John McCain Picks a Mother of 5 for Vice President

Wow….I am stunned by John McCain’s choice of VP. I was surprised and saddened by Obama’s seeming disregard for all the millions of mothers and women who supported Hillary Clinton, by going and choosing Joe Biden. That was depressing to me personally. But now, in the wake of that, John McCain’s choice is even more surprising. The woman that he has chosen as his VP is Sarah Palin, first term Govenor of Alaska, and a mother of 5 children, so that’s nice to see; but she seems like a pick from left field with no obvious Vice Presidential merit other than being a woman and a mother who made it to Governer of Alaska with a high approval rating. Oh and she was also a beauty queen …


McCain’s choice comes off more like a jab at Obama’s choice.  Which I feel may be deserved; but wouldn’t it have been cool if McCain picked Hillary as his running mate?  Now I would have voted for that.  I know that’s dreaming, but Hilary has said many times that her and McCain are good friends – and the sheer boldness alone of them teaming up would have probably won many votes from all sides. 

As a mother I was so excited to see Hillary involved.  She was (and continues to be) such an inspiration to me.  I thought for sure she would be at least running as VP.  Now there’s another woman and mother in the running for VP, but I’m not sure I like it at all, because she doesn’t seem to deserve this nearly as much as Hillary does.  It just seems forced and strange to me. 

What do you think about Obama and McCain’s surprising VP choices?


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  5. Sheila says

    But the truth is that I’d be willing to pay little higher gas prices and forego that $4000 educational tax credit for those earning less than $110,000 (Ooh! Too good to pass up! Economy is looking better already!) –if it mean electing a president who would not sign into law the snuffing out of human life. Planned Parent, the largest provider of abortions, already gets over $250 million annually from federal tax dollars. It amazes me how something so ethically controversial gets so much of our hard earned money.
    Better life for me or let another live? I would gladly choose the latter.

  6. Rachel says

    Reality check here. McCain is 72 years old and with all due respect not even a young 72nd year old. He also has alot health issues. God forbid something happens to him while serving the country..all I can say is, how confident can we feel with someone like Sarah Palin a virtual unknown with virtually no running the country….scary thought. On the other hand she could completely take us by surprise. Time will tell.

  7. MRS P says

    As a mom of 2, a 15yr old girl and a 6 yr old boy, I feel this woman should be home with her children. She has an infant born wth a disability and now a 17yr old pregnant underage drinker of a daughter. HMMMMM someone needs to concentrae on their kids and not the second biggest jon in the U S of A. She is not qualified and quite frankly it scares me to think she might run this country if something should happen to the 72 yr old cancer survivor..
    and all you feminists can save it..I am not saying you cant have a career and be a mom..i did it for 8 yrs…but i was not running for vice president of the usa…whats going to happen to these kids when they go on their first tour overseas? is she going to leave her kids for that long? Itis crazy..

  8. tammy says

    Mother to a pregnant 17-year old? Sounds like Lynn Spears, except that even Lynn Spears has more experience than Sarah Palin. Britney’s empire is bigger than Alaska.

  9. Double standards, NO? says

    If this happened to a Democrat, the GOP would claim it is because they failed to teach their children proper values.

    Let’s see how they spin this in a positive light because it is one of their own.


  10. Sheila says

    So if you parent perfectly, you’ll end up with perfect teenagers? If you’ve ever been parent to a teen, you know that is not the case. Even teens have a will and a mind of their own. Just because her mother supports abstinence does not mean her daughter will be her robot and do exactly as she would want.
    John Edwards’ story was shocking, to Republicans and Democrats alike because 1.) He had LIED. All the while he preached morality, he was still having his affair. 2.) His wife recovering from cancer. He never came forth with this story – it exploded. Sarah Palin on the other hand disclosed this to McCain’s circle when she met with them prior to his selecting her as VP.
    And Bill Clinton? Must you ask? He has hooked up with who knows how many women during his time in office. He does not compare.

  11. karli says

    You can’t make this stuff up. This woman promoted “abstinence” education. Talk about dysfunctional�. I can only imagine if she was a black woman with a seventeen year old pregnant daughter �the Republicans would have a field day exploiting every sterotype know to man. They trashed Bill Clinton’s personal life. John Edwards wasn’t even running any more and it was consenting ADULTS and they trashed it. Now all of a sudden it’s about privacy and respect.
    PUMA�Privacy Understanding My A$$�..back at ya!

  12. stiche02 says

    Who in the world stated that she was in favor of her daughter having sex? Her daughter is almost 18 and at that point she can do what she wants. Concentrate on the subject matter – Sarah Palin – NOT Sarah Palin’s daughter!

  13. city bumpkin says

    So she is in favor of teenagers having s ex?

    It is defintely her fault that she thrusted her family into the spotlight! OH johnny boy should of did his homework

  14. stiche02 says

    You leftist liberals are grasping at straws. Sarah Palin’s daughter is not running for VP – but her mother is and that is the only thing you libs should be talking about.

  15. I agree with this poster says

    I agree with the poster

    teenage shot gun weddings very seldom last. most likely the baby will be raised in a one parent house hold. seeing that her mother is too busy to watch her own child*that she adopted* from her daughter.

  16. I agree with this poster says

    I question McCain’s judgment on general principle alone for picking Palin given her lack of experience, when he’s berated Obama for the past few months over Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience. Now that this information has come to light, I question McCain’s judgment if he knew the girl was pregnant and still chose Palin anyway. And now that Palin and come out to quell the rumor mill with this information about her daughter’s pregnancy, I seriously question her judgment in accepting a role on McCain’s ticket knowing that her VP run would undoubtedly bring her daughter’s pregnancy to light.

    Frankly there is no one in hell who could convince me that McCain knew about this. And there’s no one in h ell who could convince me that Palin thought that the media would find out. The fact that she took the girl out of her local school suggests that she wanted the matter to be a family secret. All of that runs counter to a VP run where the truth was likely to get out. If this issue doesn’t question McCain’s poor judgment, then America get what it gets.

  17. j says

    I agree with you stiche02. It’s a very strange concept for liberal pro abortion types that a child would actually grow up in a two parents home with the support of the extended family. They just can’t understand why if she didn’t have an abortion, she wouldn’t just stay unmarried and live off the welfare system. I applaud the entire family.

  18. stiche02 says

    What scandal? There are plenty of young mothers out there. Give it a break! I applaud her of having the baby and not murdering it!

  19. juliane says

    Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant *again*

    News just broke today. Here we are 72 hours in, and this is looking more like a soap opera. But if it was Obama daughter’s(i know that they are young) but still if his daugther was of would be generalizing. I haven’t heard any scandals about Obama at all.

    LMAOOOOOOOO @ this

    Burying news during a hurricane, super classy.

    just as many of anti abortion better believe that their are people that oppose to someone telling them what they can or cannot do with their body. People are looking for family values..not someone that cannot control their daughters.
    and she was 5 months pregnant. It isn’t like she didnt know, that she was pregnant. she knew all alone. scandal after scandal ..Isn’t looking so good! She will get her booty spanked at the debates

  20. stiche02 says

    I doubt that you never been to africa. African people are proud of their culture. They ask and do not want to receive anything.. I am sure if his brother needed money..he would be there for him, but on the other hand.. Mcstain picks a woman for his VP and he expects us to believe that he really cares what a woman thinks? she is being mistreated, and on top of that she has a 4 month old grandchild at home. (WINK)


    Give me a break, his brother is living on $12 a year, you mean Obama can’t spot him $10? He was never there for him. The media had to hunt the brother down because Obama wanted to keep him a secret. And when you speak of Palin being the child’s grandmother you are pulling at straws. It is her SON. Have a great Labor Day!

  21. Sheila says

    The U.S. is still shy of the definition of recession used by all three major networks – two consecutive quarters of negative growth. And some economists actually see light at the end of the tunnel – like CNBC’s “Kudlow & Company” host Larry Kudlow.

    “If the economy is in recession, why are business durable-goods orders and shipments booming?” Kudlow asked on July 25. He then explained how non-defense spending is up and concluded: “Business looks pretty healthy to me.”

    According to the National Taxpayers Union Foundation, Obama plans to increase government spending by $343.6 billion each year. That hike is more than the Gross Domestic Product of all but 30 nations….
    (from cnsnews)

  22. monie in the middle says

    Obama stated that we should all be our brothers keeper in his big speech. Are you kidding? He doesn’t even follow his own advice, his brother is living in a hut and pays $12 a year to live there. Doesn’t look like he threw any bones his brothers way.

    I doubt that you never been to africa. African people are proud of their culture. They ask and do not want to receive anything.. I am sure if his brother needed money..he would be there for him, but on the other hand.. Mcstain picks a woman for his VP and he expects us to believe that he really cares what a woman thinks? she is being mistreated, and on top of that she has a 4 month old grandchild at home. (WINK)

  23. monie in the middle says

    The difference here is that Obama choose a VP that would help him lead and McCain choose a VP that would help him win (so he thinks).

    I know she not running for pres but I’m sorry, when the man you’re running with is 72 – of course we’re going to look at your VP pick and ask our selves “is she ready to lead if the unthinkable happens?” And what makes it worse is that she knows she not qualified – she knows she being used for her gender and she’s allowing herself to be mistreated.

    Frankly — this woman scares me. Lifetime member of the NRA, EXTREMELY Pro-Life, wants to take polar bears of the endangered list, supported the bridge to nowhere (oh yes she did), cozy with BIG OIL, under ethical investigation and the case does have merit — IF McCain thinks he’ll woo the Hillary Dems by picking her he needs to think again.

    Those 18 million cracks were made by Hillary not her. Hillary campaigned hard, went through h@ll and never gave up or backed down — she’s a true Maveric. Now it’s like the GOP is force feeding me this woman and saying see “We like women too. Vote for me.”

    And out of all the more qualified VP picks this is what he comes up with. Shameful

  24. stiche02 says

    Obama stated that we should all be our brothers keeper in his big speech. Are you kidding? He doesn’t even follow his own advice, his brother is living in a hut and pays $12 a year to live there. Doesn’t look like he threw any bones his brothers way.

    McCain/Palin 2008!

  25. monie in the middle says

    She has more practical governing experience than Obama, especially when you take into consideration Obama being MIA for most of the last two years.”


    -Obama was a founding member of the board of directors of Public Allies in 1992, resigning before his wife, Michelle, became the founding executive director of Public Allies Chicago in early 1993.

    -He served on the board of directors of the Woods Fund of Chicago, which in 1985 had been the first foundation to fund Obama’s DCP, from 1993–2002, and served on the board of directors of The Joyce Foundation from 1994–2002.

    -Obama served on the board of directors of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge from 1995–2002, as founding president and chairman of the board of directors from 1995–1999.

    -He also served on the board of directors of the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the Center for Neighborhood Technology, and the Lugenia Burns Hope Center.

    -Obama was elected to the Illinois Senate in 1996, succeeding State Senator Alice Palmer as Senator from the 13th District, which then spanned Chicago South Side neighborhoods from Hyde Park-Kenwood south to South Shore and west to Chicago Lawn. (State legislator, 1997–2004)

    -Obama was sworn in as a senator on January 4, 2005. Obama was the fifth African American Senator in U.S. history, and the third to have been popularly elected. He is the only Senate member of the Congressional Black Caucus

  26. monie in the middle says

    Obama doesn’t seem to understand the word “terrorist”

    and neither does palin..

    I quote:
    Well let me refresh your maybe selective seeing and hearing. Palin: “I haven’t focused much on the Iraq war…” And in case you didn’t know, being a U.S. Senator, whether it’s a day or 10 years, one has to ‘focus’ not only on domestic matters, but foreign as well. Why, because you’re a Senator of the U.S. not state Sen. as he was, or Gov. And certainly not mayor of Wasilla.

  27. Sheila says

    If you look at McCain’s record, he is a leftist Republican. That’s why when he got the Republican nomination, many conservative Republicans didn’t like it.
    Hilary’s said many times that McCain is a good friend.

    …So my point is that those of you knocking him down for being “so conservative”, you really haven’t read up on him. He’s considered a moderate.

    …Obama, on the other hand, is the most liberal senator in Congress. I think Biden comes #3 or something like that.
    I don’t want a man running our country who says he wants to have “discussions” with terrorist regimes. Obama doesn’t seem to understand the word “terrorist” . You can’t rationalize with them. To them, martyrdom is the ultimate “good deed” that will ensure that they get to the afterlife.

