1. says

    Jenny is a wonderful Mom, I love Jim Carrey too, they are such a cute couple, Jenny just dotes on that sweet boy.
    They have a wonderful family dynamic!!!!!!

  2. 2teens says

    She does seem like a great mom. The little guy seems to be doing very well, I wonder how bad his autism is? I know some kids can be higher functioning that others.

  3. Sandra says

    I wonder if Evan’s father takes any part in his life, considering that was one of the reasons they got divorced. Jenny seems like a terrific mother and definately puts her sons needs first.

  4. oriana says

    She is a good mother and he is very sweet, I just have never liked her, she always acted so goofy and silly to me.

  5. Just me says

    I always used to think Jenny was soo out there when she was on that MTV game show. I never pictured her as such a great mom!!

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