Prince Christian & Princess Isabella Meet A Tasmanian Sugar Glider!

Cuteness! As their Tasmanian family holiday continues Prince Christian and his sister Isabella came face to face with one of Tasmania’s cute furry creatures on Tuesday.

Prince Christian and Princess Isabella were introduced to a Tasmanian sugar glider at a local wildlife park in Hobart – where the Danish royals are staying with Princess Mary’s sister Jane during their summer holiday.

Both toddlers were fascinated by the small squirrel-like creature – with 15-month Isabella tentatively stretching out a hand to stroke it and her two-year-old brother following suit.



  1. tracy says

    i have two pet sugar gliders and they make great pets! they are NOT rodents they are marsupials. (not that there is anything wrong with rodents they can make good pets) they are very clean animals! and so loveing! anyway what the little girl is wearing is ugly but i doubt its real, im fine with fake fur(teddy bears have fake fur are you against those too!!) and i am fine with real if the rest of the animal is used, like rabbit meat can be yummy. i like alsorts of food and so do my gliders!

  2. Analise says

    Yes you can keep them, get your quotes right and again woosh, over your heads. Pick who it’s to. Multiple names.

  3. charlene says

    i’m perfectly healthy as a herbivore…actually very much above average health. also, rodents, such as rats make very sweet, clean, and loving ‘pets’. their personalities and intelligence are often compared to that of dogs. although i do not promote breeding animals for pets, there are many rats for adoptions from laboratory experiments…mainly from cruel,psychological experiments performed by universities.

  4. 2teens says

    Animals should not be killed for their fur alone. I believe it is wrong to raise animals just for their hides, or hunt them in the wild for their hides. If an animal is killed for food it is serving a purpose. It’s hide can then be used to make leather products. Humans are not herbivores, we are omnivores and we are meant to eat both meat and vegetables.

  5. Nikki says

    Okay, so I don’t like the vest but I would definetly say it is fake, Mary would know how much people would be pissed off if it was real. It’s not a nice vest but who really cares. Oh by the way Tasmania is located just under Australia, lovely place, it’s where I live!!

  6. Jessica says

    You can’t keep sugar gliders as pets, and it’s far from being a rodent…

    Good for you for being Vego! I was actually talking to all the people who AREN’T vego. And if the vest is in fact fake, which I suspect it is, then it is okay.

  7. chloe says

    It could be a fake fur vest. We have no idea. And there is nothing wrong with her touching a “big, bad, scary, and germ infested rodent”. Mothers are so annoyingly overprotective nowadays. So many things that kids are not allowed to do. Neurotic germophob mothers make crazy children

  8. Analise says

    “Fake or not, it is not right?” WTH does that mean? If it’s fake it’s not a dead animal. Isn’t the point of animal rights activists to wear fake? How exactly is that wrong? We don’t even know if she’s wearing the real thing,.

    As I understand it, that animal can be kept as a pet. Still, I would be more concerned with a 15 month old touching what is essentially a rodent than what she is wearing.

  9. charlene says

    i do all of that jessica and more, i’m vegan and volunteer providing vegan outreach to others, support veg friendly restaurants and try to get more vegan options on menus etc.
    and if it is fake then i do apologize for assuming the mother would dress her innocent daughter in fur. however, i do feel that people with money like to ‘show off’ with real fur to show that they can buy these prodcuts of despair. if it’s fake, i still feel it’s ugly, and agree that there are so many cuter outfits out there…but that’s just my opionion. : )

  10. meg says

    Jesasica,I am a vegeterian,so
    I do exactly what you said we
    should do:)
    another thing:
    Fake or not fake,it is not RIGHT.

  11. Jessica says

    And another thing, unless all you people who are complaining about what is probably not animal fur, don’t wear leather shoes, or eat meat or have leather upholstery in their cars…then somehow I don’t think you can be judging others.

  12. accalia says

    Good point. I didnt even notice. I do think that this is an adorable family but I’m a very big supporter of animal rights and this is just wrong. She is an infant, I can’t believe they would dress their child in the fur of a poor, dead animal! Awful.

  13. Ruby Jackson says

    Good point, everyone. I didn’t even notice. All I saw was how cute it is that she’s standing on her mother’s foot.

  14. meg says

    They set a very bad example for others
    by wearing a fur, there are soooo many
    gorgeous baby suits why choosing a fur?!!!
    I 100% detest it.
    By the way,where isTasmania located?
    Australia I guess?

  15. Tam says

    wtf is that kid wearing, its horrible.. what poor animal had to die in the name of horrible fashion 🙁

  16. Eli says

    Princess Isabella’s vest looks like it is made of a Tasmanian sugar glider. Wow, PETA will have a field day with this!

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