    McCain 2008 !!

  28. alaska liver says

    From today’s Washington Post:

    For the past several years, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate, has been embroiled in a bitter family feud that has drawn in the state police, the attorney general, the governor’s office and the state legislature.

    A bipartisan state legislative panel has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate whether Palin improperly brought the family fight into the governor’s office. The investigation is focusing on whether she and her aides pressured and ultimately fired the public safety commissioner, Walter Monegan, for not removing Palin’s ex-brother-in-law from the state police force.

    Interviews with principals involved in the dispute and a review of court documents and police internal affairs reports reveal that Palin has been deeply involved in alerting state officials to her family’s personal turmoil.

    Palin has said she did not pressure Monegan or fire him for not taking action against her former brother-in-law. A spokesman for Sen. John McCain’s campaign, who asked not to be identified because the matter is under investigation, said Palin’s actions were merely intended to alert Monegan about potential threats to her family from her sister’s ex-husband, Mike Wooten.

    The trouble between Wooten and the governor’s sister broke into the open after an alleged incident in February 2005. Palin told an internal affairs investigator that she overheard on a speakerphone Wooten arguing with her sister and threatening to kill their father. Fearful for her family members’ lives, Palin said she drove to her sister’s house and watched the argument through a window.

  29. Zbella says

    #228 – bitter sometimes? Are you judging her on her parenting skills or political views – or both?!

  30. alaska liver says

    know her personally. she’s an idiot.
    -her son vandalized a high school before her first election then he went to boarding school for ‘hockey’ aka bootcamp.
    -she didn’t tell anyone she was prego
    -her daughter is a ‘rebal’aka drinks so she’s kept at home
    -she refuses to live in the gov. mansion in juneau
    -juneau ran off desiel for a month and she didn’t declare a state of emergancy but when a milk company near wasilla was going to shut down she helped them ASAP.
    -she is just a douche in general. this is the worst desicion.
    oh yeah, she’s not the gov of alaska…she’s the gov of wasilla aka the town she lives/works in/worships.
    if she’s elected in with mccain the country WILL go down hill.

  31. hairplugs and botox says

    McCain is a war monger. His attitude is winning the war in Iraq even though Iraq states it’s over and will you please leave. He states the surge worked. It worked to reduce the violence but the country is still in turmoil politically. Comments made by McCain lead me to believe that we would already have a division in Ossetia had McCain been president. Where those troops would come from beats me.

    McCain, in my humble opinion, will reinstate the draft to shore up the American military and get ready for the ‘great bear’ as well as the other wars the GOP and neo-cons have planned. McCain is long on mouth and short on troops.

    McCain could have picked JC himself as VP candidate. I would vote Obama not only to right the terrible wrongs of Bush/Cheney, but to give sons and daugthers a chance to live without being sent to some war invented by some guy who uses his pow status to answer all questions relevant to the issues.

  32. says

    No wonder McCain considered postponing the GOP convention. This woman may have baggage. She does not appear she was properly vetted. She praised Obama’s energy policy just a few weeks ago.
    Real change is lowering our dependence on fossil fuels and committing to converting to renewable energy sources. What are Palin’s energy policies…if she has any? She does does not appear to have a grasp on foreign affairs. She makes Obama look a modern day Thomas Jefferson. The GOP are now imitating Obama’s theme of “Change”.

  33. says

    Palin is a fanatic on most issues. The story of her water breaking before she gave a speech in Texas and then hopping a plane to give birth back in Alaska sounds whacked. They don’t even let you on a plane sometimes after 7 months! Often people that are this self-righteous and judgmental have ssomething to hide about themselves. I think the National Enquirer is going to break this one, just like they did with Edwards. Serves McSame and the Rethugs right.

  34. Analise says

    I knew he was going to pick her. Bravo. Some of you will be very mad, no irate, (you’re already besides yourselves on other boards) in Nov. Obama is over.

  35. anniegogetyourgun says

    B ITCH

  36. josie says


  37. jeezelouisieeeeee says

    it’s not just the wolves and the bears and not even the NRA thing although I support getting semi automatics and uzi’s off the streets especially after Virginia Tech and Northern University. I don’t trust her b/c I smell opportunity for her and her hubby who is a vested oil man… I smell another sweetheart Cheney Haliburton deal in which we the people will be screwed by business as usual. My other issue w/ her is that McCain made this big stink about “experience” THIS is what McCain has been DRILLING into our heads Obama, lacks experience. Why would McCain pick a woman clearly lacking? I mean absolutely NO foreign policy knowledge? Obama has 12 years in the legislature more than Bush and Kennedy, Biden has 35 years in the Senate and BOTH have strong foreign policy backgrounds. This pick mattered more in McCain’s campaign b/c face it HE IS OLD! If he dies tomorrow you really want her to get that 3 AM phone call? He in charge of our MILITARY? She is a poor man’s Hillary. I Do NOT feel secure with her riding shotgun, I’m sorry,

  38. jeezelouisieeeeee says

    Palin isn’t the right person for VP…
    Back in June she said it herself…she is not the right person for that position…and she said she would stay in Alaska because there’s a lot to be done there…

  39. monica says

    Hmm, lets see. McCain is a 70-something ex POW who is on the verge of Alzheimer’s while his running mate is an extreme right wing ethically challenged Dominatrix.
    Thanks for the offer, but I’ll go for Obama.

  40. says

    I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a skeleton and I’m not sure it tumbled anywhere but I doubt McCain or the GOP is too worried about this little incident. The fact that she is such an unknown to the average american and that she is a card-carrying member of the NRA, she is Anti-Choice, her husband is an oil-man and her experience qualifies her to be VP about as much as my own does, this “skeleton” isn’t too big of an issue. I understand why McCain picked her. She has a cooter and apparently that was his only criteria for picking a running mate. I’m sure it was so all of us women folk will vote for one of our own. Come On GOP…Give us a little more credit than that. VOTE OBAMA-BIDEN ’08!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. says

    so we need someone that is about to fall over and make the wrong decisions, just for the sake that he isn’t black. Because lord knows that is all that we need is a black man to run this country..Im scared

  42. suzy que says

    ugh i can’t believe how many conservative republicans come on this site… i can’t wait for it to be a bunch of years in the future and we can look back on this and see anti-gay support will be another cruel and shameful part of our past – just like discrimination against people of color. you guys are all bible nuts and high on your horses – god doesn’t like you better because you’re white and married and rich to the opposite s*x – in fact he should like you less because you belittle people who are just as human as you are and are suffering more than you. Apparently the big J loves us all the same – so why are you so stuck on classifying the “lesser” people? pigs.

  43. j says

    Obama is a Ken doll. Say pretty things and women will fall for it, not matter if there is any substance or not.

  44. says

    I was researching Palin. After some serious digging, I am sorry but she was a poor choice. If the target is to bring in Hillary supporters, Hillary she definately not. Her hunting policies in Alaska are appalling, her and McCain’s experience combined is NOT as impressive as Biden and Obama ( if McCain’s tactic is to make experience an issue). We are not even going to go into her current investigation of attemptting to get her ex brother in law fired or about her 17 year old pregnant daughter b/c that’s the private. I’m looking into what she can bring to the country and the answer is not enough. She is not even sure what all the duties are of a VP and if McCain toppled over tomorrow ( God Forbid), I would not feel safe with this woman at the helm. We are not going to even TOUCH the UNION issue b/c Republicans have ALWAYS fought against unions and raising the minimum wage. McCain when women stepped out and voted for Hillary, they voted for a woman that they felt could deliver, This lady does not have the goods. SHe’s cute to look at but she lacks substance. . At last if Obama died tomorrow ( again God forbid) I’d rather Biden at the helm than her. BTW McCain, we know how you really felt about MLK so please drop the pretense

  45. betty says

    MCCAIN 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. says

    Mccain, Thank you for some much needed perspective. YOU Republicans are banking on not informing voters. They are keeping voters ignorant by spreading lies and hate. Did you watch Obama’s speech? WOW. I am sad for the crazies out there who will never know how AMAZING it feels to have HOPE spread world wide.
    You know McCain didn’t come up with this plan to hire this woman……had to be one of the SEVERAL Bush-flunkies working for him.

  47. says

    Wow, I am shocked that women are FALLING for this trick. I am offended FOR you. He can’t win on his own merit, so he’s hoping to grab Hillary supporters by throwing ANY woman in the VP spot.
    Yeah, Obama/Hillary would have been unstoppable, but neither of them wanted that ticket. Obama can win on his own ability without a crutch!
    Cmon ladies, we’re too smart to fall for these types of shinanigans! You seriously think he respects this woman? She’s a prop!

  48. j says

    Oh, I forgot, only certain groups can struggle. You just have to be in the right one. How stupid of me. Humans as a whole can’t possibly struggle

  49. says

    whatever! but I bet you that she can afford to take care of her baby that has down syndrome. A lot of other familes can’t afford to take care of their kids without health care.

    struggle my arse..what did she struggle with? trying to remove chocolate chip cookies from the oven?

  50. claudiazz says

    Let’s hear your argument. I will check back for your disputing factual evidence to the contrary after church. Have a great Sunday.

  51. j says

    Don’t we all struggle in one way or another. I am middle class and I struggle. And obviously Sarah has struggled, she has a baby that is Downs Syndrome. Don’t you think that is a struggle?

  52. says

    Obama has more experience that she does. At least he knows what feels like to struggle. SHE doesn’t.
    he is trying to reach the middle class working people also.

  53. claudiazz says

    Webmistress: Why is a factual comment awaiting moderation while comments with questionable language and comments are being posted?

  54. says

    This is such a shame..I actually believe this is a SET BACK for women..McCain is USING her! it is obvious she was not his first choice, his mind was made up after the DNC ended..this is a sad day for women

  55. j says

    Claudiazz, I agree with you. However, one is running for President and the other VP. That is the difference. IMO

  56. claudiazz says

    Biden and McCain have experience. Palin and Obama are both on equal footing and have far less experience.

  57. kara S says

    This is nothing compared to lack of experience and completely warped perspective on everything. She’s about as far to the right as possible. Isn’t it the moderate votes you’re trying to get? Good idea choosing a girl McCain, but Obama and Biden are going to kick your a ss.

  58. claudiazz says

    I am an independent who will ultimately vote for the person who appears to be the lesser of the two evils. However,I do hav an interest in history. If you look at our country’s history the Dems talk about helping minorities and throw them a bone every now and then. You have to go back to Wilson, it was the Democrats that were the real racists. It was the Republicans who freed the slaves. It was the Republicans that appointed a black man to the Supreme Court not once but twice. It was the Republicans (Reagan) who appointed a women to the Supreme Court. Republicans are always appointing minorities to top spots. Not because they are minorities like the Democrats do because they believe in Affirmative action, but because they earned it. E.g. Ever heard of Condi Rice and Colin Powell?
    They are/were two of the most powerful people in the country. They are both Black. And one’s a woman. And?
    They were put there by Republicans!
    Dems have never done anything comparable. There’s nothing surprising about McCain choosing a woman.

  59. emaleigh says

    What if this guy becomes president then drops de*d??!!!??? Could she really lead our country ? This is NOT a school P.T.A. Committee, this is the future and leadership of several million Americans. This VP pick is serious cause for concern.

  60. says

    I am opposed to someone calling an ambulance so she can ride in the air conditioning when it’s too hot. So now the ambulance just beeps the horn for her and she walks out, since they must respond to all calls. The emergency room is not a vacation spot or a hotel or a doctor’s office

    Obviously, she is mentally ill. She is probably making it day to day, and if this country’s economy wasn’t in the ruin..maybe she would have air condition in her house.
    THANKS George Bush for that, and that is why we need health care. Thank you for proving my point.

  61. j says

    And by the way, I have a mixed race son (Mexican and white) and was unwanted by the family who had him originally, a family with a mixed race baby. And he is mildly retarded, so we adopted him.

  62. j says

    That is a fact, because I know the person who is studying to be an EMT and goes on this run frequently. Facts are facts.

