Sarah Palin Is Not A Grandmother Now, But Will Be Soon!

(In the above pic Bristol, 17, is pictured holding Trig at an August 29th campaign event)

Ok…I am so confused! Yesterday I just couldn’t bring myself to post anything about the rumors that Sarah Palin was really the grandmother of 4-month-old Trig. According to the rumors Sarah Palin had faked a pregnancy and pretended to have given birth in May to her fifth child, a son named Trig who has Down syndrome. The rumor was that Trig was actually Bristol Palin’s child and that Sarah Palin was the grandmother.

I figured that if this was just part of a smear campaign that it wouldn’t be right to spread such a rumor…and I also thought it was cruel to the teenage girl to endure all these photos of her stomach circled. That has to be tough on a young girl’s self-esteem…if she isn’t pregnant!

Today, it has been revealed that Bristol is 5-months-pregnant. You have to admit that Jamie Lynn Spears has paved the way! Bristol is obviously keeping the baby and marrying the baby’s father and with her family’s support she will probably be fine. There certainly has been a lot of drama surrounding John McCain’s vp choice!

The Palin family issued the following statement:

“We have been blessed with five wonderful children who we love with all our heart and mean everything to us. Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned. As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support.”

The Palins also asked the news media to respect the young couple’s privacy.

“Bristol and the young man she will marry are going to realize very quickly the difficulties of raising a child, which is why they will have the love and support of our entire family. We ask the media, respect our daughter and Levi’s privacy as has always been the tradition of children of candidates,” the statement concluded.

It has also come to light that John McCain knew that Bristol was pregnant when picking Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate, deciding that it did not disqualify her in any way.

Best Wishes!


  1. says

    I am repulsed and disgusted that I’m almost 40, a successful business woman and I have been stupid enough to be a Republican all these years.

    I find them disgusting. All we need is more unwanted babies in the world and to ruin women’s lives by banning abortions. They are ruthless. They are selfish. They don’t care about medical care. They only care about serving their own party agendas, obviously or they wouldn’t of picked Palin.

    I have followed this race since last year and I learned a lot while watching the Dem’s. They did say mean things but not to the level I have seen the Republicans the last few weeks.

    I have now switched to Democrat this week and at least I am proud of Obama for not saying a single bad word about Palin or her daughter or kids. The Republicans are trying their best to make us all think it was him but I have searched and found nothing. He is not running for selfish reasons. Doing my homework I found he wanted to wait, it was other Dem’s who saw his work ethic, discipline and integrity that asked him to run.

    THAT is worth stopping and taking notice. I have for the first time made contributions as well. I hope for all of us we don’t suffer with anything like Bush ever again, anyone who thinks Obama isn’t qualified (even though he graduated from Harvard near the top of his class) should look up Bush’s lack of knowledge who ran what countries during an interview. He didn’t know…..

    GO OBAMA and BIDEN!!!

  2. says

    Bigger problem.

    Two weeks ago, Palin sat through a sermon in which her pastor said that, “terrorist murders of J ews represent G od’s judgment against J ews for resisting Je sus”

  3. Liza says

    Take the time to look into the facts and you’ll find answers to your questions. Todd Palin has been a stay at home dad for the majority of the time that Sarah Palin has been governor. It’s been stated in numerous articles and is easy enough info to find on the web. Why does your comment imply that a woman need be the one to care for the children?

    And McCain’s daughter is from Bangledesh and was adopted in 1991. Her name is Bridget and she is 17 and there are photos of her at the convention.

    And no, I’m neither a fan of McCain or Palin has my other posts will show, I just know this info because I took the time to look.

  4. Liza says

    I’m not a fan of Palin or her politics, but sure, she came into a town with no debt, and left it with substantial debt.

    Wasilla also went from a town with very few paved roads, a tattered police and fire department, and poor general infrastructure to a fast growing town in Alaska with new schools, a new hospital, and a small sports arena.

  5. w says

    Check out the new polls in some battleground states.
    Obama up 15 in Iowa, leading in Minnesota, up in Michigan and Pensylvania and tied inOhio.
    Go Palin.

  6. w says

    I’m surprised that nobody has asked the obvious question here. If Palin is so great, why did McCain want Lieberman in the first place?

  7. w says

    During her mayoral administration most of the actual work of running this small city was turned over to an administrator. She had been pushed to hire this administrator by party power-brokers after she had gotten herself into some trouble over precipitous firings which had given rise to a recall campaign.

    Sarah campaigned in Wasilla as a “fiscal conservative”. During her 6 years as Mayor, she increased general government expenditures by over 33%. During those same 6 years the amount of taxes collected by the City increased by 38%. This was during a period of low inflation (1996-2002). She reduced progressive property taxes and increased a regressive sales tax which taxed even food. The tax cuts that she promoted benefited large corporate property owners more than they benefited residents.

    She inherited a city with zero debt, but left it with indebtedness of over $22 million.

  8. N says

    Also, Let it be known that BARACK has already stated to his party and the repugnant Repubs that family is off limits. Don’t blame the rest of the USA for inquiring or wanting to know as much details about this elect as anyone else. STOP WHINING because she is on the forefront…..she should have expected all of this.

  9. GIVE me a break says

    This is all getting a little surreal:

    1) Whether she’s brilliant or not, the fact is that Palin has been nominated to arguably the second most important and powerful position of responsibility in the world. Aren’t the media entitled to examine her credentials?

    2) Its extremely clear that she has zero (absolutely zero) foreign experience of any kind, whether via her job or through her family. She received her first passport in July 2007 for goodness sake. At a time when America’s global status has fallen dramatically, not only does her candidacy look completely ridiculous, but it sends another insulting message to the whole world who are watching this election closely.

    3) Given the way that the McCain/Palin campaign tried to conceal her daughters pregnancy when this farce started by having the same daughter carry Palin’s newborn son on the stage, with a blanket , I think the media is 100% right to dig deeper and I hope they will continue to dig deeper.

    4) As for all the other stuff, this isn’t happening because shes a woman, its happening because of the track record of corruption in politics in Alaska, because shes been running a state with a population smaller than the Bronx in New City, and because she is supposed to be a role model for family values Ideas for abstinence.

    The fact that the great and the good of the GOP are all circling the wagons is even more disgraceful.

  10. N says

    Since no one on this board has a symbol by their name to declare what party their from….why assume anyone is democrat or republican unless they state it. You know what they say about assumptions………

  11. N says

    Sorry N, but she won’t have to raise her baby on welfare, because, according to many on this board, she is the child of a wealthy, evil republician.


    Sorry J, You cant foretell the future so you dont know what her future holds.

  12. Waswendy, suckac0ck says

    You speak of REFORM? This is the REFORM PARTY? Reform to what? To your way of thinking or GET OUT OF THE WAY? So if I don”t reform to your way of thinking, if Palin going to fire me too? Am I now UN-AMERICAN and UN-PATRIOTIC?
    After watching last nights convention speeches, as a Republican conservative christian, I am disgusted to see that the Republican Party is creating further divide in America. It is not an INCLUSIVE Party. It does not speak for ALL AMERICANS or ALL CHRISTIANS. The Republican Party has turned into a movement for the extreme right wing evangelicals! It is an EXCLUSIVE CLUB that is DIVISIVE, NOT INCLUSIVE!
    COUNTRY FIRST? This country belongs to MANY people, not just your brand of Republicanism! You don”t get to decide who is PATRIOTIC and who is not! You don”t get to say who is a Christian and who is not!
    Shame on You President Bush. When you said that McCain was going to stand up to the “ANGRY LEFT” we know you were really talking about the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS who will not REFORM or CONFORM to how you”ve been running this country!!! You just reinforced what the rest of us Americans have known all along, that you and the exrtreme right wing Republican”s are DIVISIVE and NOT INCLUSIVE of ALL Americans!

