1. catsue says

    #25- Dean is pretty hot for an old man. Tori is hideous. Seems a bit fishy huh. Maybe he thought Tori would inherit some of the Spelling billions. Aaron Spelling died right after she married Dean. Her parents were FURIOUS as her first marriage cost them millions at their estate. The marriage lasted a year while she was sleeping with Dean on filming location. Then Aaron pretty much nothing to Tori after taxes.
    Looking forward to the next season of Tori and Dean though.
    I wonder why Jennie Garth hasn’t been on it yet? I guess she’s not friends with ANY of the old men from the 90210 cast?

  2. Darlene says

    I love watching Tori but Dean creeps me out…is he not all there?
    He says that Tori works to much and wants her to take it easy…well Dean boy maybe she could if you had a job and not living off her!

  3. Anne says

    I didn’t see him flirting with his scuba teacher-just being friendly. He is not a monk and when they stop looking then you have a problem. Like Paul Newman once said, “why have hamburger, when I have steak at home.” Marriage is trust and it is human nature with both sexes to ogle and why not?

  4. Candace says

    I fell sorry for Tori as I think her husband is a #1 asshole…did you see the show where he spent all that time flirting with his suba teacher right under Tori’s nose. Be careful Tori I have a feeling your heart is about to be broken.

  5. Bella says

    The kids look alike!!!! Its a shame they dont have a grandma…her loss!! wild horses couldnt keep me from
    my children and grandkids!!

  6. Carol says

    If Tori has had plastic surgery it sure didn’t seem to make any inprovements. I don’t think she has had much. She has a good personality and she does ok for not being beautiful in Hollywood standards, but most of us would not meet up to Hollywood standards. Now Dean is another story he is very good looking, you go Tori.

    Does anyone else think Tori is doing all the work to earn money and all Dean does to show up for the TV show. I like Dean and think he takes good care of his family but it appears Tori is the bread winner.

  7. Jen says

    The socks are by Dolly and Dimples. Trumpette also makes some, but without the lace at the top. Tori just looks weird to me…too much plastic surgery? I don’t know. Maybe she’s always looked that way.

  8. oriana says

    I do think that Dean may have been a Red Head as a child but I see a total different look between Stella and Liam. Liam has Tori’s huge head, plain homely looking face, and to me Tori looks like her Dad. No disrespect to you at all my Dear!!!!

  9. Carol says

    Oriana, I don’t think he looks like Aaron at all. Look at the eyes they are Deans, the coloring is his to. I bet he was a red head as a baby. Aaron Spelling was scary looking in my oponion.

  10. oriana says

    Carol, exactly where does Liam resemble Dean to you? He looks like Aaron Spelling, plain looking, Stella has Dean’s nose and long torso, she is going to be a tall little girl and I think she will be very cute.

  11. Carol says

    Both Liam and Stella look like Dean. I like Tori and all but she does have a horse face and the kids have round faces. And folks Liam seems to have a great personality on their show he is always smiling and laughing. He seems very normal, not like Suri the spoiled brat. I love their show and glad they have a nice little family.

  12. says

    That is one lucky little girl..Tori wanted a girl so badly and that cute baby I think will rule the house!!!! ha ha ha.
    I am so happy for this family!!!! Good on them.

  13. Mommy 2 a Mixed Boy & Girl says

    she is a cutie! she definitely looks like daddy. and HOW CUTE are her little socks!!! i want some like that for my 6 week old baby girl. too cute!!

  14. Sandra says

    LOL…i didn’t know Stella had been born, haha…guess I was hiding uder a rock for two months or something!

  15. says

    tori is awesome and so is dean they are a perfect couple so stop judging them they are more normal than most celebritys

    liam and stella are adorbale children they are lucky to have parents who love them and each other

  16. oriana says

    What a pretty baby! She looks just like Dean, has his nose for sure. I am glad, I like Tori, but she was short changed in the looks department. Sorry!


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