  63. j says

    The Veterans are taken care of, there are VA hospitals and I am not opposed to taking care of the elderly or the veterans and the truIy ill, be it mentally or physically. I am opposed to someone calling an ambulance so she can ride in the air conditioning when it’s too hot. So now the ambulance just beeps the horn for her and she walks out, since they must respond to all calls. The emergency room is not a vacation spot or a hotel or a doctor’s office. It is for EMERGENCIES.
    That’s one reason why health care costs are what they are. But if you don’t have to pay anything, what do you care?

  64. says

    Unless he is insane, he won’t go on ad nauseum about howe 0b*ma has less experience than his first pick, the beauty queen.’ For it simply isn’t true, everyone knows it isn’t true, and he would look divorced from reality if he insisted it WAS true. Her executive experience, I am told, is not the right kind to be used when and if she has to govern. Beyond that, people have been talking for months about Ob*ma’s own executive experience…in running such a brilliant campaign.

    Plus you only to have to listen to her to see that she doesn’t carry herself with anything near the authority and confidence that one sees in Ob*ama.

    Click on my name to see your special lady in training..she asked what does a VP do? WTF?

  65. j says

    It’s not the elderly or the sick, it’s alot of people having babies to different men that chose not to support them. I’m not making it up, I see it all the time.
    I have a college education and am not inbred. I know that I am in the minority, but my values are what this country was built on.

  66. says

    oh that is good J

    let the elderly people die, let the sick die..because they are too sick to go make a living. Maybe they are the only one supporting their family! I bet you are one of those inbreds that love to watch people in poor countries starve and die!

    and who are they? is that poor people beneath you? what a A S S

  67. claudiazz says

    perhaps the words of alexander tytler are ringing more true than we’d care to admit?

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years. ”

    enjoy that healthcare…

  68. says

    18 months in experience= sarah Palin

    Congratulations America; just what you’ve always wanted. Klondike Annie to represent your country as President when John McCain tr!ps over the next microphone cord.(LOL)

    All the Catholics will love her, a lot of women will love her. The desperately stup!d will love her. If any Hillary Clinton supporters would switch their vote on such a tenuous hypothesis, then Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have wanted you in the first place.

    John McCain is making a sucker bet, offering up Klondike Annie to gather in women, conservatives, gun lovers, and h!llbillies all over America. . I can just hear her Klondike clodhoppers and she gets out of the limo in front of the Elyseé Palace, parks her chewing gum under the car’s rocker-board, and galumphs up the red carpet. How wonderful ! Those dulcet? No, cross-cut saw pronouncements, reverberating like twanging tin roofs in the most sophisticated nation on earth.

    some what like GEORGE F*CK UP Bush!

  69. j says

    Believe me, I live in one of the biggest welfare states in the US and people are getting plenty of help. Unfortunately they have been getting it for 3 or 4 generations and no one is stopping it. I am tired of paying taxes so these people can have health and prescription coverage and run to the emergency room like it is a doctor’s office. They get everything paid for, even vitamins, as long a a doctor writes a prescription. And they also are allowed meds that people who pay for their insurance can’t get. I know this, because I have a second part time job (because I am SOOOO wealthy) working in a drug store. God helps those that help themselves.

  70. says


    yes, for women like you..NOT all women
    like the idea of being used!

    she over sees budgets in her town’s population of 9,000

    like Sugar Walls said: try ruling the big wide world

  71. claudiazz says

    As posted from Alaska: It’s amazing how little people know about the largest state in the Union. While our population is smaller, it covers an area difficult to comprehend, with much more diversity than the rest of the nation realizes. The problems the Governor must deal with are just as diverse, from almost third world conditions in areas vastly remote, to one of the most diverse student populations per capita in terms of native languages spoken in our largest city (national statistic). We are the crossroads of international trade; 53 miles from Russia on our westernmost border; surrounded by international waters along much of our coast and the diligence to national security that entails; a mirage of state, federal and BLM land; the northernmost defense for this country; rich in natural resources (ask about alternative wind energy development in western Alaska -don’t just think oil here, folks); and, yet plagued by many of the same concerns and problems that span every corner of this nation. There are complexities to running this vast and varied state that the rest of the nation just doesn’t seem to get. Sarah Palin has brought our state out of the holds of old party corruption with integrity, honesty, and plain hard work. She has “cleaned house” in her own party, crossed party lines to put the best person in the job no matter what political party, taken on Big Oil companies, and walks the walk in her personal life! People will bash her for being anti this and anti that. Hogwash, she is PRO, and I am thankful for that! While she may not have agreed with it personally, I do not know, she basically told the legislature they had to quit dragging and provide health benefits to same sex partners, making sure the State followed the law. She oversees a state budget larger than many, and through all this, her approval rating has stayed 80-90% or better. She has more experience running government affairs than Obama. I was a disenchanted voter to this point, but that has changed. Not because I am from Alaska, but because John McCain has picked a woman of gumption, smarts, integrity, grit, courage, a servant’s heart, and a love of family and country (and don’t feed me that CRAP about she should be home with her kids – between Todd and her they are taking care of their children, or does a wonderful and exemplary dad equally sharing those duties scare you?!). YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!!! What an example for my own girls!!!!!!!!

  72. says

    1) news today is that mccain has only known her for six months and that he has only spoken with her ONCE concerning the VP position. can anyone explain that to me?

    2) her qualifications are not there. yes, she is governor of a state (for about 20 months) but it’s a state with a population of just over 600,000 people, even though its the largest state in the US. Rhode Island, the smallest state, has almost double the population of Alaska. And yes, she did beat a incumbent governor to win the election. So what. The people were sick of him. To me that just tells me that the old governor wasn’t pulling his weight and the people were ready for a change. It doesn’t tell me jack about her.

    3) McCain is old. He is 72 years old and has battled cancer 4 times? There is a very good chance that if he is elected, that the VP will have to step in at some point during the next four years. I don’t feel that she has the experience to lead the country. People may say that about Obama and while you might be right, the fact is that Obama was voted in by the PEOPLE of this country to respresent his party. Palin was selected by an old man who is clearly not right in his thinking process. There is a big difference in that selection process.

    4) the fact that she has 4 children under the age of 17, including one child who is 4 months old and has down syndrome. While I believe that a woman should be able to do any job a man can do, especially if she has a family, sometimes it isn’t fair to the children to put them through the separation, especially the 4 month old baby who probably needs both parents at home for now.

    The biggest job a president has is to select the people who will help him along his journey. McCain’s first selection proves that he is off of his rocker!!

    While watching her speech, I thought she she seemed nervous and unsure of herself, and she didn’t come off very well. i am sure Palin is a nice woman with strong values, and she could probably compete in an alaska M!LF contest, but i really do not see what she offers mccain or our country.

  73. j says

    Haven’t you people every heard of a stay at home Dad. Why would he not be capable of taking care of the baby? I don’t see anything wrong with her being VP. She has better qualifications as VP than Osama (oops, I mean Obama) has a a presidental candidate. I am still waiting to see what his change is. I know that raising taxes on anyone making over $42,000 is not a good change for me. And it is so evident on this board that some people’s main concern is voting for someone of their own race, whether qualified or not. Some people on this board will attack someone for saying what they believe, but then feel they can say whatever they want. This is America, and we are ALL entitled to our opinions, not just Obama supporters.

  74. amy says

    Palin was not the wisest candidate to pick. You would believe that mccain’s people would have checked her out more thoroughly before allowing her to be the ‘chosen one’ on the ballot. I actually was weighing the merits of another republican president until this choice, but now after reading her resume and all the article I can find on her, I could not support the decision to choose her as the next republican vice president

  75. amy says

    I saw an interview with Sarah.. in the last few days where she admitted she did not even know what the vice president does! Well, if it the one we have right now, it is his job to buy as much oil stock as he can….and of course, pulling Bush’s head out of his arse daily….

    now is that someone who we should put our trust in?

  76. jj says

    McCain chose a woman to take some of the spotlight away from Obama. “Hey look what I did! I picked a WOMAN!” He’s like that older brother who does things to get attention when everyone is paying to much attention to his new baby brother.

  77. jj says

    I think the choice of Palin was insulting. They are trying to get the women voters that were going to vote for Hillary and we are not fooled. Palin does not have the experience needed to be vp or pres.
    What if the old fart dies shortly after taking office….Palin is going to be President? Lord help us all!
    Palin was a poor choice
    Palin was not the wisest candidate to pick. You would believe that mccain’s people would have checked her out more thoroughly before allowing her to be the ‘chosen one’ on the ballot. I actually was weighing the merits of another republican president until this choice, but now after reading her resume and all the article I can find on her, I could not support the decision to choose her as the next republican vice president

  78. anonda jones says

    That’s the new buzzword from the rethugs “misogyny” and THE reason why he picked her. In hopes that democrats will be labeled misogynists. Why DIDN’T he pick Kay Hutchinson? Too old, but way more qualified. We won’t fall for this misogyny crap.

  79. claudiazz says

    All this talk about experience, I used to reside in IL and I have to say that although Barack has a great gift of oratory—he should be writing motivational speeches for seminars—SAYING and DOING are two different things. I cannot name one major accomplishment he contributed to the state. There seems to be a major disconnect between those two words in his vocabulary. Americans are so desperate that they are grasping at straws. After this becomes an “Obamanation we shall see how well thought of he is in four years of spinning his wheels while wielding all of his rhetoric”. I do know that he is famous for dodging the controversial voting issues by voting “present” on such issues in IL. I am not a big McCain fan, but I am not a sheep either. I am disappointed by our choice of candidates at such a critical time in this country’s history. I do know that if you are looking for a “messiah” for President—-from his weak past record—it is not Mr. O. Please people have enough sense to look behind all of the rhetoric. Talk is cheap! I am interested in someone who can actually get positive results without taxing us to death. Did you know that it takes one manufacturing job to support 4 service jobs in this country? Do you know how many of these jobs are fleeing our shores? It is easy to talk the talk, but not so easy to walk the walk. Judging from the candidates we have to choose from and the exchanges on this board, I am seriously concerned for the future of our nation. There may be a very rough road ahead.

  80. claudiazz says

    All this talk about experience is interesting. I was a resident of the state that Barack now represents as a senator. He is a great orator and he would do well writing speeches for someone. However, there is a big difference between SAYING

  81. inf says

    Please don’t vote republican! We in europe can’t handle that for another four years. As a women in Europe i am the boss of my own body, an can choose abortion. I can work if i want to, because of the good daycare for everybody. Everybody in our country has insurance!! An as for gay en lesbian rights, they can get married here. Not even to mention that your country is not even a member of the International Criminal Court since republicans came to power. So please vote for change!!

  82. Justme says

    Oh, thought I might mention, both McCain and Biden have sons serving in the military. McCain has 2 sons serving overseas & Biden’s son is headed there. Does that make them bad dads too???

  83. Justme says

    So your not a mother if your child enlist in the military? I’m sorry are we drafting now? It is called being a proud American who wants to serve their country! Someone has to do it! It takes a brave person to do that. Would you? I guess I must not be a good wife then….being that my husband is in the military????

  84. Justme says

    Before I get any comments back from people judging me let me say I think it is great that our country has come this far to have Obama/Palin on the tickets. Also people should vote for the person who best represents their core beliefs & morals. Not the color of the skin or gender. That is what I plan on doing.
    If you want to talk about rasicist….you might want to look into some of the comments Biden has made.

  85. Anesa P Smith says

    Here’s why:

    I am offended that the Republicans and John McCain underestimate my intelligence as a woman. Sarah Palin is a cheap attempt to appeal to female voters.

    I was really hoping that McCain picks Romney, instead he chose Sarah Palin. I was hoping to see a match between the Dem and Rep. SP alone has weakened the Rep position and acted as further proof that Republicans underestimate the intelligence of the American people.

    I can imagine the long, drone out meetings that led up to the current choice. The discussions were surely heated. People had different favorites and each was justified in their own right. The fact that Hillary C was popular amongst women and blue collar workers came up quite a few times. Maybe more than a few times… That is why Sarah Palin seemed like such an obvious choice to the Rep party. She’s a woman and she’s from a blue collar town… (that happens to have oil that we desperately want to drill for).

    Well THIS woman is not having any of it. Just because I share similar chromosomes with Sarah does not mean that we share the same values.

    Sarah is a card-totin’ member of the NRA, is anti abortion and likes Moose Stew. She has 5 children named Bristol, Piper, Track, Willow, and Trig. Those names sound more like nicknames. “Trig” isn’t even complete… as if by her fifth child Sarah was too tired to fully name him/her. Maybe she was going to name him/her “Trigger” since she is an avid hunter? I don’t have the answer for that one… Anyway I digress.