  13. WasWendy says



    Ah, the brilliant debating skills of the loony left. 🙂

  14. WasWendy says

    F. Roosevelt died at his girlfriends home, Eisehower took his “secretary” everywhere with him, JFK and Marilyn, and Clinton and his cigars, etc. The point here is behavior behind the closed doors doesn’t reflect what the public leadership abilities will be.


    True enough except FDR was at his home when he died, but Lucy Mercer was with him.

    And if anyone had a weird marriage it was FDR. For many of the final years of their marriage Eleanor lived in her own little home near the Roosevelt’s mansion. There she entertained her “lady friends,” including a totally “out” lesbian who was in love with Eleanor. But Eleanor and Franklin had a strong political bond that was beneficial to both of them, much like the Clintons. So they made it work but had separate personal lives.

  15. The Best thing that happened to RC is Gustav says

    Is he regretting his V.P. pick?

    John McCain pulled out of his interview with Larry King on Tuesday because he didn’t like a question posed to one of his top advisors by CNN correspondent Campbell Brown earlier in the day.

    No, she didn’t bring up Bristol Palin’s teen pregnancy.

    Brown simply asked the advisor for examples of a foreign-policy decision made by Republican V.P. pick Sarah Palin.

    McCain said the questioning was ‘over the line’.


    CNN said it disagreed and it is committed to covering both sides of issues.

    Has Johnny boy lost it?!

  16. WasWendy says

    “When they attack one personally it means they haven’t a single political argument left.” Margaret Thatcher

    The lefties are savaging Palin personally, because they are bereft of a political argument.

    The notion that Obama is more experienced than Palin is laughable.

  17. L says

    Teens getting pregnant happens all of the time. I know of many people who have gotten pregnant and then married because of it at a young age..we all know people like this. Teenage pregnancy does not always happen because of bad parenting. A parent cannot control what their child does 24/7. A teenager could go on one date and end up happens. I think the media is making way to big a deal out of the whole thing. Focus on the politics and not the politicians childrens lives.

  18. where were the minorties? says

    Well my fellow Democrats…as a senior citizen….I was looking around. Where were the YOUTH of America. Where were the minorities? All I could smell was….moth balls!

  19. Love says

    have to say that obama makes a hellva lot more sense than senile, impulsive at making decision Mcbush! Do you ever see the people snoring in the crowd, when he speaks? the most alert, I have seen him is when he was staring at sarah’s ass!
    btw: From the Wall Street Journal:
    As Republicans gather here for their political nomination convention, there is little in the way of sidewalk vendors or jubilant gatherings of party loyalists. At a pro-life rally, a man with a microphone gave a speech to exactly one person, an elderly lady in a red jacket sitting on a chair.
    Only a few dozen people stood outside the MSNBC tent, where the public becomes a just-outside-of-studio audience. In Denver, hundreds of rowdy Democrats convened at the MSNBC tent to cheer and boo the live broadcast.
    At a giant television screen outside the FOX News tent, dozens of heavily armed police officers were captivated by the live broadcast of an emergency landing by an American Airlines jet at an airport in Los Angeles. A dog barked

  20. Granny says

    Forget parties both Republican and Democrat for a moment.

    I’m nervous because as a woman old enough to have struggled to be allowed to enter and work in my career field (law enforcement) I hear the voices from my past. I hear I should be taking care of my kids, my kids are being abandoned, I belong in the home. Only this time it isn’t the men who were resenting me 26 years ago but women that I believe are significantly younger than me here. A lot of women worked and struggled hard so that our daughters wouldn’t have to be teachers instead of pricipals, could be doctors as well as nurses or anything that they wanted and still have a family. Lets don’t go back to that archaic attitude.

    And the people who talk badly because a woman has as in this case 5 children and one after being 40. Our bodies can do it so why shouldn’t we have them if we choose. But some here make me think of China where the choice is usually out of the woman’s hands.

    And this child has Down syndrome. It isn’t a death sentence. He doesn’t need 24/7 intensive treatment but loved and reared as a traditional member of a family. Lets don’t start thinking of them as sick. Society has just barely got past that attitude.

    And for Pete’s sake. We don’t hide our pregnant daughter’s because we are embarassed. We deal with it.

    I’m a registered Democrat but I’ve read a tremendous amount of outdated ideas here from people of what I thought was my progressive party. It’s the 21st century not the 1950’s.

  21. Love you sydney says

    While the GOP implodes, Obama is getting a bump in the polls:

    Barack Obama met the 50 percent threshold for the first time Tuesday in the Gallup daily tracking poll, a symbolic hurdle that until now had eluded the Democratic nominee.

    The Gallup daily tracking poll has found that since the conclusion of the Democratic convention, Obama has risen 5 percentage points in the polls and now leads John McCain 50 percent to 42 percent. That represents a positive turn for Obama, after a couple of days in which he appeared to have peaked at the 49 percent mark while McCain was showing slight improvements.

  22. Granny says

    Kay this announcement was made because internet sites such as this were trying to claim Bristol was the mother of Trig.

    Actually, I believe this is another case of what goes on in their family or anyu celebrity’s family is actually their business not ours. I believe if they want us to know it is their business to tell us. Mom is running for office, not the daugter.

  23. **star** says

    Thanks WB, this website is the truth.
    Republicans, rather stick their fingers in their ears and cover their eyes.

    it doesn’t matter, because it just keep on getting worse and worse! Everyday, it is something new with this lady.

    Scandal after scandal! It is like they are beating themselves in the A ss!!

  24. **star** says

    I understood that McCain has an adopted black daughter? If so, where is she?

    Also, who looks after Palin’s children when she’s working on government business or on the campaign trail? Since I read she fired the governor’s cook, who cooks dinner?
    I ask this because “family values” means no daycare. Probably not a nanny either as you should have family look after your kids. Does Todd look after the kids? I don’t see a mother or mother-in-law (many thanks to my Mom and my husband for looking after my kids when they were young and I was in local politics) Or is it Bristol that looks after the kids?
    Just wondering.

  25. Eli says

    Melissa….many American cities face the same issues of not having enough doctor’s/staff to service the patient. Let’s not forget the Esmin Green incident at Kings County Hospital (NY)or the Edith Isabel Rodriguez incident at the Martin Luther King Jr Harbor Hospital (CA) or the Steven Sabock incident at Cherry Hospital (NC).

    As for the Canadian bus decapitation incident…you will find that the US has many lunatics that have committed horrific, graphic crimes in which the police did not act as quickly as they should.

  26. kay says

    Besides, if Palin wants the media to respect their daughter’s privacy, why did she make this announcement on the first day of the GOP Convention?

  27. oriana says

    Granny is a friend of mine and what she says is absolutely true. There are teenage pregnancies to good people all the time, it happens people, everywhere! Unfortunately, this is a “smoking gun” situation and it is too bad. If this had happened on the Democrats side, the Republicans would be up in arms and all over the place spouting off about it, it is true. I think this will hurt McCain’s chances and it is unfair to him. I know his advisors by now realize he made the wrong choice for the wrong reasons. There is more at stake than Hillary’s 18 million votes they were counting on coming their way. It may happen, with some of them, but I think this has backfired on them.

    Joe Biden is a Powerhouse force to be reckoned with, I do feel much stronger now that Obama may very well win. I think McCain and Obama are both good men.

  28. Granny says

    My grandfather was a preacher and one of his daughters was pregnant before marriage (60+ years ago). My husband’s grandfather was a preacher and two of his daughters were pregnant at their wedding as were two of his sons’ bride’s(50 + years ago). No matter what you teach your child -abstinence or birth control – they will practice what they choose. That doesn’t make one a bad parent but the parent of an independent thinker and acter whether right or wrong.

    F. Roosevelt died at his girlfriends home, Eisehower took his “secretary” everywhere with him, JFK and Marilyn, and Clinton and his cigars, etc. The point here is behavior behind the closed doors doesn’t reflect what the public leadership abilities will be.

