Brad Pitt Arrives In Venice With Maddox & Pax

Brad Pitt arrived in Italy today ahead of the opening of the Venice film festival. He brought along his two eldest sons Maddox, 7, and Pax, 4.

Angelina remains in the South of France with the rest of the couple’s brood, including newborn twins Vivienne and Knox.



  1. Sarah says

    I’m sure that they are a happy family otherwise why would they be adding to their brood. Angelina never said that she doesnt love Shiloh she only said that her adopted kids are special to her heart and that is a wonderful thing to say.

  2. Collette says

    Kari omg my mum was 15 when had me 1984 i was born 28wk wiegh 2ib wud of been scared witless stupid woman god u dnt know how we feel at al

  3. Arianna's Mummy says

    Kari, You are a moron! So let me get this straight, My mum is evil for giving up her baby because he was sick and she did not have he means to care for him, so instead of risking his life, she gave him up to people who could. She did not want to, in fact it was after her own mother, who would not help her, called child services and they conviced this 18 year old girl that is was the best and that she couldn’t do it, that she finally agreed to it.

    And yes if I could not take care of my beautiful daughter who I love beyond all eles, I would give her up, because it would be what is best for her, not what is best for me. And I would hope she would go to a family who could love her unconditionally and see her as their own. Definilty not a nasty idiot of a person like you!

  4. Christina says

    Kari, you’re an idiot! You don’t read what you write? NO one is saying that the bio parents giving up their child is “right” nor wrong – NO ONE. And dummy, sometimes they give up that child for all the right reasons or reasons they think are best. Some people don’t abort. What are you trying to say now??? Abortion is better than having a child and giving it up for adoption to a family desperate to have one? What you said and wrote and constantly point out in a nasty passive aggressive manner is that you are saying parents that adopt, the adopted child is not “real”. Love at times can be more real and thicker than blood.

    Go away Kari… seriously, talk your stupidity elsewhere, you’re simply annoying. IDIOT!

  5. says

    IF you WANT to, there IS ALWAYS MEANS AND WAYS to care for a child. DUH how stupid are you guys!!!!! Especially the last 50 years there is NO EXCUSE in the world that should make anyone give up their child.
    You made that baby now you look after it, but no people are like hum not today and they pawn it off on other desperate people.
    Giving them up is a sin, and they will pay one day for tossing thier child out like a piece of trash!!!
    You all make me sick!!!!! I am not the ignorant one YOU ARE!!! To say it is okay to toss out babies, there is something wrong with YOU!!!!!!

  6. Arianna's Mummy says

    Kimora, Kariah and Kajanae’s mommy and Collette, That is exactly what I was trying to say. they are his real children, biology has nothing to do with it. My stepfather is definiltly my dad, not my bio dad, though in defense of bio parents that give up their children, sometimes it is because they need to do what is right for the child, not them. My mum gave up a child she had when she was 18 because she couldn’t care for him, but she always wondered and loved him and hoped he had the best. Luckily she met him again a few years ago and is now a part of his life, and he is a part of our family.Some parents give up their child because they are selfish and others because they want the best for their child. Brad and Angie, I believe are best for their adopted children, and don’t see the difference, they are all their children.

  7. Collette says

    Num 42 my view excatly im adopted dnt know my bio parents who brought me up 4 23yr are my mum+dad just coz im not biologicaly there they wil alway be my parents it love what counts not biology

  8. 2teens says

    Brad looks hot & the boys are adorable!!
    Kari is an evil troll and Bambamswife… well, your undies must be too tight or something.

  9. heart of gold says

    Thanks Jenna M for your comments; I agree with you wholeheartedly . Some folks are miserably ignorant when they see families striving together & trying to help others. I admire Brad and Angelina for giving back some of their fame and fortune. They love all of their children. #10, #20 & #25: get a grip before you start to talk about how dirty Brad and his kids look. Whether they look dirty or not, they work hard and give back. Brad & Angelina are a beautiful loving model couple who care for kids. We need a lot of this in today’s world. I think we all could learn something from them.