    Her qualifications consist of a few years as mayor of a small town of 9,000 people in Alaska and less than two years as governor of that state. The small town she left behind is now in financial ruin. This woman seems to have less experience than Obama, which was a major issue for the Republicans. Can Sarah take over as president if McCain d*es of old age? Is this woman ready to lead a nation? McCain is 72. By the time his eight years are up he’ll be 80. Will he live to that ripe old age? Well maybe, we only need to look at Cheney — he is bionic.

    She has no experience in politics …. let alone international politics… has this woman ever left Alaska? Maybe she’s been to Paris — the one in Las Vegas that is. LOL

    McCain – may I recommend myself for VP status? At least I’ve lived in Europe… that qualifies as international experience. I’ve been to Israel… surely Lieberman (who lives in CT five minutes away from me) would approve.

    Back to Sarah with an “h” though… she wants creation science to be taught in public school. Lets fix the US school system before we go ahead with that plan. Kids in public schools can barely read these days. One thing at a time lady.

    I have to ask… what is up with her hair… she looks like a waitress at a truck stop. Maybe that explains the reasons of choice in regards to her children’s name. I bet she calls McCain “sweetheart”. I can’t relate to women with no choice of style. Michelle Obama has style. .

    Back to Sarah with an “h”… can’t wait for Tina Fey to start doing Sarah impersonations on Saturday night live. SNL just got funnier with the Rep VP choice. I thank the Rep party for doing the impossible – making SNL funny again.

    I am still mad. Don’t get distracted by the jokes.

    Sarah is a hunter who is for drilling in Alaska… maybe through the corpse of a polar bear for all I know. Sounds like she wants to improve the economy of Alaska not the world.

    The final part of my rant is that SP is sending of one of her sons to go fight in the American war. I’ve stopped calling it the Iraq war a while ago. I think the new name is better suited for the situation (bush’s personal war, that his dad didn’t finish. Well SP does have 5 kids. One of them must be disposable. It must be “Trig”. She doesn’t even love the kid enough to give it (he or she I do not know the names are androgynous) a full name, or stay at home during a important part in his life. Yes women work and leave their babies at home, but a down sydrome baby? I don’t think so.

    Now ask yourselves… how can a mother send of her child to war. What does it say about the character of a mother that does so… I am sure it is a difficult decision at best. No mother wants to put her child in harms way. Does the family need money… after all is 30k worth giving your life for? A job at Starbucks pays as much and is less dangerous… surely in this day and age there are other options than war… Does Sarah’s family need money? It can’t be the money…She is filthy rich.

    How can a mother send of her child to a war I ask… How does she sleep at night? Does she still have the right to be called “mother’?


    Talk amongst yourselves… while we still have the freedom of speech… oh I think Sarah Palin is against that too SMDH

    PPS: If anyone cares I am a registered independent and much to everyones dismay can not run for president since I was not born in the US. Never-the-less I value it’s freedom of speech and hope to one day run for congress/senate

    So with that being said

    thanks mccain for helping me make up my mind

  86. emily,jen, carrie are mean. sydney! says

    well i personally think that McCain only picked a woman for VP to get all those hillary supporters on his slate.

  87. jamisen says

    can anyone say OUCH??????

    Alaska State Senate President Lyda Green (R): “She’s not prepared to be governor. How can she be prepared to be vice president or president? Look at what she’s done to this state. What would she do to the nation?” (Green is from Palin’s home town of Wasilla

    Alaska Democratic Party Chair Patti Higgins: “In this very competitive election for them to go pick somebody who is … under a cloud of suspicion, who is under investigation for abuse of power. It just sounds like a pretty slow start to me. We need a vice president who can step in if, God forbid, something happened to John McCain. I don’t think she’s someone who is ready for that 3 a.m. phone call.”

    Andrew Halcro, local blogger, “This shocking choice says more about McCain’s desperation than it does about Palin’s qualifications”.He is from Alaska.

    and my favorite…

    Alaska State Representative Mike Doogan (D): “Either Sarah Palin has talents and skills we were not aware of”, or “John McCain fell down and hit his head”. He also called the prospect of Palin potentially needing to take over as President”pretty scary

    I have to say that I agree with him.

  88. jamisen says

    Sarah, called hillary a whiner a couple months ago, and I don’t think that hillary voters will sway and elect a moron like her

    that is a slap in the face.

    I just read this today:

    Polls: Voters Doubt Palin’s Qualifications While Obama Expands Lead

    that is pretty heavy stuff. By the way..Sugar Walls, you are right on the money.

  89. Wendy says

    Don’t forget about your party’s love of war. They like nothing more than a blood bath of innocent people. We democrats, shame on us for liking peace and prosperity.

    During WWII the President was a Democrat. Guess he “loved war.”

    The reason Obama can run and be competitive is that President Bush has kept us safe since 9-11.

    The idiot Democrats seem not to get that. They have forgotten 9-11.

  90. Wendy says

    Free health care


    Are you serious?

    TAXES will pay for the health care. Govt. had no money except what it takes from your pocket.

  91. foxhole blues says

    “Palin has two sons (Track, 19; and Trig, four months) and three daughters (Bristol, 17; Willow, 14; and Piper, 7) [Ages as of August 2008].[91]

    “She gave birth to Trig on April 18, 2008, while in office as governor, and returned to the office three days afterward.[92][26] The baby, as prenatal genetic testing had shown, has Down syndrome;[93]”

    With a special-needs child, she returned to work three days after giving birth?

    Personally, I think this takes the Republican “tough enough” stance too far.

  92. jennifer mason says

    I fear that he may be correct. All of these specious arguments with Obama’s experience etc seem like code words for pssst. He’s black. I sure wish they could vote for his white half.

  93. jennifer mason says

    As Americans let’s just agree to prefer an intelligent, worldly leader with good judgment and the abiity to bring a vision to the table — Unfortunately McSame didn’t have a vision — only reactions to Obama’s actions and that is not leadership — The McSame/Palin ticket do not show a clear vision for Americans or a platform — Folks are tired and tuned in to the okiedok. They both better start looking for another job.

  94. namenotimportant says

    Don’t forget about your party’s love of war. They like nothing more than a blood bath of innocent people. We democrats, shame on us for liking peace and prosperity.

  95. namenotimportant says

    yeah right,,

    she is being used as a pawn, and that is the best you can say? Yeah women, No matter what is the situation, let a man use you?! whatever! So what she is woman? what does that mean?

    He has completely lost his marbles!

  96. claudiazz says

    I am ashamed of our country for being a major world power and still not taking the “risk” of electing a woman for Pres or VP. I cannot believe more women do not support other women getting ahead in the Good Old Boy Network of both parties. Women are in the majority in this country and yet we have little representation on the Supreme Court—a major drawback for all women, we still do not receive equal pay for equal work and there is still a glass ceiling. Until women wake up and start seriously supporting other women, we will never see “CHANGE” from either party. Wake up people. We need to use our majority position to elect more women and have our voices and concerns heard if not for ourselves for the future of our daughters!!

  97. namenotimportant says

    On March 5th, 2008 Alaska”s Republican Governor, Sarah Palin, announced to the media that she was 7 months pregnant with her 5th child. She is currently 44.

    Palin”s daughter Bristol is 16 and attends an Anchorage high school. Students who have attended class with her report that she has been out of school for months, claiming a prolonged case of mono.

    Palin does not appear pregnant in any recent photographs. The announcement came as quite a shock to people who had worked closely with her, and have been quoted as saying that she did not appear pregnant whatsoever during the prior 7 months.

    And there”s more ” check out the photo above taken with Palin”s daughter having a bulge in her stomach.

    And even more. Since these rumors have begun circulating, the Alaska Department of State has taken down ALL PHOTOS of the governor and her family from the state”s website.

    I’m not knocking the lady for trying to protect her daughter. But if you have that kind of scandal in your recent past, you really have no business running for vice president. If that”s what she wanted to do, she could have done like Janet and Rebe and just stayed out of the limelight for a minute

    The MSM/Press is chicken to report this, this reporter has learned that The National Enquirer is all over this one. Expect the scandal to get bigger

    wow can you say scandal??

  98. namenotimportant says

    It amounts to this:

    She has 20 months as a governor with no national or international training to speak of.

    Obama served as a member of the Illinois senate for 7 years. Then as Illinois senator for more than 3 years. Obama also has national and international experience. Works in Washington. Has earned two more educational degrees beyond Palin (he graduated magna cum laude from Harvard). He also is a seasoned professor teaching law for 12 years at University of Chicago.

    She is a fly on the wall compared to him.

  99. says

    I’m a professional woman who had children later in life and I and my colleagues made all kinds of different choices with regard to working, staying home with kids, different kinds of day care, part time, full time, etc. I respect all those choices.

    Still it strikes me as strange that a woman who is filthy rich would pursue political ambitions with five children at home including a handicapped infant.

    Maybe she is one of those women who doesn’t really like being a mother and would rather farm it out. I’ve known people like that.

  100. says

    Good going>Sugar> I like you

    don’t forget

    it is irresponsible of her to leave her 4 month old baby at home with her daughter while she campaigns. As a future mother myself, I’m horrified. Women won’t willingly identify with a woman who has abandoned her 4 month old downs syndrome baby. That’s not exactly an image you want to associate with your ticket.

  101. says

    Documents show Kathleen Anne Hensley was born to Jim and Mary Jeanne Hensley on Feb. 23, 1943. They had been married for six years when Kathleen was born.

    Jim Hensley was a bombardier on a B-17, flying over Europe during World War II.

    He was injured and sent to a facility in West Virginia to recuperate. During that time, while still married to Mary Jeanne, Hensley met another woman — Marguerite Smith. Jim divorced Mary Jeanne and married Marguerite in 1945.

    Cindy Lou Hensley was born nine years later, in 1954

  102. says

    It probably left out Cindy McCain’s half sister, Kathleen Hensley Portalski as well; you know, the one she never mentions, the one who got a few pennies from the 100 million dollar fortune Cindy inherited, and the one voting for Barack Obama. Just google her name and read for yourself. Disgraceful. Oh, and Cindy McCain still refers to herself as an “only child”……..That’s the kind of family values the Republicans are offering!

  103. says

    woman in office to represent us all!!!!!!

    she doesn’t represent us all..because she is getting used and she knows it..I don’t want someone like that representing me.
    I prefer hilary in the white house over her

    I can wait until they tear her apart

  104. says

    It is a terrible insult to Hillary and to all women.

    It is the lowest form of tokenism.

    It says that a woman could not attain this by her qualifications – she can only attain it because a generous man bestows this on her and the voters, like it’s some gift from him.

    And to think people were saying it would insult Hillary if Obama chose Kathleen Sebelius, a highly accomplished and competent governor who shares Hillary’s Democratic positions, and who has decades more experience than Palin.

    McCain take your tokenism and shove it.

  105. andrea says

    I think it’s absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I had no idea who Sarah Palin was when it was first announced….but after I did some research over the last couple of days, I couldn’t be more excited! This is extremely encouraging! She seems to be someone who is not afraid to stand up to “old school politics”….no matter what the party. She has opened the door on major wrongdoings in her own party….and cleaned house to make it right!!!!! She is strong – and a phenominal example for woman! And it’s about time we had a woman in office to represent us all!!!!!!
    She has my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. justamom says

    I am voting for McCain & Palin,
    I am 38 years-old, and I have worked all but 5 1/2 months of the last 22 years (2 weeks in between jobs, and 5 months I stayed home with my son), and I resent working and having to pay for sorry, lazy people to sit on there buts while the government gives them money. I have no issues with those who cannot work, but lets face it, a good portion of those on welfare, just do not want to get a job. I do not want universal healthcare, because I do not want to wait 6 months or more to see a doctor…..if I am working, and another person is not (by choice), is it fair that I would have to wait the same amount of time as them to see a doctor? Also, I am against abortion. I realize that it is the woman’s body, but when you have sex, you are taking the chance of becoming pregnant. If you don’t want a baby use a condom AND birth control, or don’t have sex at all. Also, I think the government should not keep increasing the amount of welfare for every child that a person on welfare has. I am not trying to tell anyone that they can’t have more children… all means, if you can take care of them yourselves, then have as many as you want., but why should I work 40 plus hours a day to help pay for somebody to keep popping out babies.
    McCain/Palin all the way!!!!!!!