  29. kay says

    Sorry N, but she won’t have to raise her baby on welfare, because, according to many on this board, she is the child of a wealthy, evil republician.
    Okay, thank you for proving a point, yet again! everytime that you open your big fat mouth, more ignorant words come flying out.

    Of course, she won’t have to raise the family of welfare, her mother is a corrupt polictician, she left so many people in ALASKA in the red!

    and It isn’t a case of girls getting pregnant all the time, THIS IS A REPUBLICAN, they can’t do any wrong! PLEASE that is hogwash!

    Northern Exp -Hosure

  30. j says

    Girls get pregnant all the time. All races, classes, etc. So why is this such an issue? And all of you with daughters, you don’t know how they will turn out, no matter how good of a parent you think you are.

  31. j says

    Sorry N, but she won’t have to raise her baby on welfare, because, according to many on this board, she is the child of a wealthy, evil republician.

  32. Honey says

    I feel badly for Bristol, in that her personal life is being examined so deeply all of a sudden. Her mom might have thought that through before pointing the public eye at her. On the other hand, it’s nice to see Sarah Palin is standing by her daughter, and clearly she doesn’t think this is something to be hidden. It happens to families all the time….it’s just very unfortunate her daughter has to deal with it all publicly.

  33. kay says

    284 people were arrested at the Republican National Convention on Monday.

    Those detained were part of a thousands-strong protest outside the RNC.

  34. N says

    Also, If you check Levi’s (the supposed baby daddy) myspace…it clearly states that he doesn’t want kids…..From the looks of it…..May not be a marriage either…..SO Bristol may be like those others who are raising children on welfare.. J.

  35. N says

    #51…..I didn’t think Obama’s Mom was running for president and stating her values…… Sarah Palin is … your comparison is dumb!

  36. kay says

    Pregnant teen daughter, under investigation for firing someone who wouldn’t fire her ex-BIL, questions surrounding the birth of her infant son. . .this is better than Desperate Housewives!
    Is she 5 months pregnant or about 5 months pregnant. It slowly drifted from about 5 months to a solid 5 months. So convenient to coincide with the birth of the other baby. I can guarantee you that this baby will be delivered in natural elephant time or by elective C-Section

  37. Frankie says

    Its so obvious that John McCain is using Palin as a strategy to gain women’s votes, but hopefully women can see through the smoky mirror. Palin is not prepared to be in such a high office. I would fear for our country if anything were to happen to McCain . I dont trust anyone who would havea woman carry her rapists child for nine months and deliver it just to give it up for adoption. That is inhumane to me.

  38. Frankie says

    forget babygate, there are too many facts that bear repeating:

    Wasilla had zero debt when SP was elected, she left it with 22 million of debt (3,000 per citizen!). That’s a fiscal conservative?

    SP attempted to fire the Library director when that person refused to ban the books SP wanted banned. This is freedom?

    She increased taxed 38% while in office in Wasilla (and still left all that debt!). That’s a reformer?

  39. cindy lou mccain(snickers) says

    I wonder why??? Mcshame didn’t include pictures of his adopted daughter? was it that she was too dark to be in the picture? what kind of man with family values, Hide his daughter?

  40. cindy lou mccain(snickers) says

    oh waswendy

    keep telling yourself that

    actually, there is no bounce for Palin, but there was a bounce for Obama
    check it out yourself:

    ENJOY! ♥

  41. cindy lou mccain(snickers) says

    Just another sign that this was lost for the republicans even before it began. Go Obama-Biden! A real turning point for this country.

  42. WasWendy says

    And as far as bounces go, Obama hasn’t really gotten much of one from his convention. Anything less than 10 points is more of a bellyflop than a bounce.

  43. WendyG says

    Obama Says Palin Pregnancy “Off Limits”
    by Bonney Kapp

    Barack Obama addressed a gaggle of reporters this afternoon to discuss the latest goings-on with Hurricane Gustav. After brief opening comments on the much-hyped, overly politicized hurricane, reporters were curious about one thing: 17-year-old Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, made public today.

    “I have heard some of the news on this and so let me be a clear as possible: I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off limits, and people’s children are especially off limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics,” the Democrat said forcefully. “It has no relevance to Governor Palin’s performance as governor, or her potential performance as a VP. And so I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories,” he continued.

    such a classy man

    Indeed. Ulness of course he sends his surrogates out to attack Palin and her daughter while he pretends to take the high road,

    I see there is another Wendy here.

    Hmmmm. Games people play.

    Gosh, I knew liberals were nasty, but someof you take the cake. Typical, however.

    I see someone here ha

  44. cindy lou mccain(snickers) says

    Recipe for disaster:

    1 foreign born messianic candidate of dubious parentage.

    10 bags of horsesh*t and empty promises (note: can substitute 2 large bags of hot air)

    5 heaping scoops of new taxes to pay for empty promises

    6 handfuls of slippery preacher talk (caution this will run through your fingers and stain your clothing, use a ladle)

    4 spoonfuls of naive appeasement and elevation of dangerous foreign dictatorships

    1 large can of diced hatred for business and the military

    2 scoops of love for failed labor unions and their coercive techniques

    season generously to taste with failed socialism and the salt of disdain for capitalism and free markets, stir vigorously over a high flame of world crisis with a nuclear weapon, spread on continental toast and serve to the world, suggest pairing with any vintage of Chateau Algore global warming whine….

  45. hot gossip says

    wonder why she did not mention that on Friday when she first introduced her family to the whole country? Is the coming of a new baby not worthy enough to acknowledge for the “family values” candidate?

    Bristol Palin is the perfect example of the failing abstinence only sex education that George Bush has promoted for the last 7.5 years! Good going, there, Georgie boy, you’ve done a heck of a job!

  46. N says

    SO…Is this family considered to be “Classless, white trash”? If I remember correctly Jamie Lynn Spears, Lynne Spears, and their whole family was villifeid because Jamie got pregnant. Lynne became this terrible mother…..What happened to that whole view. It was all over the news, internet, magazines……… SO…… where are these comments for this family? Please dont say they dont compare!!……

  47. hot gossip says

    hate to say this but, what comes around goes around. Why would she do this to her own daughter. Put her business out like that. God help that poor child. See what happens when you pray for rain. God has more important things to do.

  48. kai summers says

    The real tragedy here is that if that poor girl was never taught about birth control because her mom wouldn’t allow it, and even if she did not want the baby she has no choice but to have it. There is no way her mom, or Karl Rove, would let this poor girl decide not to have this child.

  49. kai summers says

    Just shows you what happens when you raise a family under crazy conservative values, the children rebel! If she can’t even keep her own daughter from screwing around, how can she control anything in this country?

  50. kai summers says

    Well, since this is happening to a Republican, I guess it must be alright.

    Here is an example.

    Upon hearing the news I immediately called some Republican supporters telling them I was now voting Republican becuase of the “family values” issue. They had not heard the news and I told them that the vice presidential candidates 17 year old daughter was 5 months pregnant. They were gleeful as they assumed I meant Joe Biden (depsite his not having a 17 year old daughter.)

    Once they went on a bit about Democratic family values, I told them I had been confused and that is was actually Gov Palin’s daughter who was pregnant.

    You should have heard the silence on the phone. Needless to say, they were at a loss for words and had alot of difficulty trying to unsay what they had just said.

    I then told them to look up the definition of Hypocrisy and see if it applied.

  51. JOe says

    There is an article on MSNBC.COM about the fraud that this woman is. She has stated that she is a “reformer” and against the “status quo” when in reality she has close ties to some of Alaska’s most corrupt politicians. She has requested hundreds of millions in federal funding, and her little town sends lobbyists to washington every year. Yeah, that’s a reformer alright. What a fraud, america has to see past this poor excuse for a mother and politician and realize her pick for VP was strictly political. There is no substance to this woman, and she is all lies. As I stated in an earlier post, the truth will come out little by little. This is no woman that I would want my daughter to look up to. It sickens me that the american people may be stupid enough to elect a caveman with her on the ticket.