  10. Collette says

    To bamsbamswife omg the money off pics of twin went charity +yes she was bi what wrong with that i am got 2 kids partner 8yr grow up stupid woman

  11. Amanda says

    I hate that outfit on Brad. To me he looks like he is dressing like a grandpa. Boys look happy as always. Wonder who does thier hair??

  12. Samsmom says

    There is nothing wrong with having a large family whether adopted or biological. It may not be for everyone, but there is certainly nothing wrong with it.
    I am not a big fan of Brad and AJ, but they have a beautiful family and I wish them the best.

  13. Ellen says

    To those who think they are having too many children too quickly, it wasn’t very long ago, especially before the pill that a lot of families easily could have been giving birth to a baby a year. Remember how large the families used to be. At least this family does adopt too.

  14. mslewis says

    I don’t think Mad’s hair is dyed. . . it’s probably just colored spray. My nieces and nephews do it all the time to their hair. It washes out easily.

  15. oriana says

    Hi Jenna, hope you are doing well over there! I think Maddox looks cute with his blue hair, I also think Pax could use a little trim so his hair will stay out of his eyes. He is very cute to me, both boys are.

    My take on this is if they work and they do, let them spend their money however they want too! They do share and contribute to help others. Unlike Jennifer Lopez and stupid Paris Hilton and people like them. I would have loved to have gone to France when I was younger, I am glad for them and the childhood memories they are making, hope they don’t sell their New Orleans home, it is beautiful and I do love the South! Ha! Wonder why?

  16. Arianna's Mummy says

    so Bambams wife, I guess you give a third of your income or more to charity? Besides the fact that they did not buy the property in france, simply rented it, therefore not spending nearly the amount the property is worth, No one blinks when other celeb’s spend millions on properties. Seriously what is it that makes AJ and BP so special that they have to live by different rules then other celebs?. Also they donate the money from the baby pics to charities, so what is wrong with that? IF they didn’t some papz would get them anyways, and make money off it and you can be pretty sure they wouldn’t be donating it.

  17. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #3, Maddox and Pax ARE Brad’s real kids. Stop showing your ignorance.

    #10, learned from her past in regards to dying Maddox’s hair? What on earth are you talking about? And why should she stop doing something just because some idiots judge her for it? Maybe Maddox just wanted his hair coloured! Seriously, its just a bit of hair dye.

    #25, what has Angelina’s sexuality got to do with anything? What does it have to do with her being a good mother or girlfriend? Your name suits you, seems like you’re still in the stone age.

  18. Christina says

    It’s ALWAYS the same people on this site talking trash about this family… that is soooooooo sad!!! So sad for you: Kari, bambamswife and a few others. You all say the same thing 3 different ways. I’ve never met anyone who repeats vomit and negativity about the same subject… just goes to show you, Ya’ll are angry – full of contempt individuals with very sad lives to constantly feel the need to puke negative energy over people you don’t even know! LOL

    NO- they do not EACH have their own nanny. They have 3 nannies and 2 are teachers as well. 14 mil went into the foundation for charity. They work hard for their money, they should spend it how they wish and if they wish to spend it on a nice rental, so be it. The laws in France are much tougher with paps so it’s no surprise they picked France also, it’s planned perfectly and easily for them (i.e. Venice Film Festival, location, near other friends, privacy) I think it was a smart choice.

    I spent a lot of summers in villas in the south of France and in Italy… best childhood memories! I’m sure that idealism of the villas in Europe played into that choice as well.

  19. bambamswife says

    I agree with you #20 Jayne. I used to like Pitt, but not anymore since his involvement with bisexual weirdo Jolie. They are getting kids so fast how can they concentrate on the needs of the children. Does anybody know if it is true that they each have their own nanny? What is our world coming to_ selling baby pictures. Why didn’t they just spend a liitle less for their estate in France and give that money to charity. The people who bought that magazine should have given their money to a favorite charity instead of buying that magazine. Shame on anyone who fed their exploitation.