  107. sira says

    Dear Sheila-

    “It’s only the last year or so the gas prices have gone up”

    I would like to know in what world you live in? I think gas prices have been rising for a bit more than just the last year or so. In fact, I think that the rising gas prices have been really strangling some families, and impacting how much money they have to work with each moth. So I would not take that as a sign of an economy doing fine.

    Re: Blaming Bush for Katrina when the mayor was a democrat- When a state self designates as a state of emergency for FEMA funding, FEMA is a federal agency. The Feds must authorize release of funds to the state. What more could the local and state gov’t do after asking for fed funds? It was on Bush/Feds to make the next move, hence the reason Bush is widely blamed for a lack of prompt response to the disaster.

    I definitely respect an alternative perspective. It is a good thing, the sign of a healthy country. If I had to choose what scares me more, the evangelical right wing principles, or the possibility of living in a place where dissenting views are not permitted, I am much more afraid of the latter. I do not have to agree with it, however. I would hope that you would not continue to lower yourself by making personal, judgmental attacks when I have kept my comments objective, and about politics. No one is making judgment calls about your character, or whether you are narrow minded. Please show respect.

  108. betty says

    your right Palin isn’t Hillary-I bet if her husband was cheating on her in front of the ENTIRE country she might of stood up for herself and ALL WOMEN!!!!!!!!!

  109. says

    America, can you imagine her sitting across the table from Putin? if he walked all over Bush, he’s going to take a dump on her/our heads. The Repuglicans are done. they are reckless, irrisponsible, selfish and dangerous. the republicans are un-patriotic and un-american. if the repubs are able to slither back into the white house, then we are done.

  110. Wendy says

    And another thing about Hillary.

    She ran a TERRIBLE campaign. Ended up millions in debt – and a loser. Started out with every advantage, and blew it. Not a good manager at all.

  111. Wendy says

    This Palin woman IS NO HILLARY CLINTON.

    True enough.

    Sarah’s appears to actually love his wife and find her appealing. 😉

  112. Wendy says

    Hillary earned her place on the national stage. After almost two successful tems as a Senator from the great state of New York.

    And what were her qualifications to be Senator?? She moved to NY to poach a Senate seat because she’s unpopular in Arkansas, where she should have run.

    She won in NY because she stuck by her husband who screwed around on her – and always did. Even before they were married.

    I think some of her votes this year came from angry women like her – leftwing manhating women. Not all – but some.

  113. says

    Yes…Everyone need Health care, and I don’t think that is shouldn’t be any other way! Rich people are getting scared.Instead of fighting what is right, you people are trying to protect your own!

    The National Enquirer is already looking into allegations that one of the children (the youngest?) is not her’s but her underage daughter’s. And the allegations of nude photos taken in her beauty queen days.

    Hmmm…stay tuned.

  114. Wendy says

    Health care for all? I think not. At least not for the most defenseless among us.

    BINGO. To hard-core lefties everyone has rights, except some.

    Cop-killers, transgender wackos, all manner or loonies have rights.

    But not babies and not mothers who choose to have babies rather than abortions, etc.

  115. says

    Hillary earned her place on the national stage. After almost two successful tems as a Senator from the great state of New York ( whose largest city, NYC, is a million times larger than the entire state of Alaska), Hillary ran a campaign for the presidency of the United States and earned 18 million votes (which is 18 million more votes than Alaska has to offer). In additon, she help her husband win the governership of Arkansas 6 times and she helped him win the presidency twice.

    This Palin woman IS NO HILLARY CLINTON.

  116. says

    This is an insult to the American public – to all Republican, Independents and Democrats. McCain is making a mockery of the election and wasting so much money doing so. Perhaps he figures he’s going to loose anyway, might as well have fun doing it. I mean… com’on – a hockey mom, former beauty queen and past PTA person? What soaring issues has she had to face? “There’s a moose in my backyard?” Puhleeeeeeze.

  117. Lilac says

    As a woman who lives her pro-life stance demonstrated by the fact that she gave birth to an early-diagnosed Down Syndrome baby, Sarah Palin is in a wonderful position to speak to women on women’s issues: Women, DON’T KILL YOUR CHILDREN.

    Whether they are only a half a pound or 1 pound baby, or have been allowed to become a fully formed 6 pound baby, who survived the botched abortion and now they are partially birthed and being killed before the head emerges – LET THEM LIVE.

    She is also high contrast to Obama, who allowed a botched abortion Down Syndrome baby to die a few hours after birth, refusing him health care.

    Health care for all? I think not. At least not for the most defenseless among us.

  118. KMS says

    Sugar Walls – I would ask you what Obama is going to do specifically to change the things you dislike?

    Everytime people say they like Obama because he will ” change” America, I never hear specific reasons HOW he will do that.

    Can you please tell me?

  119. says

    okay…so she has kids? does that make her the queen of having kids? Last time I checked..Other women have kids too! Michelle Obama has kids, Hilary has kids, other women have kids..and I respect that. But I still think that it is a woman’s choice if she choose to have a abortion, or not.
    and: it is being alleged that Sarah Palin “faked” the pregnancy of her last child, a baby born with Down’s Syndrome. The claim is that it was her teenaged daughter’s child, not hers

  120. Wendy says

    wendy..can you kiss the entire crevice of my A S S!

    What superior debating skills you have. :NOT :))

  121. Wendy says

    do we really need a guntoting, antiabortionist oil freak in the white house? she’s just cheney with a skirt. i imagine that once her swimsuit competition photos from her pageant days start making the rounds, her credibility will be seriously diminished. i highly doubt that hillary voters could in good conscience vote for this woman. her down syndrome child story is moving or whatever, but if a 44-year old woman with four kids who’s the governor of a state isn’t smart enough to have her tubes tied or at least use birth control to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, should she really be in line to be president?

    I don’t understand why you post here, where motherhood is honored and cherished. Obviously whoever runs this site posted this thread in admiration of Sarah Palin and her role as a mother. Why not have at least SOME respect for that.

  122. says

    Polar bears restrict oil and natural gas development so we should kill them? Get out of oil’s way, ya stupid polar bears, can’t you see we’re more important than you and the ecosystem which sustains and nourishes you and therefore eventually affects us. If there was a tribe of humans living on an oil reserve, would she feel the same way? I think autistic children restrict oil and natural gas development because valuable resources are being used and wasted to care for them and make their lives pleasant, happy and worth living instead of being put toward something more important, like building oil pipelines and constructing drilling rigs… What?

    (*shrugging shoulders*)

  123. Wendy says

    Her selection for VP is just like the selection of Harriet Miers for supreme court the other year. McInsane is just like Bush.

    Republicans are all about who you know and who you bl0w, nothing to do with credentials. Just like how Chertoff who is supposed to help with disasters was only like a soccer coach before..

    Who you know rather than credentials? Really? Like Al Gore – son of a Senator? Or JFK – son of an Ambassador? Or Ted Kennedy – the idiot son who is only in the Senate because his brothers were killed? Or Hillary Clinton – who is where she is because of her husband?

    And as far as Chertoff is concerned, only a soccer coach? In fact, he’s a lawyer, he served as a judge on the United States Court of Appeals, as a federal prosecutor, and as assistant U.S. Attorney General.

    Where the heck do you get your facts??? :))

    But humble people from humble backgrounds can be fantastic Presidents. Take Harry Truman (yes he’s a favorite of mine and a Democrat )

    He was a haberdasher before he was President. He sold men’s hats. And he didn’t have much success at that, nor anything else much before, at 40, he entered politics, almost by accident. He did rise in politics but was not that experienced when he became FDR’s Veep. And it was soon after that that FDR died and Truman became President.

    But he’s considered one of the greats. A no BS hard-ass plain talking regular guy who had loads of common sense, toughness and guts. Even though at 40 he was a failed haberdasher from Missouri.

    BTW – history didn’t in the 1990’s and Joe Biden has a rather sullied history in the Senate. You might actually read some history and learn about politics in America.

    And U is not a word. It’s appalling that some people think text-message protocol passes for proper English.

  124. suzanne says

    MCCAIN 2008!!!!!!

    Sugar Walls-you have too much time on your hands!

    I’m done looking at this post.

  125. says

    do we really need a guntoting, antiabortionist oil freak in the white house? she’s just cheney with a skirt. i imagine that once her swimsuit competition photos from her pageant days start making the rounds, her credibility will be seriously diminished. i highly doubt that hillary voters could in good conscience vote for this woman. her down syndrome child story is moving or whatever, but if a 44-year old woman with four kids who’s the governor of a state isn’t smart enough to have her tubes tied or at least use birth control to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, should she really be in line to be president?

  126. Amanda says

    OK I am not political at all, and I usually never even vote but I will tell you this (just my humble opinion) I hated Obama at first, I really did. But the life he lives and his childhood is what makes him the best candidate. He knows what it is like to struggle like most of us Americans do. I truly believe that you cannot understand and cannot fight for what you do not understand. McCain simply rubs me wrong just like Bush did. Its like I can smell the BS when he talks. Obama comes off overly confident sometimes but very down to earth. I love how his wife is a huge part of him and he makes it well know.

    McCain picking a woman vice president really ticked me off. Hillary worked her butt off and would have made a good president. McCain picks a woman as if to say thats the only way we can get into office is if a man gets us in. BS!!! Nothing personal against her but she is being used.

    Again just my humble opinion!

  127. says

    but why is it that economic experts have said the economy has been fine?


    keep telling yourself that Obama is lying to us? yeah right..tell that to the people that is feeling the pain of not having enough food, or money to survive. It is people that is living from paycheck to paycheck. WTF? he played on people fears? are u crazy..that is being real..What he said is real..

    It was bush’s fault about hurricane took him 5 days to get to katrina..while people was starving and the elderly was dying..because they couldn’t get to their medication, heat strokes.
    Everybody isn’t born with a sliver spoon their mouths honey.
    It appears that u are narrow minded..

    It is a woman’s right.if she choose to have a abortion or not.
    that is no one else’s rights.

  128. Sheila says

    To sira:

    You made a sweeping statement about McCain based on a mistake he’s admitted wrong to. You said that “he doesn’t respect women”.
    You sound very narrow minded. You’ve said at least 2x that you can’t see how anyone would vote for McCain. There is a thing as different perspective or world view.
    The thing with Obama is that he played on people’s fears. The economy is in a slight recession but many aspects of it are stabilizing according to the experts. He keeps saying we can’t have “8 more yrs of this” meaning the economy – but why is it that economic experts have said the economy has been fine? It’s only the last year or so the gas prices have gone up, and only within the last 4 months or so food prices have gone up.
    Obama tells untruths and plays on people’s fears about the economy, the tactic they used in Nazi Germany.
    He’s blamed everything on Pres.Bush, even Katrina. Hmm. Didn’t he remember that the mayor and governor of New Orleans were Democrats or did he just leave that out conveniently?

    Lastly, my dear narrow-minded poster, I wouldn’t want a President who calls for “discussions” with terrorist regimes and groups (Obama) and refuses to sign a bill which would require doctors to do everything they could to help a baby that survives an abortion — saying that the mother shouldn’t be “punished”. Punished?? How about the poor baby who’s “punished” for her promiscuity, carelessness, or whatever????

  129. says

    Her selection for VP is just like the selection of Harriet Miers for supreme court the other year. McInsane is just like Bush. Republicans are all about who you know and who you bl0w, nothing to do with credentials. Just like how Chertoff who is supposed to help with disasters was only like a soccer coach before..

    Let’s see how Chertoff does when Hurricane Gustav hits Nawlins right at the beginning of the RNC next Mon. A fitting punctuation to the last eight yrs.

  130. says

    I work hard for my money

    us middle class families work hard for our money too..but we don’t see it? where is it at?

    pull yourselves up by your boot straps..even if you don’t have boots

    I am so glad that he made that statement! whhhooo hooo

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2008

  131. says

    And this is a side note but I 1000% cannot stand his wife. Have you taken time to read her thesis from Princeton? Seems she has some racism issues herself.

    NO..that is you! When I see her..I do not see r@cism at all! Maybe it is you that is R@cist?

    and who made more money that The republicans/george bush? gtfooh

  132. KMS says

    Just curious – do you think Obama has some extensive list of experience when it comes to politics? He’s a not-full-term senator. I’m not seeing his experience – can you point me in the right direction?

