Diane Farr & Husband Welcome Twin Girls

Numb3rs and Rescue Me actress Diane Farr welcomed twin girls in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

First born Sawyer Lucia weighed in at 4 lbs., 12 oz., and Coco Trinity, who was born one minute later, weighed 5 lbs., 14 oz., according to Diane’s rep. The girls, who are both 19-inches long, were born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

“I’m so thankful that my midwife and doctor paid such wonderful attention to me and the little ladies,” said Diane, 38. “And I’m really glad that I got to 36 weeks with multiples.”

Diane and her husband Seung Chung, the owner of the marketing company The Cashmere Agency, also have a 17-month old son Beckett.

Sawyer is a family name for Diane, and Coco is an island in the Maldives where Diane and Seung honeymooned.




  1. Peeking in says

    charlotte mary, your neighbor should be ashamed of herself. Harley Davidson? Awful…Awful…Awful…

  2. B says

    There is no accounting for tastes, is there? What some people find cute, others find perfectly awful. Perhaps it would be a good thing if there were a law against parents giving children ridiculous or bizarre names. It’s a type of cruelty to children to saddle them with odd names. The children have to live with the names and endure the teasing in school.
    People post their opinions here and last time I checked, there was still something called freedom of speech…

  3. says

    people could name there children anything they want its not illegal to name your child pickle so stop posting comments on how there names are strange

    ps.my neighbor has twin boys who are 8months old and she named them

    sailor patrick and Harley Davidson

    and i think they are cute names

  4. Fifi says

    Coco’s a great and cute name…for a teacup French Poodle. Good thing they didn’t honeymoon on Prince Edward Island…. Poor things, another set of victims of parents who want to give them ‘unique’ names.

  5. Jen says

    Ack, Baby B was the bigger one! Hope that didn’t hurt Diane since it appears she had them vaginally (assuming with mention of the midwife). You usually want Baby A, or the first baby, to be the bigger one. And, yes, she’s lucky she got to 36 weeks! Good for her and her husband! Congrats to the family.

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