Gavin & Kingston Enjoy A Fun-Filled Day At The Beach

Gavin and Kingston enjoyed a fun-filled day at the beach in Malibu.

Love Kingston’s ‘One Love’ Bob Marley t-shirt!

Splash News Online


  1. Mellow Yellow says

    Yo, is just yankin everybodys chain He/she went on to make comments about other children being the opposite of their gender. Take a look around and you’ll see.

    Meanwhile Gavin is incredibly cute. His brown eyes are so soulful.

  2. no name says

    No!!!! Gavin is the cute one and so talented as a singer and performer-this uk lady thinks he is ……….!!!

  3. Lauren says

    Kingston is so cute! I wonder if Gavin even talks to his daughter. Kinda messed to act that Kingston and Zuma are his only kids. :/

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