  133. KMS says

    As for universal healthcare….do you know that over 50% of people without healthcare make OVER 50k annually? They CHOOSE not to get healthcare.

    I love how the liberals just lap up everything the dems say. “rich are getting richer….”….”kids are dying from no healthcare….” “mccain is friends with the oil companies…”

    I don’t know about you – but I work hard for my money (AND have a newborn at home – shame on me!!!) and do NOT want to see the dems take more than they already are. No thanks!

    Don’t need to get
    1) taxed when I make my money
    2) taxed when i spend my money
    3) tax when i leave my money to somebody after I die.

    Do you NOT see anything wrong with this?

  134. KMS says

    Everybody who says they want “change” and will only get that with Obama….I’d like to hear exactly what “change” means to you? What will he do? I haven’t heard much of his agenda except that we need change.

    And this is a side note but I 1000% cannot stand his wife. Have you taken time to read her thesis from Princeton? Seems she has some racism issues herself.

  135. KMS says

    I am thrilled with McCain’s choice.

    I am disheartened to hear the comments on here that are criticizing Palin for working while having a small child at home. Did you not hear that her husband is leaving his job to care for the children while with her on the campaign trail? What is wrong with husbands being the caretakers? If a man goes back to work with a baby at home ,nobody flinches an eye.

    If you listen to Palin talk about her children, there is nothing but love for them. She says her downs son is absolutely perfect in everyway.

    Everybody crabs about “womens rights” but when it comes down to it, half of you still want women to be living like it was the 1950’s. I don’t get that. NO matter if you’re right or left, this is a big step for women.


  136. says

    McCain is so desperate to be accepted that he will just take any woman to be his vice president, that’s scary. I’m sorry Sarah is unexperienced only 18 months in office, The town population is only 9,000!!!. I am sure she has a lot of bones in her closet, the truth will eventually be revealed. I feel a scandal coming on.

  137. says

    and u will never get me to ever, ever, and ever change my mind.. so you are pointless..Others will come and tell you the same thing.

    I know some hardcore republicans that are switching sides…I know that must be hurting u on the inside..WAKE UP HONEY..this is our futures and lives that we are talking about? we don’t want to be in the same situation if we pick him? what is it that u are not getting? some republicans are so hard to talk to.. He want to tell women what to do with their bodies? It is a woman’s choice if she want to have a abortion or not.
    and how can he brag that he is a POW, when he is trying to cut health care? Everybody is not rich, What about the people that can’t afford health care? It is veterans out here that cannot afford health care? I guess it isn’t his problem..

    Pull up your boot straps..even if you don’t have boots! Right? gfooh!

  138. says

    buy when you get finished ranting n raving and climaxing..

    I know that women are not that stupid to pick a man that doesn’t respect women rights and is talking about following in bush’s footsteps..We are not as dumb as palin..we do not like being used as a pawn..we are smart..honey

    Seriously, any Hillary supporter would be slow enough to switch parties because she didn’t win, obviously missed whole point. On majority of the issues, she agreed with Obama and, ultimately, the democratic party. To jump and say that you’re a republican just bcause a woman is on the ticket is idiotic and as a woman, I’m offended at the gesture. It’s like he’s figures that all of us weak minded women wll give him our vote because he got a Lady. F*ck you, McCain! I’m smart enough to see a man in wolf clothing.

  139. Wendy says

    “inexperience” is not a sufficient excuse for hating on obama.

    Nor Sarah Palin. But Obama is at the top of the ticket.

    At least you admit Obama isn’t very experienced.

    You posted “on the other hand, america is plagued with obesity, heart disease, not to mention extremely high stats in gun-related deaths.”

    And just how can a govt. control obesity and heart disease. Ban donuts? 🙂

    You thnk there are no fat people in Cuba??? Castro has cured obesity now with unversal healthcare?

  140. Wendy says

    And in closing (for now) I’ll say this.

    The McCains (mostly Cindy) made their money honestly through business ventures. That’s the American dream.

    The Clintons arguably, made their fortune merely trading on their years in the WH. They never ran a business, paid people’s salaries, provided health insurance to workers, and all the other things they want to dictate to the rest of us.

    Not so long ago Democrat Presidents left the WH and lived quiet lives, not hogging the spotlight and trading on their time in office. Democrats like Harry Truman.

  141. Nunya says

    canada has universal healthcare: they are not socialists. england has universal healthcare: they are not socialists. france is one of the healthiest countries you can live in: they have universal heatlhcare.
    have you been to one of these countries with universal healthcare? the waiting list to even see a doctor is HORRENDOUS. and guess what? you still have the “rich” people buying supplemental insurance so they don’t have these ridiculously long wait times, referrals, etc. trust me. my mother lives in one of these countries with universal health care and it’s horrible.

    instead of giving universal health care, they need to find a way to make health care more affordable for the average American. Find a way to get these doctors/hospitals/pharmacies to quit price gouging Americans. Then you won’t need universal healthcare.

  142. says

    only in your mind have spanked me, but I didn’t know that this was a competition? I know your lonely days of a stepford wife is such a career for you. sighs

    But again..Bill didn’t run this country into the ground like Dumb Bush

    IN the Great words of Hannah: ♥♥♥♥

    do you not care about the issues at hand AT ALL? do you not care that mccain doesn’t know what is going on at home? what’s the point of having a better experience with foreign policy if he doesn’t even know about current domestic issues? he doesn’t know about the contraceptives issue, he’s out of touch with most working class americans (as he owns 7 houses and he’s too wealthy to have been affected by our current economic situation), and he refuses to speak to international terrorist groups without pre-existing conditions, which is SO stupid.

    do you seriously like the state of our country right now? you want to continue like this for the next 4 years? seriously, you mccain followers need to stop hating on obama just because he’s “inexperienced”. not only is your uninformed decisions going to affect your future, it’ll affect your children’s future as well. if you seriously want a better future for yourself and your children, please study up on the issues and make informed decisions.

    is universal healthcare that despicable to you? you don’t care that millions of people die in America because they can’t afford it? canada has universal healthcare: they are not socialists. england has universal healthcare: they are not socialists. france is one of the healthiest countries you can live in: they have universal heatlhcare. on the other hand, america is plagued with obesity, heart disease, not to mention extremely high stats in gun-related deaths.

    mccain doesn’t care because none of this affects him. but these are issues we will have to come face to face with at one point in our lives. i can’t change your mind about mccain, but again, you really need to study the FACTS and read the STATISTICS and FOCUS on the right things. “inexperience” is not a sufficient excuse for hating on obama. why? with a president there are cabinet members. the president alone doesn’t decide what to do, he has political advisors. the candidate’s experience is not very relevant.

  143. Wendy says

    Is alaska bigger than the United states?


    It’s bigger than Arkansas, where Clinton came from. 🙂

  144. Wendy says

    Have a nice day..Voting for a sex!st man that doesn’t even support u being…


    Oh please. John McCain supports women – obviously. He picked one as his running mate. And his wife does more for children in a month than Hillary’s done her whole life. The McCain’s have an adopted child, they took a person into their lives.

    So they are rich. So are the Clintons, the Kennedys, the Kerrys and John Edwards.

    And as far as caring about women – Ted Kennedy sure didn’t, when he let poor Mary Jane Kopechne die slowly in his car as he tried to get his cousin Joe Gargan to take the rap.

    Yet he’s the LION of the Democrat party.

    And now I’ve spanked you. 🙂

  145. says

    but Bill Clinton did not run our country into the ground like your messiah George Bush, Mcshame is trying to follow in this man’s footsteps

    So that means that the next 4 years of B U L L S H I T

    and yes..I cursed! Sue me

  146. says

    He supports only his I apologize for stating the last quote..But he doesn’t respect women.

    Alaska is a huge state

    Is alaska bigger than the United states?

  147. Wendy says

    Oh, and Bill Clinton was a mere Governor when he was elected. Not much foreign policy experience at all. 🙂

  148. says

    Wrong. I’m a woman with very successul career in a very competitive field, and one with a rich family life as well.


    So shaking in your prada boots..Scared of losing your money..

    Get ready baby! OBAMA/BIDEN 2008

    NEXT! You can rant all day, but I think that majority speaks for itself…

    Have a nice day..Voting for a sex!st man that doesn’t even support u being: a woman with very successul career in a very competitive field, and one with a rich family.

    Because I sure don’t

  149. Wendy says

    Her town has only 9,000 citizens..TRY To manage the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. GTFOOH no thank you.

    Alaska is a huge state, with significant energy reserves.

    Palin is the Governor of that state.

    Arguably Governors know more about running things than Senators do. That is why few Senators have been Presidents, but many Governors have.

  150. says

    Mike only one man..

    She would have to deal with the whole world..She would have to deal with Terroist, and last time I is a lot of them. Inside the USA, Outside the USA.

    Like a poster said” I would like to see her standing up there trying to talk to Global leaders?????!!??

  151. Wendy says

    who are you the site patrol? I can say what I want! I see why you are voting for mcshame. You are probably one of those women that don’t speak..when you are spoken to. SAD!


    Wrong. I’m a woman with very successul career in a very competitive field, and one with a rich family life as well.


  152. says


    who are you the site patrol? I can say what I want! I see why you are voting for mcshame. You are probably one of those women that don’t speak..when you are spoken to. SAD!

  153. says

    I am assuming that wendy would just love the unexperienced palin as our future president…just because she is a woman? or is it because you can’t see a successful democrat in the white house? Republicans had 8 years to prove that they were about something, and they failed. WHY whould we want the same thing? Her views are against everything that Mcshame is about! REALLY!
    Her town has only 9,000 citizens..TRY To manage the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. GTFOOH no thank you.

  154. Wendy says

    let’s not forget that back in ‘92, cindy mccain made fun of her husband’s thinning hair to which he responded, “at least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c*nt.”


    Lies. You are a dirty girl who can’t post post without being profane. You don’t belong on a site which honors children and families. Try Daily Kos or DU. More your style.

  155. Wendy says

    Some undisputed facts about Mike Wooten:

    Troopers eventually investigated 13 issues and found four in which Wooten violated policy or broke the law or both:

    • Wooten used a Taser on his stepson.

    • He illegally shot a moose.

    • He drank beer in his patrol car on one occasion.

    • He told others his father-in-law would “eat a f’ing lead bullet” if he helped his daughter get an attorney for the divorce.


    You people still think he should have kept his job as a cop???

  156. says

    let’s not forget that back in ’92, cindy mccain made fun of her husband’s thinning hair to which he responded, “at least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c*nt.”

    That is so mean!

  157. Wendy says

    ….Public Safety Department to fire trooper Mike Wooten…..


    This guy was using a taser on his 10-year-old son.

    I guess you Palin-haters don’t care about that and think he should have kept his job.

    That story will turn Palin into a hero, not hurt her. She goes after corruption, that’s what she’s know for.

  158. Wendy says

    Sugar Walls, I’m a huge Obama supporter, but I’m also the wife of someone born and raised in Alaska.

    I’m guessing you’ve never been there, because otherwise you’d have realized that most of Alaska is as American as any other city or state in the nation.


    The left can onky attack, even when their attacks are 100% based on ignorance and stupidity.

    And remarks like “booty smacking” aren’t exactly enlightened debate. 🙂

    Apparently certain not-too-bright types who post here don’t know that Biden is a loose cannon, AND a proven plagiarist, aka he stole someone’s words and took credit for them. He’s the daft old coot in this race – not McCain. 😉

  159. Could it be says

    While I voted for Hillary in the primary, I think Obama has a right to choose his own running mate and I will support Obama/Biden in November.

    Regarding Sarah Palin, it will be interesting to see if she is subjected to all the sexist comments that the Republicans threw at Hillary during the primaries.

    For me, Sarah Palin is a scary, pro-life Evangelical with questionable ethics. (See today’s NY Times.) Just because she is a woman does not make her the best choice for women.

    Now bring on the celebrity babies!!!

  160. Tessy1908 says

    to chloe!!

    I so applaud you!!! I am EXTREMELY insulted that just McCain is pandering so blatantly to women!! As if we don’t have the first clue on how to choose who we want. As if I am a zombie with breasts and will blindly switch my vote over to McCain because of this!!! I am LIVID!!!!! SHE IS NO HILLARY CLINTON!!!! And how Sarah Palin cannot see past how the Republicans are just USING her. If I were her I would run back to ALASKA.She has no IDEA what is in store for her. GAME OVER!!!

