Marcia Cross At The Park With Her Twin Daughters

Marcia Cross, 46, was snapped spending the afternoon in a Santa Monica park with her 1-year-old twin daughters, Eden and Savannah.

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  1. says

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  2. 2teens says

    Honestly, one of these girls is just much cuter than the other. No need to attack, just my opinion.

  3. beezasmomma says

    I LOVE that her girls are wearing shirts from Target (my daughter has the same ones) – nice to know that some celebrities like bargains!

    And, just an FYI – the shirts are very lightweight

  4. Mom In Nebraska says

    ADORABLE! lITTLE Girls I Didn’t realize Marcia cross was 46 yrs old though. I Don’t know I Just liked having my children younger because now I Can do soo many things with them and have so much energy! I’m soon 40 and Have a 19 year old son and 16 year old daughter I Liked having my children young But I Bet they keep her busy but she looks pretty fit to keep up lol. They are cuties!!

  5. smmom says

    chloe – shut up….
    There are about a MILLION pictures of Marcia Cross at that park taken and posted DAILY (on this site and others). Marcia Cross KNOWS that and she STILL goes there. Anyone who lives in or near this area knows and recognizes what park that is and those who don’t could EASILY find it. Not a big deal. I am not unlocking some big mystery here. She obviously has a “day job”, so I wasn’t leaking ground breaking info there, too, on when she shows up.

  6. marti says

    Being a redhead, Marcia always protects her porcelain skin and is raising her daughters to do the same, I’m sure, which is smart, I suppose.

    She is beautiful and her kids are very cute! 😀

  7. chloe says

    Why don’t you also let us know the car they drive, their street address and blood types…..very smart to reveal what exact park it is and when they go.

  8. smmom says

    The park they go to is in Santa Monica (Douglas Park) and is about a mile from the beach. Although, it is sunny it is pretty cool there. They also go in the late afternoon when it is still sunny, but not as hot. I see them there all the time. She has nannies with her most of the time, but they are hardly ever shown in the pictures.

  9. oriana says

    These are two of the cutest little girls. She does always have them covered up, I would like to see their hair sometimes and it does seem they would be hot in L.A.

  10. Bethany says

    Her daughters are very cute. I just have a question…..her children are always photographed with long sleeves/pants on. Doesn’t it get hot where they are? I understand protecting them from the sun, but you’d think they would be so hot!

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