Charlie Sheen & Wife Think The Odds Favor Them Welcoming A Son

(In the above pic Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen were snapped at Friday’s grand opening of the Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant in the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas)

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller think the chances are good that they will welcome a son.

Charlie’s three other children (Sam, 4, and Lola, 3, with ex-wife Denise Richards, and Cassandra, 23, with ex-girlfriend Paula Profitt) are all girls. And unless, as he said, he’s “batting 100 percent,” the couple thinks they’ll be decorating the nursery with baseballs rather than Barbie dolls.

“Odds are it’s a boy, but we’ll be happy with either sex,” Brooke told People magazine at the opening of Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant in Las Vegas.

Charlie shared his wife’s view, adding, “We’re just hoping for a healthy baby, but there’s a chance (for a boy) – odds are positive.”

Rumors had been swirling before the Sheens confirmed their pregnancy earlier in the week, and Brooke and Charlie were disappointed in the way the news broke. “It would have been nice to do it on our terms,” said Charlie. Added Brooke: “We were hoping to be a little further along before news got out.”

Earlier in the evening, the expectant couple – along with Sam and Lola – joined Palms Casino Resort owner George Maloof and KISS singer-guitarist Paul Stanley at N9NE steakhouse to celebrate Charlie’s 43rd birthday (which is on September 3rd) a few days early.

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  1. DMITZ says

    I think their comments are stupid. It’s a 50/50 shot. There are “methods” to “improve” your chances of having a girl or boy, but there is no factual information that can back this up 100%. I read methods (after my pregnancy) that should have given me a boy (and even all those chinese gender tests, which are for fun in my opinion) said I would have a boy. I had a beautiful healthy baby girl and it was because that was God’s choice for us!

  2. Nic says

    When I got pregnant this time I had a cold and was taking Vitamin C…..I am having a girl in November!!

  3. Nic says

    Everyone knows that a man has an x and a y…I believe it’s the woman’s environment that decides the final outcome of the gender…if she is more acidic she would favour the x (girl) and if it’s more alkaline she would favour the y (the male) ….the female would not survive in the alkaline environment as the male would not survive in the acidic kind of environment.. just my opinion and thoughts.

  4. Tempany says

    The DNA contained in the man’s sperm determine the sex of each baby. Since men produces ‘male’ sperm and ‘female’ sperm at a 50:50 ratio, the odds of a boy are pretty much 50:50 for each new conception – the sex of any pre-existing children the man has fathered is irrelevant. Depressing that they have reached the ages they have and don’t know this.

  5. Joanne says

    Obviously these two were not paying attention in math class. The odds of having a boy are 50% with each pregnancy. Having three girls does not improve your odds of having a boy with #4. Idiots.

    BTW, I know a woman who has 10 children and ALL of them are boys!

  6. Lisa says

    These two sound like a couple of idiots. I could have a house full of beautiful little baby girls and be perfectly happy. I am a woman though, I think men always intrinsically yearn for a boy

  7. kmwduquette says

    actually when I was having my 3rd the dr looked at my first 2 boys & said I had a 70percent chance of another boy…..I lucked out & had a girl……
    so I think the odds are it will be another girl

  8. Amanda says

    I am so happy for them! I think Charlie has finally grown up and will be a great dad and Brooke seems really down to earth.

    Nothing wrong with hoping for a boy he has 3 beautiful daughters already. Its only natural.

  9. no name says

    Proberly less chance after 3 girls, why even mention it. Ifthey have a girl and she reads this in 15 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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