  161. JOe says

    Well, as I stated earlier. I hope none of the Hillary supporters gravitate to this Right Wing puff. She is totally against a woman’s right to choose, and believes in teaching creationism in the classroom. Give me a break. Just because she is a woman and a mother, doesn’t mean she should be one step away from the oval office. She was the governor of Alaska, a state that noone even cares about. And with that, only for a year. Wake up women, Hillary was a real candidate. This woman here obviously doesn’t mind being utilized for political purposes.

  162. says

    This is quite long, but I just found this infomation:

    McCain’s VP Pick Palin Facing Ethics Investigation
    For most of her tenure as governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has enjoyed widespread popularity and a reputation as a maverick who refused to stand by fellow Alaska Republicans facing their own ethics scandals.

    But the 44-year-old Palin, who was selected as Sen. John McCain’s running mate today, is now the focus of her own state ethics investigation as part of the so-called “Troopergate” scandal, a bizarre controversy involving the firing of a state police chief and his reluctance to fire an Alaska state trooper, Palin’s former brother-in-law who has been involved in a bitter custody fight with her younger sister.

    Just two weeks ago, Palin revealed an audio recording of an aide pressuring the state’s Public Safety Department to fire trooper Mike Wooten, the Anchorage Daily News reported.

    A portion of Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R-Alaska) July interview with CNBC:

    Palin also acknowledged that her staff had contacted Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan about two dozen times about Wooten. Monegan himself was fired July 11 (the dismissal was “out of the blue,” he told reporters) and he later said that he was pressured by Palin’s staff and family to get rid of Wooten, a trooper based in Palmer, Alaska.

    (To counter the “Troopergate” tag, the alternative-weekly Anchorage Press has dubbed the firing scandal “Wootengate”)

    The accusations first surfaced via the blog of former Alaska state rep. Andrew Halcro, who unsuccessfully ran against Palin in 2006.

    (On Palin’s selection as McCain’s vice-presidential pick, Halcro wrote that “this shocking choice says more about McCain’s desparation than it does about Palin’s qualifications.”)

    In July, Palin came under a state ethics investigation and critics have said Palin’s claim that she did not know of the political pressure being placed on Monegan was a “little too convenient.” One fellow lawmaker, state Sen. Hollis French, a Democrat, told The Wall Street Journal that Palin could face impeachment. After French’s comments, Palin ordered the investigation into Monegan’s firing and told CNBC last month that lawmakers were unfairly targeting her.

    “It’s cool. I want them to ask me the questions. I don’t have anything to hide,” she said during the interview. “Didn’t do anything wrong there.”

    The investigation is expected to cost about $100,000 and last at least three months, according to The Associated Press.

    The governor has insisted that her decision to fire Monegan in July had nothing to do with former brother-in-law Wooten. Instead, she argued that Monegan “wasn’t doing enough to fill state trooper vacancies and battle alcohol abuse issues,” according to the Daily News.

    The Daily News reports the Palins’ fight with Wooten has been especially nasty and public, with the family accusing Wooten of drunken driving, illegal hunting and child abuse, among other charges, based on information culled from private investigators. Wooten and Palin’s sister, Molly McCann, divorced in 2005.

    The governor’s husband, Todd Palin, told the Daily News that his family was also concerned about the governor’s safety, saying Wooten threatened to kill the governor’s father and made vague threats to her that he would bring Palin down.

  163. sira says


    who you choose to make your bedmate is not my business. who you choose to be one heartbeat or melanoma away from being the president of this country is my business. it concerns all of us. being a pro choice woman, i am concerned about having a pro-life person running this country, whether it is a man or a woman.

    and perhaps you should heed your own advice: you cant make sweeping statements about a person…so please dont make judgmental statements about me when all you know is 1 wall post.

    we should all be happy that we are able to choose between candidates and parties, and even have an election process. now let’s look at more pictures of cute celebrity kids, and let this play out in the polls in november,

  164. Liza says

    Sugar Walls, I’m a huge Obama supporter, but I’m also the wife of someone born and raised in Alaska.

    I’m guessing you’ve never been there, because otherwise you’d have realized that most of Alaska is as American as any other city or state in the nation.

  165. McQueen says

    Why would you vote for someone solely because of their gender or race? That’s the most idiotic thing you could do. You should vote based on their stances on important issues. If you vote for someone for superficial reasons that very person might send your loved one to war, take away your rights, or make it impossible to afford health care for you or your children so just think about it. Don’t be stupid, take a position on something and see if it matches up with a candidate.

  166. says

    oops..I meant his marriage

    It isn’t failed by a long shot..hil stuck by her man and I am happy that he stood by her..No marriage is perfect, but bill did not hound her to the press as mcsame did about his this poster said on the obama thread:

    mccain didn’t even know what to say when a reporter asked him about the contraceptives issue. he told her he’d have to get back to her on that. this is the guy you’re going to vote for?

  167. says


    mclame doesn’t care about nobody and besides Bill didn’t make bogus excuses about his failed marriages and when he was in the white house..the economy was not this bad..WE don not want the same crap for 4 or 8 more years..even the rich are losing their homes..We need a change and She is not experienced enough to run this some of the posters said : if something happen to mcsame..then she will be president and that is not a good thought.
    To think that he thinks that women voters are that gullible is ridiculous. and i see that it is working on those hard core r @cist that will say anything to keep Obama out of office..even if he is the logical decision.

  168. Jen says

    I don’t see how anyone who had been a Hillary supporter would now vote for McCain/Palin…unless they were solely voting for Hillary because she is a woman.

    And, in my opinion, I was so excited that Obama did not choose Hillary as his running mate…I can’t stand her!

    On another note, I just don’t understand how a woman who has a 4-month old, let alone one with a disability, is comfortable running for VP – one of the world’s most time demanding jobs. That’s just me though, I’m not harboring any ill-will against her for running…just can’t wrap my head around it personally.

  169. Sheila says

    To # 16 sira,

    So by your definition of someone who “respects women”, then Bill Clinton doesn’t respect women either. More than once, he fell in that area (Flowers, Lewinsky, and who knows who else)
    You can’t make such a sweeping statement about someone based on a mistake he’s admitted wrong to.
    So if you lose your temper and yell at your child, are you a child abuser in the emotional sense of the word? If you betray a friend’s trust but admit wrong to it, should you be labeled “untrustworthy scoundrel” for life and banned from any friendships??

    You have a very critical way of judging people. I wonder what lurks in your dark closet.

    McCain is pro-life and chose a pro-life VP. Good for him. It’s about time someone stood up for the defenseless.

  170. says

    This is the biggest joke in American history,seriously. This woman has 5 kids, 4 are most likely living at home, living the Suburban Family life, the one that is always the blueprint for t.v. She’s living in Alaska, a state that really has no ties to the U.S. accept for being apart of the Union.

    Why would she want to leave the comfort of Alaska for what she will face dealing with those sharks in Washington? They won’t respect her, they won’t like her, and they will disrespect her to her face. Really, when the ol’ boys in Washington are having their power meetings , getting deals made, back talking, and cutting up like men, how will she survive in that environment. She can be conservative and have stauch republican beliefs, but it won’t mean jack because they won’t listen to her, nor respect her. They will treat her like an outsider. I feel sorry for her, why would she want to put her husband a man that works on the oil rigs or something through that? And that environment isn’t for the weak, and listening to her speech and reading her non-existent meaning of what a VP is, the ol boys club will have a field day. The Beauty pageant days are over, she needs to be prepared for men to hate her for leaving her children at home , especially one that isn’t well, Obama and Biden can just sit back and watch her own party destroy her. Alaskan politics isn’t real politics, she just entered into a warzone, and having a Elisabeth Haselback personality, won’t cut it.

    BTW: as a woman I’m giving Biden my 100% support to spank that booty during the debates. Please.
    She’s woman enough to play a man’s game, she’s woman enough to take the spanking.

  171. Annie says

    If something happens to John McCain, she will become president. I don’t care if she’s a woman, I want someone who can run the country, has experience and is capable. Two years ago she was the mayor of a city of 9,000. I appreciated Hillary for her experience, not that she was a woman. McCain just handed the election to Obama. Thank You!!!

  172. Liza says

    I really don’t understand why ANYONE who was supporting and planning on voting for Hillary would then vote for McCain/Palin or McCain/anyone else.

    They stand in direct opposition to what she stood for, do you not all realize that. She vehemently disagrees with McCain on numerous issues.

    So the way this thought process seems to work, is that your candidate didn’t win, so now you are going to vote for the candidate she directly opposes? How does that make sense?

  173. stiche02 says

    Go McCain/Palin! McCain made the BEST choice he could have for this Country. Why on earth do people want MORE government in their lives and not LESS?? I live in the Live Free or Die State and we mean it!

  174. Wendy says

    I like her. I wanted Hilary, but I’ll vote for McCain and Palin now.


    Right on! 🙂

  175. Wendy says

    GREAT choice.

    She has an 80% positive rating with voters in Alaska, because she went a against a corrupt administration and won. They love her up there. She has plenty of great experience. As political chess moves go – this was a doozy. 🙂 The Obama camp certainly looks flummoxed by the choice.

  176. JOe says

    wow, I hope women see through this and see the reality. McCain picked her because she is a woman. He only met her once prior to asking her to be the VP

  177. 3 kiddo mama says

    dh is a commerical fisherman. So he leaves for a long time too. Hey everyone has to work especially in these times but come on. She was very proud of the fact that she had the baby on Mon and was back to work that week. I can see where family issues will rank for her. She doesn’t even put her kids high on her list..

  178. sira says

    Has anyone thought of this-

    It is not that outlandish that Gov. Palin might get pregnant again. She seems awfully fertile for a woman her age, and most likely shuns birth control. Could we see a pregnant vice presidential candidate?

  179. Amyyeager2 says

    Hillary would never even dream of running with John McCain. Hes a complete idiot… the only bigger idiot in politics is George Bush.. and personally I think its actually sexist that he chose Palin… Its obvious he only chose her to shake things up and to try to get the young voters (and women) that are all voting for Obama. Problem is he tries to say Obama has no experience yet Palin has way less and she would be the president when McCain drops over from old age. Please do us all a favor and vote for Obama/Biden. Its our country’s only chance for survival!!

  180. anonymous says

    Thank you #37 — for all you hard-core democrats out there, “it does take a village”.
    If you still want to criticize this woman’s parenting, then you should sling the same criticism to Hillary.

    I’m a Democrat and I admire Hillary — and prefer not to talk out of both sides of my ass.

  181. Amber says

    #35 that is what I was going to say….she really has a 4month old? I don’t want a woman that has kids that young with such an important and draining job. If we were talking about a woman with kids in junior high and older than sure, but young children and she wants such a job that would keep her away from her family, I don’t care if she is republican or democrat, I don’t like that. Call me old fashioned…. but I can’t respect that.

  182. Nunya says

    You all that are screaming about her leaving a young baby to do this are usually the same ones screaming for equal rights for women. Yet the thought that her husband might actually be the caretaker for this child never seems to cross your mind? So much for equal rights, huh? If I’m not mistaken, men can do just as good a job at taking care of their children as women, and they SHOULD embrace that job as completely and wholeheartedly as a woman. And here we have a man that is probably doing just that, and all you can harp on is the fact that she’s going back to work so soon after having a baby.

  183. chloe says

    She went back to work only 3 days after giving birth. So I am sure she does not care about leaving him now. She can always leave him one of her riffles to cuddle up with in his crib.

    Thank you McCain for giving this election to Obama!

    I knew he was going to win, but after this VP choice, it is 100% assured!

  184. 3 kiddo mama says

    Am I the only one who does take issue with a mom of a 4 month old running for VP? Real fantastic mom, leave your kid at his most important time! Maybe it is a double standard for a woman over a man tough luck. Wouldn’t leave my 9 month old overnight let alone for trips overseas and what have you. Is she going to bring baby with her?

    Oh wait, McCain/ Palin don’t have a chance. I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.
    Yes, we can………..