  52. accalia says

    Hollyfran calm down. Everyone knows that no one is perfect. Don’t be an emotional wreck by trying to convince only yourself of what nonsense you are ranting about.

    HIS MOTHER wasn’t trying to get ahead touting positions that were contrary to her/his reality…
    HIS MOTHER was raising just ONE HEALTHY CHILD.

    Sara Palin’s/The repubics’ right-wing extreme positions would demand that EVERYBODY do things their way…PERIOD… ANTI-CHOICE…just like a dictatorship.

    Read what this poster said for crying out loud. And if he smokes, at least is confessed to it and is not lying to the entire country!!!! Jeez Sad, sad, sad people.

  53. Star says

    @ # 4 :

    Innocent moose? You’ve got to be kidding, right? LOL how in the heck do you think humans have even survived life on Earth? Give me a break. And if there were some major world catasrophe, we ALASKANS would be the first to SURVIVE while city folks perish.

  54. eunice says

    was not a supporter of Palin because her true lack of national and international experience is apparent no matter how the Republicans try to spin it. I am now alarmed that the McCain camp selected her even knowing that the family was facing the crisis of a 17 year old, unmarried, pregnant daughter. Of course, this is going to cause an uproar! To subject your child to national and international scrutiny and, yes, some scorn because of personal ambition is not good parenting to me. I was already concerned that she had five kids, including a special needs baby, and was willing to step away from them so dramatically as a vice-presidential candidate. I don’t care what your politics are– you are a parent first and that is your most important obligation. She should step aside now.

  55. honey says

    Ha ha ha

    Well of course she’s already pregnant… look who she has for a role model; “Momma “I got 5 kids” Palin!”

    I guess that answers the question as to whether the Palin’s believe in the use of birth control and cond0ms?

    Republicans are …. always the first ones to drop the ball when it comes to teen s*x.

    OK, religious right is your move. After all Sarah was picked more to satisfy you than the supporters of Hillary as the boos in Penn indicated when SP mentioned HC. Maybe Johnny overlooked the fact that the Clintons’ are still hated on by many who are Republicans.

    One can never under estimate the selfishness of losers.

    Ha, ha, ha….

    OBAMA in ‘08!

  56. ca says

    Interesting that the McCain capmaign is talking more about the “liberal” blogs than they are about how this supposed rock-solid, “family values” mom has an underage daughter who is pregnant. Makes me wonder again why they really cancelled today’s events in Minneapolis – was it to give them time to figure out a response to the “rumors”? I seriously doubt McCain knew about this before he chose Palin. he clearly picked her for ideaoligcal and political reasons, and had he thoroughly vetted her, I don’t believe she’d be on the ticket. Now he’s saying it doesn’t mattter?

  57. caren says

    The only people that are reponsible for their personal lives being trashed is Bill Clinton and John Edwards. NOBODY forced them to be lying cheating man whores.

    Wake up!

    exactly! and Bristol is responsible for opening her le gs. Her mother is responsible for not teaching her about se x ed. Her mother is responsible for giving her cond0ms, in which sarah doesn’t believe in. Thank you for proving my point!

  58. melissa.............. ATTN Karli says

    ” They trashed Bill Clinton’s personal life. John Edwards wasn’t even running any more and it was consenting ADULTS and they trashed it.”

    The only people that are reponsible for their personal lives being trashed is Bill Clinton and John Edwards. NOBODY forced them to be lying cheating man whores.

    Wake up!

  59. caren says

    And how is this supposed to “counter” the “vicious mud-slinging” of the “left”? The young, unmarried, teenaged daughter of a mother who preaches abstinence, is getting married 5 MONTHS AFTER SHE GOT PREGNANT, and this is supposed to be a “lesson”? A lesson to whom? Given that Sarah Palin herself had a baby 8 months after she eloped (whoops!) the only lesson I see is that, these ladies could use some serious s e x ed!!!!!

  60. tammy says

    Mother to a pregnant 17-year old? Sounds like Lynn Spears, except that even Lynn Spears has more experience than Sarah Palin. Britney’s empire is bigger than Alaska.


  61. Double standards, NO? says

    If this happened to a Democrat, the GOP would claim it is because they failed to teach their children proper values.

    Let’s see how they spin this in a positive light because it is one of their own.


  62. Double standards, NO? says

    there’s no rumor here. the 17 year old is 5 months pregnant. if the shoe was on the other foot and one of obama’s daughters was old enough to become pregnant, one can only imagine the vitriol filled and race-based comments.

  63. Double standards, NO? says

    Imagine the *outrage* among conservatives if Democrats had nominated a working mother who’s not at home raising her infant but is out furthering her ambition, and whose 17-year-old daughter is pregnant by a man she isn’t married to.

  64. cheers4workingmoms says

    Thank you #118. I have a young daughter (who’s brilliant and my best friend), an awesome hubby, 11 years of marriage, a PhD in science, and work in a job I absolutely love. I am a democrat, will vote for Obama/Biden but I am appalled at the judgmental comments that fellow democrats, I am assuming, have made on this blog. We may have differences in political opinions, but kindness is universal.

  65. nosoupforyou says

    Actually, I have a graduate degree, two sons, work full time and will celebrate 21 years of marriage in December.

    You are mindless if you think females aren’t capable.

  66. kit says

    The irony of it is McCain used Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to mock Obama. What goes around comes around!

  67. hillary from chicago says

    I just want to say to Obama, keep up the good work, and it appears that women are having discussions with themselves tonight! roflamooooo

    Its highly irresponsible for Palin to take an 8hr flight without informing the airline after her water broke from Dallas to Alaska knowing she was carrying a high risk pregnancy at 44. To accept a VC nomination having a 3 months old and pending grandchild from a teenage mom who will need all the support confirms a troubling trait. Reckless!

  68. ********* says

    This is a perfect example of why comprehensive, truthful

    s ex education is necessary for our nation’s teens.

  69. Proud to be a Republican says

    I’m with you #113! I am already tired of this whole pregnancy issue. If this is all they can get on this lady, pick on her family, you people are unreal. Seriously people, get a life!

  70. lovin the palin's in alaska says

    It’s ok for a man to become President, with young children while ole wifey stays home to care for them huh? Why is it any different for a women to become Vice President and have hubby stay on the home front to care for the kids? Politics isn’t about their family and DUI’s from 24 year ago, it is about how well they can run the country. People-refocus on what the real importnat issues are for our country, not teen pregnancy!

  71. obamafan says

    you know I am a Obama fan but all you people saying that Palin’s daughter being pregnant is sad… you shouldn’t judge others. She isn’t a bad parent. Its not because she didn’t have condoms or sex ed, stuff happens! and it can happen to anyone!

  72. Carey Whitney says

    I didn’t like Sarah Palin from the get-go, but I didn’t think it was possible to dislike her more than I already did. I feel unbelievably sorry for her daughter. Bristol’s pregnancy shows the faults of her mother’s mentality, but she doesn’t deserve to be a talking point. Not only does she have no choice but to keep the baby and marry its father, but she’s now been hung out to dry (by her own mother!) and will have to pass the remainder of her pregnancy under unbelievable scrutiny. The idiots who applaud Sarah Palin’s “unconditional love” for her daughter are missing that. We should all be wishing Bristol Palin the best of luck and focusing our ire on her mother’s many, many other faults.

  73. says

    Her daughters pregnancy is just another reason to vote Obama/Biden 2008. More sex education for prevention and birth control. And ultimately a choice under other circumstances. Obama/Biden!!!!

  74. huggy says

    “irresponsible parenting”

    man I hope you never have a teenagers! your going to eat your words big time!

