Kate Hudson & Ryder In NYC

Kate Hudson and son Ryder were snapped going out for lunch together downtown in NYC.

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  1. Rachel says

    aww..I think he’s adorable. I do think she needs to cut his hair though and start making him look like an actual BOY..i think he’s confused..(i know i was at first glance..lol). Maybe she really wanted a girl?

  2. MASH says

    As far as Ryder wanting long hair like his father, Does anyone really believe that? I mean the kid has had long hair since he starting growing hair and before he could talk !
    How in the world did he express to them NOT to cut his hair? Anyway, it does look terrible and Kate looks really unhappy….to many men, in such a short time, gotta catch up to you sooner or later.

  3. Joanne says

    Kate has said that Ryder wants his hair long because his dad has long hair. But I agree that it looks stringy and dirty and contributes to his being a homely little guy.

    She’s no beauty either–cute face but not much else.

    I feel sorry for both of them–they don’t look or seem happy.

  4. Mellow Yellow says

    I have one. I think Ryder is a sweetie. And his hair is just fin the way it is. Perhaps when he’s a bit older, he will choose to cut it.

  5. Julie says

    If it’s a Jewish tradition NOT to cut a child’s hair, then why did mom get his hair cut a little bit. If you’re going to go to the trouble to take a toddler to get a haircut, go all the way! He really does need a little boy haircut. That’s my opinion, don’t bash me, it’s just how I feel.

  6. purple haze says

    long hair blah blah blah… looks like a girl blah blah blah… *yawn* GET OVER IT ALREADY!

  7. Peppers says

    #26 He absolutely DOES NOT look like Anthony Kiedis. Anthony Kiedis is good looking. Did you ever see Anthony’s son? He is adorable and looks nothing like Ryder….Geez.

  8. Wendy says

    People need brains before they post. It’s a Jewish tradition to not cut a little boy’s hair. Use your brains before you post!

    Huh? A Jewish tradition?? Only if you are ultra-Orthodox. A very small minority, and certainly few of them in Hollywood.

    The kid’s father is a rocker with long hair. Ryder is likely trying to be like his dad.

  9. Freya says

    Hmm, my husband happens to be Jewish, and just for the record, in some very Orthodox families, a boy’s hair is not cut until his fourth or fifth year. An old tradition/practice, yes, but that could be the reason. Hudson is half-Jewish and has said in the past that she considers herself to be Jewish. Also in some translations, “age 3” is actually a child’s fourth year.

  10. anime says

    I think she doesn’t cut his hair because he won’t let her… I am sure there are bigger battles for her to fight so why bother trying…
    Also is it just me or does this kid look like Anthony Keidis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

  11. dj says

    Poor Ryder, he probably gets attached to her boyfriends and then it is like losing a friend, also probably picking up on his mom’s sadness. Poor little guy, I feel sorry for him.

  12. says


    i think that ryder is usally sad is because hes miserable having long hair in the summer and its too hot ‘

  13. Cindy says

    I didn’t know they were Jewish…but yeah, he’s more than three years old and it’s time he start looking like a little boy. He’s not too homely, kind of cute, but doesn’t seem to be very happy ever. His body language doesn’t make it seems like he has a good relationship with Kate, he has a closed fist against her shoulder as she holds him. She could stand to crack a smile too…!

  14. 2teens says

    I guess I’m in the minority, because I think Ryder is very cute and the long hair doesn’t bother me at all. Kate’s outfit, however, is hurting my eyes.

  15. marti says

    Long hair or not, he’s still a homely kid. Looks just like dear old Dad, but with Moms’ coloring. 🙁

  16. Duh, Freya says

    Use YOUR brains and stop thinking you know everything. A haircut is only held off until the thrid birthday (Ryder is 4 and a half). The practice is called, Upsherin (if this is EVEN the reason she isn’t cutting it!!). Google it and then you can use your brains before you post.

  17. Freya says

    People need brains before they post. It’s a Jewish tradition to not cut a little boy’s hair. Use your brains before you post!

  18. sara says

    Didn’t her mom Goldie go through men like water? UGH!
    No, she’s never had a chest and these pictures show that….Ryder is a cutie!

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