCain said the questioning was ‘over the line’.


    CNN said it disagreed and it is committed to covering both sides of issues.

    Has Johnny boy lost it?!

  30. limecolleen says

    Yes, we need to think about how the media has protrayed women for almost three decades in the working vs stay-at-home forum. It usually suggests staying-at-home is not as valuable as working.
    Now to put a woman on the ticket for VP and smack her down to say she should have been at “home” is completely hypocritical of the media. Don’t buy into it!
    We as women can achieve great things at home and in the workplace!!

  31. WasWendy says

    I wonder how many people are actually watching this republican gathering (convention). The republicans are so boring and uninspiring. Its like watching grass grow!

    I thought Joe Lieberman and Fred Thompson were great. Gotta be a first – the ex-Veep nominee of one party endorsing the candidiate of the other party. Pretty cool. :))

  32. WasWendy says

    “When they attack one personally it means they haven’t a single political argument left.” Margaret Thatcher

    That’s what’s happening here. The left is going after a conservative personally. Because they have no poilitical argument to make.

  33. Christina says

    Teen pregnancies happen in even the best of families, accidents happen!

    I’m not voting for either, neither candidate is even worth listening to. We’ve had a crappy 8 years and we’re in for another crappy 4.

  34. The Best thing that happened to RC is Gustav says

    I wonder how many people are actually watching this republican gathering (convention). The republicans are so boring and uninspiring. Its like watching grass grow!

  35. Heather says

    I think everyone needs to get off of Gov. Palin’s back. You can talk sex ed and talk abstinence until your and if a teenager is going to do it their parents cannot stop them. You cannot blame the parent for the child’s mistake. My parents raised my sister and I the same and she had a baby at 16 and I have a college degree and no children. Gov. Palin is REAL! She has real life family problems just like everyone else the only difference is she is the public spotlight. I’m tired of the mainstream media and their bias toward the democrats and I’m a democrat! I’m voting McCain because between he and Gov. Palin our chances our better than with no experience Obama. At least she has run something. Obama has never signed the front of a paycheck and he thinks he can run our country.

    And by the way no one can critize her for working. How many mothers do you know that actually stay home? Now a days women work. Come on people stop the nonsense.

  36. The Best thing that happened to RC is Gustav says

    The Republicans have a a major image problem. As an African-American who watched the GOP Convention, I have to say that it scared me. There was nothing but a sea of white faces. What this projects to African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Latino-Americans is the message that you are not included. When the American audience views this in comparison to last week’s Democratic Convention, it will be a major negative for the GOP. The majority of white America doesn’t want to feel like they are a part of an exclusionary movement.

  37. The Best thing that happened to RC is Gustav says


    I believe in recycling, but this is ridiculous!



    The DNC was GREAT, GREAT, GREAT! Incomparable!

  38. where were the minorties? says


    umm Dorito’s you can buy, because that is a source of food, but you sound really stupid, trying to sound snide, but you can’t buy beer with foodstamps. That is alcohol..idiot.
    the Republicans were out shooting deers, beers, and moose, while slurping out of kegs, hanging christmas lights on their front plantation houses all year around. BY the way: can you tell fred thompson, to lay off of the stogies. and can you tell bush to go into hiding, because his disapproval rating is 10 percent from 100. He is the worse president in this country. Just because he has his hands dirty with oil money, doesn’t make him smart.

    I bet, you are all in for a R*ace war?

  39. the democrats were... says

    The democrats were getting doritos and beer with their food stamps. The democrats were recovering from their 2nd & 3rd abortions. The democrats were boycotting going to school. The democrats were still talking about reparitions because its the slave owners fault they won’t work…. afterall it’s their family values.

  40. where were the minorties? says

    Well my fellow Democrats…as a senior citizen….I was looking around. Where were the YOUTH of America. Where were the minorities? All I could smell was….moth balls!

  41. to: Mother of Jaden says

    Have you heard of Hurrican Gustav? duh…

    p.s. nice stripper name you gave your child

  42. to... THIS IS SO IRRESPONSIBLE... says

    It is irresponsible to have sex that young and get pregrant.

    If Obama has his way we will be paying for EVERY irresponsible act when they keep it AND when they want to abort it.

  43. mother of jaden says

    The repubs should have passed out tickets on the streets like they do for Day Time Talk Shows. This place is pretty sad and empty!!

  44. Anne says

    Re: Elizabeth

    We can give our children advise but ultimately they are the ones who make their own decisions-right or wrong, so don’t blame the parents for the actions of their children.

  45. Love says

    waswendy, is a little upset! I know deep down inside, you know that it is true! They wouldn’t defend him, just like jamie lynn was a sl*t for being pregnant at 16..It isn’t much difference

  46. WasWendy says

    If that was Obama’s child, she would get thrown under a bus.

    Nope. The press would be defending him all over the place.

    It’s amazing how hateful lefties are.