  75. Me says

    So its okay for Obama to say lay off of his wife in the media. But John McCain can’t say lay off a his VP’s daughter. God knows if this was happening to Chelsea Clinton – no one would be saying crap. God I hate liberals.

  76. fran says

    cat sue

    haven’t found any, but I did see a photo of her, when she was suppose to be 7 months pregnant, hiking!! 😀

  77. fran says

    who cares if Obama smokes?? Bush, snorts and you guys didn’t have a problem with that. Cheney like to shoots his friends in the face with rifles, The bush twins love to get sauced, what is your point?

    Mcshame loves beauty queens! what is your point?
    All this shows is irresponsible parenting, not the average american family. Mccain is extremely stup*d

  78. catsue says

    Does ANYONE have any photos of Palin being pregnant with the 5th baby she just had?? She was in Vogue a few months ago and wasn’t pregnant in those photos (yes I know the photos are taken days, weeks, or months in advance of publication).

    Maybe John Edwards is the father!

  79. hollyfran says

    Google, if he smokes!
    he has SAID he smokes! he is trying to quit but hasn’t!
    I’m not a liar! I guess it just hurts to think he isn’t perfect! NO ONE IS-NOT even OBAMA!

  80. Lisa says

    Didn’t take the time to read the posts, because as far as I’m concern, she is an awsome woman/mother and yes to be a grandmother.. Its a typical family unit and very strong at that. This will not make her a bad Vice President in any way, probably better.

  81. hollyfranisaliar says

    Trust me everyone has dirt and Obama’s will come out soon enough and you thinking the man is perfect and has no family dirt is so out there!
    like someone else posted, his mom was preggo when she got married…and Obama smokes…not the best things ever but who cares? he is human just like Palin
    people make mistakes and its not the end of the world.

    oh my god, resorting to lying doesn’t look good for you.

    HIS MOTHER wasn’t trying to get ahead touting positions that were contrary to her/his reality…
    HIS MOTHER was raising just ONE HEALTHY CHILD.

    Sara Palin’s/The repubics’ right-wing extreme positions would demand that EVERYBODY do things their way…PERIOD… ANTI-CHOICE…just like a dictatorship.

    that is the difference, and you don’t know if he smokes or not! liar

  82. johnnie says

    I’m thinking this whole thing gives her a reason to back out gracefully. I’m sure there will be some kind of difficulty that her daughter will have the she will need to be there for her.

  83. hollyfran says

    Trust me everyone has dirt and Obama’s will come out soon enough and you thinking the man is perfect and has no family dirt is so out there!
    like someone else posted, his mom was preggo when she got married…and Obama smokes…not the best things ever but who cares? he is human just like Palin
    people make mistakes and its not the end of the world.
    McCain 2008

  84. ... says

    here is another point of investigation for people: Apparently the son was given the option of enlisting by a JUDGE. Which means he got in trouble with the law, and that was his choice, army or jail.
    And the dad has two DUI’s. Like someone on another site said, maybe they should just pull the doublewide right up to the white house.

  85. rita says

    feel numb, in shock at how poorly this woman was vetted. As a woman who waited till I was in a loving stable marriage to have a child I feel so sorry for that 17 yr old. Having a child is such a hard job. Bristol was never given sex education or access to birth control and her life is now nothing more than a pawn for her mother’s political aspirations

  86. ... says

    This has nothing to do with the privacy of teenagers, but with the hypocrisy of the right, running on “family values”, supposedly showing good judgement, and unbound arrogance. I don’t think she’ll still be running by November, but if she is, any of those traditional conservative voters had better go into the voting booth with their eyes open.

  87. nosoupforyou says

    Oh, the hypocrisy of some Dems! Perhaps Obama should not be president because he has 2 young daughters…. I think ages 10 and 7.

    How on earth is he going to run our country and nurture and protect his two young daughters?

    So Palin has a 5 month old baby?

    John F. Kennedy had a 3 year old and a newborn when he entered office.

    A Downs baby eats and poops like any other.

    Whether you support Obama or McCain it is appalling to see the female ignorance displayed here.

  88. lindz says

    omg i hate how everyone who goes on this website is pro life , im sorry if i offend anyone but seriously if you were in the position that some of these girls are in you would not be making these ignorant coments.

  89. ... says

    I actually feel sorry for that poor girl. With a mother who is not going to be home very much, a wedding which is certain to be premature and in the long run, most likely a mistake, this poor girl is going to shoved into the spotlight like nobody’s business and she and her child will suffer for it.

    Check your ego at the door, Mrs. Palin, and just step away. I promise nobody’s going to notice.

  90. Granny says

    Put politics aside for a moment.

    A Down Syndrome child is not sick. You raise them just as other children. There are special things that you will address such as usually being older before walking or potty training, school issues addressed differently but it isn’t any more consuming that a typical child. I have a Down grandson. (And people it isn’t Down’s, Down never had it).

    Giving this woman grief for working with an infant is insulting to every working mother of small children – teachers, bookkeepers, food service. Women now work. I worked. Women aren’t going to stop working now, because most of our families need our income.

    What is the magice number of children a woman should be allowed to have? People keep complaining because she has 5 sho what is the number? What is the age one should stop? Both I believe are the business of the mother and partner and that there is no number that should be held to for everyone.

    And as for the teenage daughter. Having raised three kids I learned that you cannot be with them every minute and in most cases if a teen decides to do anything you would prefer them not to do, the teen usually wins. How many of you had attentive parents yet still drank underage, had alcohol, skipped school,etc. If my parents only knew and yours too.

  91. samantha says

    I will give Palin credit for one thing: her and her family practice what she preaches. This is what happens when you don’t believe in the use of birth control pills OR condoms.

    How are we supposed to drive down the number of unwanted teenage pregnancies with her in the White House??

  92. says

    Did you know they just interviewed Sara Palin’s mother-in-law and she said:
    “I’m not sure what she brings to the ticket other than she’s a woman and a conservative. Well, she’s a better speaker than McCain,” Faye Palin said with a laugh.
    She went on to say she liked Obama and has not decided how she would vote!
    You can find this at nydailynews (dot) (com

  93. j says

    I admit it, but I’m not voting for him. I also admitted it will be a sad day, so I don’t know what kind of a good start it is. I’m not following the Kool Aid drinking crowd.

  94. j says

    And by the way, I actually do believe Obama will be elected, and it will be a sad day for America.

  95. says

    I just saw Palin at some function, introducing her family, announcing that her daughter Bristol was with “the newborn”… not “our new baby brother, Trig”, but the impersonal “the newborn”.

    I also just heard Obama stating that his mother was just 18 when he was born, that candidate kids should be off-limits, (generally I would agree), and that this should have no bearing on Palin’s candidacy/abilities, etc… WHICH IS WHERE HE’S WRONG.

    HIS MOTHER wasn’t trying to get ahead touting positions that were contrary to her/his reality…
    HIS MOTHER was raising just ONE HEALTHY CHILD.

    Sara Palin’s/The repubics’ right-wing extreme positions would demand that EVERYBODY do things their way…PERIOD… ANTI-CHOICE…just like a dictatorship.

    Obama/BIDEN ’08

  96. j says

    If it were Obama’s daughters, it would be accepted culturally and if republicans commented on it, you know what we would be accused of. Of course, I know, I know, we are already that.

  97. says

    If this was Obama’s daughters, this sh it will make big news and get frown on upon the republican party.
    republicans, had 8 years to prove themselves, but republicans only proved to be disaster’s! Move over mcbush is a new Man in town, and he is coming for you rich republican’s pockets!

    how can bush sniff c0caine for 20 years and still counting down? did u see him on cnn today? rocking back n forth in a chair looking disshovled! and that is the person that u voted for! bwahhhhhhhhhhha

  98. j says

    There are babies born to teenagers all the time, especially in the inner city. Why is it such a huge deal just because it’s Sarah’s daughter. I’m not saying it’s right, but if it were a dem’s daughter, she would be held up for having the baby, as long as she didn’t get married or raise it in a Christian home. All she would have to do is drink the Kool-Aid and everything would be fine.