  20. Anne says

    Why a long sleeved white dress shirt Brad? A nice short sleeved shirt and maybe more casual pants-long or short and why a hat all the time? Lots of money but not much taste in clothes and that is my opinion folks.

  21. NewMum says

    Well….I think Brad looks way hot! I don’t really get dirty….maybe dirty in the best possible way. The kids are adorable and the whole family seems amazing. Regarding adultery and whatever else was implied; Sometimes people make a mistake and marry the wrong person. Then they meet the right person and spend their lives with them. That’s just reality. Anyways, I love pics of these kids. Adorable!

  22. Jayne says

    I can’t stand him. Sadly I don’t like their whole family , it is built on adultery and hurt caused to other innocent people. Meaning these kids do nothing for me, they are innocent but I simply can’t stand this family. I used to love Maddox but not any more. Brad looks bad. He needs a long holiday.

  23. myrna says

    Koodos for Brad and his children!! adopted or not! he seems always involved and happy! his childern are adorable, and as for him…he is my eye candy!! lol!

  24. Zbella says

    Pax has been reminding me of my son recently. 4 years old and he seems devilish yet so lovable. Ahh, I just love this family.

  25. Collette says

    Im adopted dnt even know my parents at all +im 24 nearly why do people always put horible things bout them like see them do what they do +yes im huge aj fan

  26. Ellen says

    I wear glasses and he looks pretty clean to me. Especially in that light shirt. As for gray. He should start showing some grays because he is in his 40’s now.

  27. Arianna's Mummy says

    They go with a team of bodyguards on a fun boys day out to keep them safe… I thought that would be pretty self evident. Also it is not just a fun day out, they are going to the Venice Film festival, were fans will go to see them, and some can be crazy. Last year at the Toronto film Festival, people surrounded their car, one lady pushed her baby up to the window of their moving car so it ‘could see them” . Also have you seen any footage of the papz going after them? Any person in their right mind and had any thought of protecting their kids from harm would bring body guards.

  28. Clare says

    This family just always looks dirty to me. Why is the kids hair colored? Hasn’t his mom learnt from her past and why people still judge her today? Brad look haggard and dirty. Why go with a team of body guards for a fun boys day out? This family just drives me nuts.

  29. Nic says

    lol…I don’t think Angie is having too much of a break…she still has 4 kids at home to look after!!

  30. Nicole says

    Kari you are the most offensive person I think I’ve ever read comments from. I hope you are NEVER around children at all, let alone any child who is adopted.

  31. Kay says

    Is that grey hair in his beard? The kids are starting to age Brad no doubt! LOL! It’s nice to see him take out the boys and give Angie a break.

  32. ann says

    Brad he is an excellent devoted father, these children are very lucky to have him for a father, We love to see any movies he acts in.

  33. Arianna's Mummy says

    Since are Pax and Madox not Brads real children??? Because they are adopted? Personally if I was them and going to venice I would leave the toddlers at home too!

    Also Angelina never said she couldn’t feel for Shi, she said she was more inclined to feel for Madox and Zahara, not that she didn’t feel anything for Shiloh. Besides that was an interview from two years ago, people and things change, though you would never know from listening to people about this family.

  34. says

    Why is it that if Brad is out with the older boys he must be ignoring Shiloh, or Angelina “can’t feel anything for her own flesh and blood.” I have both adopted and biological children, some are of a different race. I did things with each of them separately because it was necessary to spend “one on one time” with them. They love all their kids, that’s pretty obvious. Come on, people; can’t we appreciate the fact they pay attention to their children as individuals? JMHO

  35. says

    Just curious does anyone know if Pax is speaking english yet??? He’s cute.
    But OMG Maddox drives me nuts (ha ha) it annoys me just looking at the kid…..
    Where is Brads real kids and why is he never with Shiloh anymore, when she was small he was always with her, now you never see any pictures of the two of them..I hope angelina isn’t rubbing off on him and he is ignoring his own flesh and blood just because Angelina “can’t feel anything for her own biological children”

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