  47. Love says

    I have to say that obama makes a hellva lot more sense than senile, impulsive at making decision Mcbush! Do you ever see the people snoring in the crowd, when he speaks? the most alert, I have seen him is when he was staring at sarah’s ass!
    btw: From the Wall Street Journal:
    As Republicans gather here for their political nomination convention, there is little in the way of sidewalk vendors or jubilant gatherings of party loyalists. At a pro-life rally, a man with a microphone gave a speech to exactly one person, an elderly lady in a red jacket sitting on a chair.
    Only a few dozen people stood outside the MSNBC tent, where the public becomes a just-outside-of-studio audience. In Denver, hundreds of rowdy Democrats convened at the MSNBC tent to cheer and boo the live broadcast.
    At a giant television screen outside the FOX News tent, dozens of heavily armed police officers were captivated by the live broadcast of an emergency landing by an American Airlines jet at an airport in Los Angeles. A dog barked

  48. Jen says

    Yeah, let’s keep politics out of baby watching. This is one time when it’s really NONE of our business and this topic shouldn’t even be touched.

  49. Lisa says

    Obama’s daughters are 7 and 11 I believe. All I can say is I met and fell in love with the love of my life as a teenager. We never made the mistake of getting pregnant, no matter how caught up we got in the heat of the minute. It is stupid and niave to think that teenagers will abstain from sex unless they truly want to, hormones are a pretty powerful motivating force, you have to hope that you have an open and trusting enough relationship with your teenager to help them make the right if not cautious choices. This woman just smacks of hypocrisy and ridiculous Republican propaganda.

  50. onatear says

    This is an unfortunate situation, all around, and I LOVE babies…No one in their right mind would wish a baby on highschool-aged children. That said, I know this is not the first or last time this will happen….It’s a bit galling, however, for the party who toots so much about family values, to pretend teen pregnancy is a good old american thing, when one of their own has it happen. OTHERWISE, they are holier than thou. If it were an Obama child, can you imagine what the Republicans would say? (and I have voted both parties…dep. on the candidate.)

  51. Liza says

    Really? You’re basing this on the kid’s supposed MySpace page. Really, WM, try to use credible sources.

  52. Love you sydney says

    While the GOP implodes, Obama is getting a bump in the polls:

    Barack Obama met the 50 percent threshold for the first time Tuesday in the Gallup daily tracking poll, a symbolic hurdle that until now had eluded the Democratic nominee.

    The Gallup daily tracking poll has found that since the conclusion of the Democratic convention, Obama has risen 5 percentage points in the polls and now leads John McCain 50 percent to 42 percent. That represents a positive turn for Obama, after a couple of days in which he appeared to have peaked at the 49 percent mark while McCain was showing slight improvements.

  53. chloe says

    His attitude, which is very normal for a 17-year-old BOY, is why her parents should not be forcing her into marriage!! What 17-year-old boy do you run into that says, “Yeah, give me some babies!!! Bring them on!!”

  54. !! says

    Engaging the full daytime television potential of the moment, Bristol Palin’s boyfriend and husband-to-be is coming to St. Paul, NBC reports.


  55. !! says

    Many young people who are pregnant cannot get married and still have affordable medical coverage. So they stay with their families until the child is born. Then depending on the situation, get married and work to support the child.

  56. **star** says

    Thanks WB, this website is the truth.
    Republicans, rather stick their fingers in their ears and cover their eyes.

    it doesn’t matter, because it just keep on getting worse and worse! Everyday, it is something new with this lady.

    Scandal after scandal! It is like they are beating themselves in the A ss

  57. kmwduquette says

    the only reason you people are being so nasty is because Sarah Palin is a republican…if she were a DEM the tables would be completely turned! Totally not ‘fair & balanced’

  58. Lora says

    I went to this myspace page. It is brand new, under the url ‘levijohnsonpalin’ and looks to be made by someone playing a cruel joke. His only ad is a large Barack Obama campaign ad, and Barack Obama is at the top of his brand new friends list. I don’t think this page actually belongs to this child.

  59. oriana says

    It is obvious he is too young and too immature to marry and take on the role of being a father. Both of them seem irresponsible to me. I think she is going to need help with the baby when it comes and she is already probably taking care of her little five month old baby brother.

    I think this lady should focus more on her family than politics. Poor choice for VP!

  60. Could it be says

    Sounds like a pretty mature guy… eye roll… Then again, he sounds about 17! I’m not sure if I’d be so keen on my daughter shacking up with a guy like that, pregnant or not.

  61. says

    How can this woman help run a country if she obviously cannot look after her own household and her own teenage daughter.
    It all comes down to “where are the parents and where are their priorities?! Not in home I guess.
    This is not cool

  62. Cheetah says

    this doesnt sound like a nice young man. poor baby to be born in such a familie. I wish the baby all the best and bless the kid for the future.

  63. Emily says

    Babyrazzi forgot the most important line in her talking about the father of Bristol’s baby, he made those comments on his myspace page over a year ago of which he hasn’t logged on since then. People do grow up you know and teenage boys do says things to look cool, which I’m sure was the case on his myspace page. Get the facts before you make a story that doesn’t “look good”. that’s what I hate about reporters, never get the full story before posting. I hate journalists that do that.

  64. HappilyADemocrat! says

    I would have to say those who call the Spears family trailer trash; well here is a bunch of republican trailer trash that are trying to infest the white house. It is bad that you pick someone to be your VP and within 2 days of announcing it you are defending her, not very good for the republicans, then again I am a democrat!!!

    I think the last think on Sarah Palin’s brain should be running for VP, she should learn how to put her family first and maybe she wouldn’t be a grandma at 44.

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