  99. j says

    I know way more about Obama than I ever wanted to. I knw about the Wall Street job, but don’t worry, Michelle is taking care of making some big money too. Rich is rich, whether it be a republican or democrat. If you are stupid enough to kid yourself that he is going to do anything different than any other politician who is elected, you are kidding yourself. Haven’t you been thru enough elections to know that. I am not kidding myself, there is no perfect candidate out there. But for me, the republicans have done more things that I agree with. And, there’s no Reverend Wright in the picture. You don’t that easily distance yourself from 20 years of belief. And if I actually believed he turn his back on Wright, I wouldn’t think he was a very good friend, just to drop him when the going gets tough. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me.

  100. J, Im coming to slapsense intoyou says

    Doesn’t this just make it all the more plausible that the first baby was hers, too? Born five months ago (the daughter is now “five months pregnant,” perhaps less), and the daughter has shown herself to be engaging in premarital sex. Clearly Palin has done an excellent job imparting family values.

  101. JOe says

    Well maybe if governor Palin wasn’t more worried about creationism being taught in schools instead of sex education, this wouldn’t be happening. But as I’m sure herself as well as all of her evangelical loonies would say; “The baby is a gift from god regardless”. Give me a break. This just shows where this woman puts her priorities. Not country first or family first, but political ambition first. More will come out about her as the days go by anyway, this is nothing. She was almost recalled as mayor of her little town, and she was helping Ted Stevens, the corrupt senator from Alaska. Didn’t she say she stood up to the “status quo”. Apparently not, America will find out eventually. Big mistake Mcsame

  102. Jen says

    I can’t help thinking about all the comments I saw around here when Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant. Back then her pregnancy meant to lots of people here that her mother was inept, wasn’t doing her job. I just wonder if that same population feels the same way in this situation.

    All I’m seeing on Fox News (which my father mandates as the news show on around here, lol….definitely not my choice) is that at least she’s not having an abortion and that family values are prevailing because she’s going to get married and raise the baby. Can’t help but wonder what they’d be saying if this had come from a Democratic candidate.

  103. karli says

    yes J, obama is rich, but did you know that he turned down a job on wall street to work with the less fortunate?

    I guess not, it seems like you had your hands in your ears the whole time!!

    brainwashed republicans suck

  104. j says

    Oh, that’s right, I keep forgetting the rules. All republicans are evil, and filthy rich. All dems are the downtrodden, suffering, liberal saviours that need to work to get rid of all republicans. Speaking of filthy rich, how much is Obama worth? Oh, I forgot, he deserves it because he has suffered. Sometimes I just can’t remember how it all works in the brainwashed, liberal minds.

  105. JOe says

    Once again, some smart women on here. This poor excuse for a leader Palin is being revealed by the second. Apparently having “evangelical” values doesn’t stop your teenage daughter from getting pregnant. Maybe next time she talks to god like she says she does, she will have a one on one with him about how her daughter is going to raise her baby.

  106. lovin the palin's in alaska says

    For those of you that haven’t noticed, she hasn’t “left” her kids behind, most especially the baby, while she is on the campaign trail. If you would take the time to look, they are right their with her. Here is Alaska, our newpapers frequent picures of her with all of her children. They are always close by and she is a very involved Mom. Are all working Mom’s bad and raise bad kids? It is unfortunate that her daughter ended up pregnant, but lots of good parents raise good kids, that end up making bad choices. That is what they are, bad choices, it doens’t make them bad parents or bad kids!!!

  107. karli says

    You can’t make this stuff up. This woman promoted “abstinence” education. Talk about dysfunctional�. I can only imagine if she was a black woman with a seventeen year old pregnant daughter �the Republicans would have a field day exploiting every sterotype know to man. They trashed Bill Clinton’s personal life. John Edwards wasn’t even running any more and it was consenting ADULTS and they trashed it. Now all of a sudden it’s about privacy and respect.
    PUMA�Privacy Understanding My A$$�..back at ya!

  108. j says

    I am just trying to have I agree with poster to tell me how Obama’s mother being pregnant and Sarah’s daughter being pregnant are two different things. At least she is a mother of a pregnant minor who will not have her go on welfare.

  109. Rebecca says

    #40 — Please don’t take this as a criticism because I don’t mean it to be — I have been struggling with this myself. On paper, Palin has more experience than Obama. Why then is Obama qualified to be Commander in Chief but Palin is not?

  110. bree says

    Hmmm…The slogan at the RNC is “Country First” ….seems to me that with a 4 month old son with DS and a pregnant unmarried teenage daughter Palin may want to start thinking “Family First”.

  111. (J) get a hold of yourself! (anna) says

    It is deeply upsetting, it makes my heart beat fast with concern, truly, to think that a woman with a handicapped infant, and with a pregnant minor child whose baby is going to be in their family, would take the VP job.

    It is deeply distressing that a woman who has lost amneotic fluid would give a speech then take a 10-hour flight to deliver a baby in secret.

    This woman seems to be something deeply disgusting. This is not American values. We are better than this.

  112. j says

    She shouldn’t be punished with a baby. This is a quote that Obama made about if his daughter’s were pregnant. I say Yeah for Sarah, she doesn’t think it’s punishment and isn’t hiding the fact.

  113. says

    Yes, it is different! oh you nasty republicans are scratching your eye balls out! LMAOOOOOOOOOO

    This lady can’t manage her own family – how’s she going to run the country?

    No bounce at all in the polls will Palin, in fact Obama went up.

  114. j says

    Obama’s mother was only 18 when she got pregnant and 19 when she had him. She was 3 months pregnant when she got married. So, how is that so much different than Sarah’s daughter? I know, I know, it all depends on who you are. Don’t try the usual poor and uneducated, since she was in college at the time.

  115. says

    1. Just because they say that one daughter is 5 months pregnant, that doesn’t make it so.
    2. Just because they say it’s Sarah’s baby, that doesn’t make it so.
    3. There is another daughter, y’know.
    4. Why is the 19 year old son off and into the army? Signing up to fight in Bushco’s war, even after
    that whole fiasco is exposed as unjustified, deceptive and illegal. How come the kid didn’t go to college?
    5. What kind of a family is this anyway?
    6. What kind of a wacko woman boards a plane while she’s in labor?
    6. What kind of a mother leaves a newborn Down Syndrome baby to campaign all over the country?
    7. What kind of a mother decides to run for VP of the US if she’s just given birth to a baby who needs
    her and if she’s just found out her unwed teenage daughter is going to have a baby?

    There is a lot about this woman that needs to be PROBED. Don’t tell me family is off limits. In a country where the reichwing makes “family values” their stock in trade, their cause celebre, their reason to rule, the state of THEIR family needs to be exposed.

  116. says

    “stand up America” said this:

    Palin eloped with her high-school boyfriend, Todd Palin, on August 29, 1988, when she was 24 years old.[7] “It was a shock but she did it because she knew we couldn”t afford a big white wedding”, her mother said.[109]


    Was Sarah pregnant when she married Todd?

  117. accalia says

    BO all the way!

    #36 What on earth are you talking about? Nothing negative about this man or his family has been said. SP on the other hand…well, you know the story there.

    Please people wake up and don’t embarrass yourselves any further.

  118. city bumpkin says

    It is defintely her fault that she thrusted her family into the spotlight! OH johnny boy should of did his homework

  119. lovin the palin's in alaska says

    For those of you idiots out there how have never been a parent to a teenager, shut your traps!!!!!! As a parent of two teeagers, there is no way you can be with them 24 hours a day. I have raised my kids as I know Sarah has, to know right from wrong. If THEY choose to have sex before marriage, then that is the choice they made. It is definatly not the choice I would make for my kids and not a choice Sarah made for her daughter!!!!!!!!!!! Her daughter new the consiquences of sex before marriages, now she is stepping up the plate. This in no way should be a reflection of the Palin’s parenting abilities!! There are millions of kids raised with good Christian values, very strict parents, who get pregnant everyday. Are all these parents bad? No they are good people/parents whose children chose this route! It was the kids choice not the parents!!!!!!!!! People, grow up and quite trying to blame the parents!!!!

