Meet Nahla Ariela!

Halle Berry, 42, and Halle’s mother, Judy Berry, were snapped with Halle’s 5-month-old daughter Nahla at the Los Angeles Zoo on Saturday.

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  1. says

    Nahla IS by all means an INCREDIBLY beautiful baby girl!
    NO DOUBT ABOUT IT ! But, truth be told, MOST (but not all), children of mixed black & white parentage turn out pretty dang beautiful anyway. C’mon, you know it’s the TRUTH….!

  2. natalia says

    (yo) are u gonna do that to all the babies on all the websites. if its a boy u call it a girl and vice versa. grow up

  3. natalia says

    i feel so happy she came out with that amazing complexion if it was white she would not be so special.

  4. Julie says

    #33, Halle’s mother is 100% white! Why would you have a problem seeing her have a child with a white man? You can’t use the argument that she should’ve “stayed with her own race”, so what do you base your viewpoint on?

  5. BLssd says

    Nahla is very pretty…of course, she’s an innocent baby. All babies are beautiful. You’ll notice Nahla’s eyebrows are light. She’ll have blond if not light-colored hair as she gets older. Oh, and #33, it’s better to be with a man who loves and respects you, no matter the color of skin, than to be w/ one who abuses you and cheats on you. Educate yourself on Halle’s past relationships, including Mr. Eric (philander) Benet, before you make comments in public.

  6. magi says

    she is the most beautiful child in the world !!!!i love this baby.she has blue eyes and black hair .wowwww

  7. says

    LOLOL Nidia!!! OMG!
    Well, she’s a cute baby. But I still regret to have seen the day when beautiful Halle Berry gives birth to a white man’s baby…sad sad day indeed.
    I bet she and Eric Benet would have had a nice looking kid also. (click my name to see)
    Oh well, life goes on.

  8. laila says

    HEY AIDIN… this is a most GORGEOUS baby from the two most beautiful parents….see.. not all celebs need to paid to show their babies.. only certain money grabbing media whores do that…

  9. Renee says

    I agree with your #29. I can’t beleive people will just pick apart children. All children are beautiful. I am sure it is a bit scary to have a stranger with a camera in our face, so saying she doesn’t smile or her face is the same with no expression is just mean. Maybe we should have pap’s follow around all the normal folks and thier babies, so everyone can pick on their looks. I bet when the shoe is on the other foot it would change what a lot of people say and everyone on here would be less apt to open their mouths with mean things to say about other peoples children famous or not!

  10. myrna says


  11. Could it be says

    Beautiful child– beautiful parents! Thank goodness their beauty didn’t cancel each other out! Gorgeous child!

  12. Christine says

    She’s going to be stunning when she grows up. What a cute baby. I bet they’re so happy with her!

  13. accalia says

    Nahla Ariela is beautiful. I think she looks more like her daddy, she has his same shaped eyes but her complexion is like her mom’s. She looks a bit older than 5 months to me. She’s a very beautiful baby but then again what can one expect from her gorgeous parents. Can you imagine if these two have a boy? OMG. Lol. Very adorable pics and this is a lovely family.

  14. Jessica says

    Suri, Shiloh, or Nahla are not perfect. No one’s perfect. There all cute children and are loved by their families.

    Nahla is gorgeous with her catty gray/blue and olive complexion. I’m not surprised, she’s pretty her parents are gorgeous.

  15. Sandra says

    This is the cutest baby I have ever seen. Her light eyes with the dark skin and hair….wow….that’s a pretty combination…and the perfect wispy curls. 🙂

  16. 2teens says

    To “Kyla” and “me”, this thread is about Nahla Ariela. It’s not about Shiloh or the Jolie-Pitts. Go do your trolling on the appropriate thread please.

  17. Kyla says

    I love the second last and third last pictures. I also love the fact that she did not pimp he child like Brangelina. Why do Brangelina fans always throw Shiloh around when we all know she is a plain child? No oneeven talks about Vivianne Jolie Pitt. They are insignificant. Knox too. They will not be as famous as their sister Shiloh. But shiloh is not beautiful by any standard. She is a sweet baby like all babies but she is very plain with no personality. Have you see her smile? Or Laugh? She has half smiles and her mouth is open all the time.

  18. molly says

    She is gorgeous. Obviously cuter than I- have no expressions- Shiloh. No one beats Suri Cruise. She is just perfect.

  19. Clare says

    She is such a cute thing. Her parents didn’t whore her out soon. Halle Berry released a statement that she does not exploit her child. Even selling pictures and giving money to charity is exploiting your child for PR. Good for you Halle. Other celebs should take note.

  20. Jayne says

    OMG, She is so so cute. I am in love. Now she is my favourite after the awesome super cute Suri Cruise.


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