  185. Not a supporter of Obama or McCain yet says

    Obama should have chosen Hillary — With all the publicity — from celebrity endorsements and etc — it’s difficult to separate if Obama’s intentions are to make history for himself (ie having an African-American person win a presidential race) OR is he for major changes for the betterment of the nation, in general. I feel, at this point, that he chose the best person to secure winning — a male Caucasian politician. Not sure if I buy into his “obama for change” message just yet. Just my opinion..

  186. sheniqua says

    i dont give a sh*t about who becomes president. im gonna vote fo obama cuz he’s black and he’s fine. Michelle has some compeTITion from my fine booty HOLLA

  187. bb says

    Governor Palin is better prepared to run this country than McCain, Obama or Biden. She’s the only one of these four candidates who has actually administered a government of any level. It is rude of you, Ms Babyrazzi, to discredit her further by not even naming her in your web bit.

  188. Jenna says

    Oh, forgot to mention this. I have family and friends up in Alaska who say that they love Palin as governor of the state, but that they don’t think she is VP material, at least not right now. And they are usually Republicans but do seem to be leaning more towards the Dems in this race. November is not going to get her fast enough!

  189. Jenna says

    Chloe, I totally agree with you! I don’t know how many Hillary supporters will run to Palin. I was a big McCain supporter until he was wooed by the ‘dark side’ and changed his mind about so many things. I have family in Arizona that are disgusted that he will look to carry on the Bush reign. I agree that Obama doesn’t have the experience that McCain has, but he is not going to be running the country alone. We all know that the President of the US is just a puppet, and that the country is ruled from behind the scenes. So, don’t vote for McCain or Obama, vote for the party you agree with. I don’t favor Palin at all, and although the thought of a woman in the White house makes me proud, I guess I feel weird about her having 2 younger children. Not that she couldn’t do her job, of course. I always thought that it would be someone like Hillary with an older child/children and that’s it. Just my opinion on the matter. I’m neither Dem or Repub but I do feel that now is not the time to ‘stay the course’. We need a change. Any change. And I just don’t feel like the aging McCain can do that. As a human being, I like John. But these days I’m liking Obama better.
    PS Cindy McCain creeps me out. Really, really creeps me out. I DO NOT like her as first lady. I wouldn’t base my vote on that, duh, but she is just not a good public figure. I’ve read rumors that their marriage is only a ‘marriage of convenience’. If McCain does win, they need to lock her away for 4 years. Seriously. (lol!) Heck, if he dumps her, I just may vote for him! 😉 Back to the baby news…..

  190. says

    Politics are neither white nor black woman nor man…get the facts educate yourself and make an informed decision. No one should dwell on Hillary losing the primary or that Obama did not choose Hillary to be his running mate. If you followed the primary you would see that Hillary and Obama differed slightly on their views…I can not tell anyone how to vote, but you shouldn’t base your decision on the superficiality of it all.

    As for McCain selecting Palin…I’m questioning the true reason behind it all….where is her foreign affairs knowledge? Where is her years and years of experience? Things that he said Obama lacked. I feel McCain’s campaign would have been stronger with Romney or Guiliani at his side. To me it seems he is trying to tug at the heartstringers of Hillary supporters that want to vote for a women no matter what. To those people I call you not true democrats at all. Support the issues and the person supporting the issues you find favorable. Look beyond the ploys.

  191. justagirl says

    To “Me” #18— sure fine, let’s talk about her kids, I’m good with that— but let’s leave the political crap out of it!

  192. Liza says

    I’ve known who I am voting for all along. Whether I initially supported Obama or Clinton is not the point, it’s that I support the Democratic party and fully believe that voting any other way would be voting against my own self interests.

    As for Palin, I could care less if she was the mother of 1 or 10, it’s her ability to be the VP (and possible President) that matters to me (if I was voting Republican).

  193. says

    blaze blah

    how can she bring up the fact that her child has down sydrome..when Mcshame wants to cut health care..So I guess only the people with money should be allowed to take care of their sick child? What about the rest of the people that are working class? what about them? what about the veterans? how can mclame discuss that he was a POW..when he doesn’t even care about veterans?

    Crazy! I am not voting for someone that voted against MLK holiday! NO WAY, NO HOW NO mclame

  194. chloe says

    It is called a gimmick. McCain is deeply worried about how well Obama is doing and after such a great convention, he decided that he needed a little trick to drum up some fake publicity for himself.

    Does he really think that Hillary supporters (women who actually care about other women and their RIGHTS) would be so foolish and idiotic and just jump on his bandwagon now because he picked a woman! He is still the same jack*ss who does not care about the economy, womens rights, our global standing, the environment, etc, etc, etc…………

    She is the exact OPPOSITE of Hillary and any woman would be a fool if they switched sides because he picked a Nazi pro-life, anti-climate, pro-oil glorified beauty queen as his running mate!

    Nice try McCain. We don’t need the female version of yourself.

    And what a joke that he says that Obama has no experience! Yes, I would feel so secure with this woman who has no experience running our country if he should just drop dead (a real possibility at his age) I am glad those years in the local PTA will come in handy, and walking down the beauty queen stage, when she needs to deal with global leaders.

    McCain questions Obama’s judgement and he turns around an chooses a person so amazingly unqualified to be his president, and possible commander in chief of the most powerful country in the world……..he is more senile, desperate, and out of the touch then I thought.

    Women are not so stupid that all the look at is the gender of the party running!

    “Oh, look, a woman VP!! Goody, Goody!!! I am now voting for McCain and going against everything I believe in!”

  195. me says

    I think this was a wonderful choice and a shrewd move on McCain’s part. As for talking about babies and children, she still qualifies. on this site..she’s the mother of 5 children and the last one being born I believe in April is a Downs Syndrome child.

  196. Kate says

    To Cranky-

    I don’t want to talk about politics, that’s why I come to a blog about CELEBRITY BABIES.

  197. sira says


    If McCain respects and admires women so much, then why has he engaged in extramarital affairs? Why does he cite the breakup of his first marriage as his greatest failure? Furthermore, why won’t he allow a woman to make her own choice as to what she decides to do with her body?


    I think you, like many, need to listen again carefully to the speech Hillary Clinton gave in Denver. She asked if her supporters were in this for her, or for the core democratic values that set the party apart from the Republicans. Why on earth would anyone vote for a McCain/Hillary ticket? Nothing would get accomplished. Look at how they differ. Abortion, foreign policy, environment, the list goes on and on.

  198. EDie says

    Webmistress, This photo seems a little degrading. Couldn’t you have found something more recent and respectful?

  199. says

    McCain picked Sarah Palin as VP after knocking Barack for a lack of National & Foreign Relations experience.

    She has experience as Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (pop. 5,000).

    She’s also been Gov of 1 of our least populated states for 1 yr.

    She also was a beauty contest runner-up (Sorry it wasn’t an Int’l Competition, just state).

    On a list of 100, she was the least quailified on National & International matters – no where close to Biden, Ridge, Romney, Liberman, or Powell.

    NOW REALLY! If something happened to mclame..would u people really want her as your president? I think that he messed himself around and this is a cry for help..He doesn’t respect women or their rights! I can go on and on

  200. says

    McCain has voted against every step of racial equality
    McCain squealed like a little piggie so he is no hero
    McCain has all the wrong experience
    McCain graduated at the bottom of his class (rebulicans love picking idiots or puppets)
    Obama is obviously liberal which is pro-life (the real term idiot).
    Stop spreading the lies.

    oh yeah, McCain cheated over and over on his previous wife, nice morals…

  201. says


    I voted for Hilary, and said i would not vote for Obama, but after his speech tonight I will work hard to get him elected. CHANGE!

    Change is what we need and Obama will bring it!

    I am Republican, but I decided to give Obama and his party a chance to prove to us that he will keep his promise, so I will vote for him.

    “a government that … sits on its hands while a major American city drowns before our eyes.” What an accurate and powerful indictment.

    I’ve never voted Democrat. I will proudly do so now.

    He is gracious and respectful towards all, even folks whose opinions are contrary to his. How exciting to see a true leader

    I am veteran, McCain voted against Veteran health and disability services increases…Obama:Biden for sure now!

    I am an independent voter but after this speech tonight I will be voting for Obama. The past elections I voted for Bush…

    As Life-long Dem, Ron Paul my first choice. I will go Obama. Republicans need to be soaked of their lopsided wealth accrued over last 8 yrs

    He showed John McCain what it means to be a statesman.

    I am a white registered Republican in Alabama but after Obama’s speech, I’m on board!

    I am 41 years old and consider myself a conservative leaning independent. For the first time in my adult life, I will be voting Democrat.

    He’s right! He has the temperament to be President. We need a calm, intelligent & rational leader, not a hothead! McCain is scary

    Obama has had my vote for a year. Tonight’s speech was inspirational, challenging us to be, once again, a proud people. YES WE CAN!

  202. Kim says

    McCain does not have a history of respect for women either in his voting record in the Senate, or in his personal life. One example of this is his being on record in front of several journalists calling his current wife a 4-letter very-non-feministic word.

    Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been one of the pioneers in the United States in terms of his support for sponsoring and passing violence against women acts and family medical leave acts, etc., whereas McCain has consistently voted against such legislation.

    Seriously, learn the policies and the plans and the issues that will BE BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR KIDS’ FUTURE and make your voting decision based on that. This is a serious election with serious consequences.

    And, finally, anyone who was voting for Hillary and truly is inspired by her would NEVER vote for the Republicans just because a woman is on the ticket. This Alaska Governor’s policies are almost 180 degrees apart from Hillary Clinton’s. You will hear this from Hillary in the upcoming weeks as she is out campaigning for Obama.

    Educate yourselves and then vote. It’s your choice to vote for whoever but you owe it to yourself and your family to make an INFORMED decision.

    And doesn’t it strike you as a little odd that John McCain who has been non-stop harping on Barack’s LACK of experience just picked for his VP running mate the least experienced person BY FAR in over a century of politics?
    Thanks for reading now, and I’ll shut up now. Have a nice Labor Day Weekend everyone.

  203. Cranky says

    Wow everyone is cranky, if you don’t want to discuss politics then why even bother commenting, you can look past the article and read about celeb-babies.

  204. littlemisscaliope says

    I think that this has nothing to do with celebrities or babies and that if I want to debate politics, I can find an endless amount of sites on which to do so.

  205. Just me says

    I agree with the other posts. This doesn’t have anything to do with celebrity babies.
    Also, this picture is about 20 years old. Come on!!

  206. Heidi says

    As someone who was plannig to vote for McCain, I always knew he who choose someone outside of the obvious. He respects women and admires them, so it’s not at all surprising to me he chose a female running mate. I would have been more surprised if he chose Romney. She has made great efforts in her state to end government corruption, and overspending, areas near and dear to McCain’s heart. She also has a son in the military. For Republicans it is not such a surprise, many were hoping for her.

    That being said, I gree with what “Just a Girl” stated, celeb sites should stick to being just that. We get enough on every TV channel.

  207. Juliet says

    Just because Sarah Palin is gorgeous may not make her a prime VP, but it also doesn’t mean she’d be horrible at it.

  208. justagirl says

    What does this have to do with celebrities baby’s? I am so sick and tired of hearing/debating politics, can’t we just have ONE site that DOESN’T go there?

  209. Sandra says

    RB That is a very good statement, good job!!

    I have my speculations as to why McCain picked a female for VP and I don’t like the “possible reasons” so I will stay with my original vote. Anyways I am making my vote from my values as should everyone else.

  210. lisa says

    McCain. You should really do some research on this woman before you dismiss her as someone who’s only qualification is being a woman. She has an over 80% approval level in Alaska, for in part, cleaning up the corrupt political landscape that was Alaska politics and saying NO to political earmarks.

  211. RB says

    I think that when you’re dealing with politics, you should consider basing your decision on more than how you feel hurt personally by who did what to whom. All politicians are corrupt. The question I would ask is, who will respect our people, our environment and our relationships with other countries and without totally selling us out for oil or tax breaks for the mega-rich, etc?

    Voting for McCain solely because you feel that Obama was disrespectful to Clinton is naive, in my opinion. Not trying to be mean, but I feel that your statement makes you appear not to have done lot of homework. There has to be a more compelling reason than that to switch your vote so easily, right? These people do a lot worse to each other all the time. Take it further than what you see on the television.

    I would compel you to make a list of what is important to you and what you don’t want to happen for yourself and the country, do some research and go from there.

    Best of luck to you. Thanks for sharing your opinion.


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