  120. city bumpkin says

    Obama Says Palin Pregnancy “Off Limits”
    by Bonney Kapp

    Barack Obama addressed a gaggle of reporters this afternoon to discuss the latest goings-on with Hurricane Gustav. After brief opening comments on the much-hyped, overly politicized hurricane, reporters were curious about one thing: 17-year-old Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, made public today.

    “I have heard some of the news on this and so let me be a clear as possible: I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off limits, and people’s children are especially off limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics,” the Democrat said forcefully. “It has no relevance to Governor Palin’s performance as governor, or her potential performance as a VP. And so I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories,” he continued.

    such a classy man

  121. I agree with this poster says

    at least hillary isn’t just a bra and a rifle. She campaigned her a ss off

  122. I agree with this poster says

    Obama..and trust me there is negative stuff about him and his family too.

    why should we trust you..where is that bad stuff about his family? I haven’t heard anything yet? but still this woman has been in 72 hours and the scandals keep pouring in!

  123. kim--original kim... says

    #9 Alana — I LOVE your nickname for McCain — “John McSAME” — LMAO!!!!
    That is classic, and 100% correct!
    How dare they criticize Obama’s level of experience…McSame could drop dead any minute and there we’d be, with this woman as Prez!!
    And the Repub’s say, oh, she’s commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard — pffft!!! LOL! What a joke that is!!! Oh, yeah, she’s ready to handle Iraq then….
    I think Obama should win this easily….
    Oh, and the Christian Coalition–are they still “happy” with McSame’s VO choice like they were before the news broke about her becoming a young grandma??

  124. KMS says

    Seriously – most of you are democrats on this board so honestly….no matter WHAT news comes out with the McCain campaign you will jump all over.

    Do you honestly not choose a presdientical candidate because of their personal life? What exactly did Palin have to do with her daughter getting pregnant? You give your kids the resources and education you can and hope they make the right decisions. So she didn’t – I suppose all of your kids have made perfect decisions?

    So would you have voted for Hilary whose husband cheated on her?

  125. melissa.............. Obama Says Palin Pregnancy “Off Limits” says

    September 1st, 2008 2:40 PM Eastern

    Obama Says Palin Pregnancy “Off Limits”
    by Bonney Kapp

    Barack Obama addressed a gaggle of reporters this afternoon to discuss the latest goings-on with Hurricane Gustav. After brief opening comments on the much-hyped, overly politicized hurricane, reporters were curious about one thing: 17-year-old Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, made public today.

    “I have heard some of the news on this and so let me be a clear as possible: I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off limits, and people’s children are especially off limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics,” the Democrat said forcefully. “It has no relevance to Governor Palin’s performance as governor, or her potential performance as a VP. And so I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories,” he continued.

  126. hollyfran says

    well after reading all these posts I have to go back to the old saying “don’t judge others.” I mean come on do any of you out there have any family business you wouldn’t want talked about? I know, I know that your not running for vice president but still-come on! She isn’t hiding the fact her daughter is preggo.
    I don’t think it makes a difference, I’m still voting for McCain-just like if you were already voting for Obama-you still are…
    All this bad talking is doing nothing but wasting energy.
    I’m not on here saying everything negative I could about Obama..and trust me there is negative stuff about him and his family too.

  127. I agree with this poster says

    I question McCain’s judgment on general principle alone for picking Palin given her lack of experience, when he’s berated Obama for the past few months over Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience. Now that this information has come to light, I question McCain’s judgment if he knew the girl was pregnant and still chose Palin anyway. And now that Palin and come out to quell the rumor mill with this information about her daughter’s pregnancy, I seriously question her judgment in accepting a role on McCain’s ticket knowing that her VP run would undoubtedly bring her daughter’s pregnancy to light.

    Frankly there is no one in h ell who could convince me that McCain knew about this. And there’s no one in hell who could convince me that Palin thought that the media would find out. The fact that she took the girl out of her local school suggests that she wanted the matter to be a family secret. All of that runs counter to a VP run where the truth was likely to get out. If this issue doesn’t question McCain’s poor judgment, then America get what it gets.

  128. melissa says

    PART 2 for Eli:

    Clinics forced to cut service
    Doctor crunch spells long waits at city walk-ins
    Michelle Magnan, Calgary Herald
    Published: Monday, August 04, 2008

    View Larger Image
    Adam Brymer sits in the waiting room at the Forest Lawn Medicentre, one of several Calgary walk-in clinics that are cutting back hours due to a severe staff shortage.
    Dean Bicknell, Calgary Herald

    “We are having to close clinics because we can’t find doctors to work,” Bhimji said. “We continue to face a lack of doctors, no lack of patients.”

    You can have free medical care but they won’t have any Dr’s to treat you. Socialist medicine destroys healthcare for everyone. Dr’s can’t afford to practice in Canada.

    People need to think long and hard before they vote for national healthcare. Don’t we all agree that the more goverment regulation the worse it gets?

  129. Lisa says


    teenage shotgun weddings have abyssmal survival rates. The baby will eventually be in a single parent household anyway. I am sure mom will have tons of time to support her knocked up teenager while on the campaign trail

  130. melissa says

    Eli— please do move to Canada. You will have a new appreciation for what we have here. Hopefully you wont be the next person decapitated on a bus and have the police sit back for hours while someone defiles your body and snacks on it.

  131. I agree with this poster says

    I would have to say, that I agree wholeheartedly with this poster:
    So if Bristol Palin is 17 now and five months pregnant, she must have gotten pregnant at age 16. When this happened to Britney Spears’ sister at the same age, the Repubs and their evangelical winged m0nkeys ripped the girl and her family to shreds 24/7 on every cable news show, pointing out that the whole affair represented bad parenting at its worst and the lowest in “liberal” attitudes about family values. But when Palin parades her own brood in front of the cameras to show that they are the literal poster family for wholesome Republican values (like abstinence), then we Dems are lambasted for simply pointing the same finger back at them . If the situation were reversed and this had come out in the family of Biden or Obama, is there any doubt that Limbaugh, Hannity, and the rest would call for the girl and her family to be st0ned to dea th But now, the Repubs are spinning this Palin pregnancy as a “positive” example of family values because the daughter will marry the father So if unmarried pregnancy happens to Britney Spears’ teen sister, it’s an unforgivable sin . But if happens to Palin’s teen daughter, it’s a blessed event and her privacy should be respected. Got it

  132. Eli says

    Hey, wendy, isaloser….your comment….”Maybe Minimum Wage is just not cutting it for middle class familes”….being paid minimum wage, does not even qualify you for lower middle class. Minimum wage is the lowest of the lower class!

    Quite honestly, I am not happy with the Repubs or the Demos & that is why I am considering moving to Canada.

    America…where your countryman has no second thoughts about screwing you over in pursuit of the almighty dollar!

  133. melissa says

    To #11 & 14. Thank you for being the voice of reason. regardless of what party you favor. That is when we can have an intelligent & constructive conversation.

    I think it is very sad when anyone can’t walk the walk. Many people in politics are demonstrating what they really believe when they say that Sarah Palin can’t do the job because she is a mother of 5 children.

    If I had 5 children I would not want the job of VP. Actually I wouldnt even want it as a single woman without kids….lol But that is beside the point. Sarah and her husband were high school sweethearts. With the complete support of her family it is possible for Bristol to make it work with Levi.

    What’s done is done and now the only thing that matters is how they handle it. Sarah is continuing to demonstrate what family values and committment is all about. It’s not who we are when life is fun and easy… it’s who we are when faced with challenges that shows our true character.

  134. whocares says

    George Bush did not have daughters who were pregnant as teenagers but he was an embarrassing leader.

    From an Obama supporter to another, let’s not be too critical about this woman and her family’s troubles. Remember Bill Clinton and his dirty laundry? He was a great leader and Hillary is someone I admire.

    Let’s give her a chance to see what she brings to the political table.

  135. wendy, isaloser says

    It is a woman’s choice to have a abortion if she chooses, not some wack government choice.

  136. wendy, isaloser says

    She should have came out with it and said “hey my daughter is preggers, and she’s dealing with it and taking care of her responsibilities.”

    I wish she had done just that!

  137. j says

    Getting married so that the child can grow up in a two parent family, with support by the extended family. Strange concept in the liberal, pro abortion world.

  138. wendy, isaloser says

    In response to #16, maybe they should get a job and pay for their insurance?

    Now why don’t you go sucK some dirty poor men off and get yourself a nice herpe infected sore on your mouth?

    maybe, they have a job, but maybe they live pay check to pay check. Maybe Minimum Wage is just not cutting it for middle class familes. you republicans have your head so far up your A s s. you think you know what it is like to suffer. While you are siiting in your high rise, or plantation house, you think that life is easy, but it isn’t!
    America want family values, not some rich white trash republican that is trying to hoist her family into the spotlight? Respect her privacy? puhleeeeeeeeeze, no one respected jamie lynn’s privacy, no one respected britney spears privacy…talking about republican family values, and thanks to whoever said that.

    wendy, no run along stepford wife.

  139. obamabringonthedebates says

    …why in the world is the daughter getting married?! Getting married at 17 because you are pregnant and your mother appeals to the evangelical/conservative members of her political party- that’s just crazy! I hope this girl’s life isn’t going to get ruined just because her mother is running for VP and it means she basically has to get married. Ugh.

    And I hope this puts the abstinence-only sex education to rest. I am sure Gov. Palin was NOT handing out condoms to her daughter as she walked out the door.

  140. Wendy says

    In response to #16, maybe they should get a job and pay for their insurance?

    Now why don’t you go sucK some dirty poor men off and get yourself a nice herpe infected sore on your mouth?

  141. JOe says

    I must say there are some smart women on this post. It makes me feel good that women are seeing past the hypocricy of McBush, and this wench. I have nothing against women and I would be more than happy to see a woman get to the White House, but this woman is not the one that belongs there, period. This was purely calculated and it is backfiring on Mcsame already.!

  142. free sprit says

    I wonder if the baby’s McCain’s??? Hey…anything is possible. Stom Thurmond (rest his soul) from the great State of SC was having babies well into his 70s.This would explain EVERYTHING!!!!

  143. wendy, didn't i say shutyourpieholeandsucktrichmenoff says

    Well at least her family and her daughter’s baby will be covered by insurance because they can afford. What happens to the family out given the same situation that does not have insurance? What happens to them? Goes to show the double standard that goes on in this country. Let’s get on with the issues.

  144. Linda says

    A 23 yr old male friend is in a real quandry. He couldn’t vote for a black man or a woman, so
    he was a McCain boy. Now what? Obama’s VP choice is the perfect president (in his white red-neck mentality), because if McCain dies in office, there is no way a woman could be president.

    Palin sets back women’s rights, equality and
    gay tolerance a century or more. And I still think
    Bristol is probably Trig’s mother. Who knows when that baby was actually born?

    And McCain didn’t think vetting Palin was necessary? Speaking of McCain, does anyone else see word retrieval difficulties happening with him?

  145. Wendy says

    I agree with the comments at #11. The reaction of the Democratic elite to this VP selection has been shameful. Sexism has come raging out of the Democratic Party and I too am reconsidering my position. I have had doubts all along about Obama’s ability to lead (I am sorry, but being an exceptional orator does not equate to a leader). I will see how things play out over the next couple of months and likely make a last minute pick.

    To “namenotimportant” — are you bored?

  146. namenotimportant says

    Clearly Palin was not fully vetted by the McCain people. The DUI, the teen pregnancy, the Stevens connections – not to mention her initial support for Bridge to Nowhere.

    This was a rushed pick; and it’s backfiring.

  147. Karen says

    Hey juliane — how do you spell “there” and “along”?

    I am a Dem but i am totally and completely ashamed at the reaction of the leaders of the party to this VP choice (all of whom are members of the good ol’ boys network). Paul Begalia was on CNN the other night fuming about Palin not being capable of being VP because she had children. Also, the Dems cannot make the argument that she is inexperienced, when Obama has even less experience. I find that hypocritical and extremely offensive. Whatever happened to the Dem’s standing up for women’s rights? Palin is certainly not the ideal candidate but the reaction of the Dems needs some serious rethinking. They are acting juvenile and idiotic. I would never vote GOP, but I doubt I will vote Obama either after this. i may just stay home on election day or spoil my ballot with a write in for Hillary Clinton.

  148. namenotimportant says

    Just wanted to share a great comment from Americablog on Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy:

    “Gun toting, bible thumping, failed beauty queen with a knocked up out of wedlock teenage daughter!!! Jesus Christ! Why don’t they just pull a double wide up to the White House and call it a day.”

    so basically we have a biracial/black man vs rich white trash, NO?

  149. alana says

    made a mockery of this election.

    you mean the republicans, made a mockery of this election. John Mcsame made a mockery with his VP choice. Yes, that is what you meant to type

  150. juliane says

    Let me get this straight. Repubs can question everything from BO’s citizenship and religion to MO’s patriotism, but the family values of SP and family, the values the Repubs say Dems do not have, cannot be questioned?

    How do you spell hypocritical again?

  151. Karen says

    The rumor about Trig’s parentage is dead. The ultra left, misogynist, paranoid blog that originated the rumor (Daily Kos) has backed off and admitted that their story had no basis. it is a shame that the liberals pounced on it and made a mockery of this election.

  152. 3 kiddo mama says

    Hmmmm….. I understand her “country first” thing but this is insane! How McCain or Palin herself thought this was a great idea is beyond me. Nice VP pick……

  153. catsue says

    How is this woman supposed to be Vice-President? She has a 5 month-old with Down Syndrome and a husband that rides snow mobiles and works in oil in Alaska. She is too busy killing innocent moose to be a mother to her knocked-up teenager.

  154. juliane says

    Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant *again*

    News just broke today. Here we are 72 hours in, and this is looking more like a soap opera. But if it was Obama daughter’s(i know that they are young) but still if his daugther was of would be generalizing. I haven’t heard any scandals about Obama at all.

    LMAOOOOOOOO @ this

    Burying news during a hurricane, super classy.

    just as many of anti abortion better believe that their are people that oppose to someone telling them what they can or cannot do with their body. People are looking for family values..not someone that cannot control their daughters.
    and she was 5 months pregnant. It isn’t like she didnt know, that she was pregnant. she knew all alone. scandal after scandal ..Isn’t looking so good! She will get her booty spanked at the debates

  155. juliane says

    this story just gets better (or worse) depending on your view. I must say though, that the choice of Palin as vp has lead me to be far more aggressive in campaigning for Obama. The fact that McCain ‘s ego and selfishness is more important to him than the safety of our country….and need I remind anyone his accusation of Obama that “winning an election was more important than losing a war…”? it is just too much. And why should the media be respectful of their privacy….did anyone say that when Britney’s little sister Jamie got pregnant? Everyone talked about how bad a mother Lynne Spears was.

    I agree with this poster

  156. DJ says

    Ugh…so much for the effectiveness of abstinence-only sex education. It also concerns me that Palin, knowing that her daughter’s pregnancy would soon be a public spectacle, still jumped at the chance to be the VP candidate. It makes me wonder if her personal ambition is much stronger than her desire to protect and nurture her family.

    That said, I wish Bristol the best of luck…

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