Tom & Katie With Suri In NYC

Tom and Katie were snapped with Suri in NYC over the weekend.

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  1. anon says

    Remember what Nicole Kidman said before,she doesn’t want any picture of the two adopted children for security purposes.She said if the biological parents see that they are in great hands with her and Tom (when they’re still married),that they might take them back.Now since they are seen all the time with Suri and not the other children,just beacause this is the part of the year that they go to Nicole.They’ll be back with Tom later after six months.So leave them be.

  2. anon says

    To Foxy;
    Tom and Katie did not sell the baby picture to any magazine. Vanity Fair magazine took the picture of Suri and if you remember he said,it was only this magazine that ever took his children’s( picture even Bella&Connor).Since you are too busy reading the wrong page of the magazine article,you actually missed the part that the staff of Vanity Fair said that he doesn’t want the money and that he didn’t collect any.He,well,they were offered but declined.Any way if some of us are tired reading about these Cruises why keep commenting.

  3. DeniseF. says

    Suri, Shiloh, Violet,etc. are always going to be the target of the paps. I don’t think they should be lock in the house because of the paps. I wish you people would make up your minds. If we don’t see her then people complain, then when they are out with her, people complain. We see Violet all the time, but that’s okay. If Suri or Shiloh are seen or not seen people complain. These people lives do not revolve around what our wishes.

  4. scarlet says

    #23 One last thing to you..I have a mother already and don’t need or want you as my new one…

  5. scarlet says

    #23 BITE ME…I can say whatever I want…I love how I get a rise out of such retards that have nerve to even reply back to me….

  6. accalia says

    #21 Take your own advice and get a real life.After all, you are the one saying negative things about a couple you don’t know. If you have nothing nice to say don’t post a comment. Its as simple as that.I would not waste my time saying anything after this so you should not bother to respond.

  7. scarlet says

    #17 It is normal to a point…How many pictures when Connor or Bella did you see when they were Suri age? Those two children were very rarely photographic.That little girl is dragged around all over..Suri is an accessory. Suri Bag…Just an accessory to show how happy Katie and Tom are..

  8. accalia says

    #16 She’s Katie’s child. Its quite normal for Katie to take her around with her. She is not dragging her around like an accessory. Jeez people leave them alone. I have seen a million pictures with Suri smiling. The paps need to give them some space. I like this couple and i wish them all the best.

  9. scarlet says

    I am sick of that kid…I can’t wait for Katie and Tom to break up..Now that would make for a great story..Who takes the kid? That poor kid is dragged around like a doll…I really think it is Katies accessory..Like a is a Suri…

  10. littlemisscaliope says

    #10 – I totally agree! I think Suri is absolutely beautiful but they use her for publicity. These two are publicity hounds. Katie was all over the place before Mad Money opened but when it bombed, she practically went into hiding. Now they need to drum up interest for her play.

  11. ELIE TAYLOR says

    It is nice that Suri got a manicure.. Red
    nail polish.. Knowing that she hates the
    paps why not let her have some fun of her

  12. Lauren says

    Poor thing! They’re all posing for the cameras while Suri is all freaked out by it. They seriously need to learn how to take care of their child.

  13. Sheila says

    Somehow I highly doubt that Suri selected her own stuffed animal this time, one that happens to match her dress patterns exactly. Katie should really spend less time caring about fashion and shopping and get Suri to nap or to bed at a reasonable hour (instead of 11pm, like she said).

  14. Kelli says

    #8 I agree with you. Suri is gorgeous but I honestly believe her parents are taking advantage of that. Neither one of them is particularly A-list. Tom gets by on his laurels and Katie gets by on association. But honestly if they didn’t have this amazing looking celebuspawn (she is an honest to goodness supermodel – selling more covers than her parents), would we really care about either one of them? Suri keeps us interested in them and don’t think they don’t know that.

  15. Eli says

    Nice photo. I wonder what life is like with a young child who is not on some type of schedule. I would not want to ecperience it, but I would not mind reading about it.

  16. says

    To be honest, I feel badly for Suri as she is taken WAY too many pictures of. Yes,she is sweet and very pretty but enough already.

  17. foxy says

    didnt tom and katie sell thier baby pics mmmm yep! did they keep the money mmm yep! did they then get some from the sale of the mag yep wouldve thought so!

    Suri looks very scared there her whole body language screams “leave me alone” poor girl

  18. bambamswife says

    I still like Tom Cruise. I don’t know why people pick on him so much. They make a cute couple and their Suri is so beautiful. Do any of you people actually know the Cruises or any of the other celebrities for that matter? I always wanted my baby around me when he was growing up. I’m sure they have grueling schedules as celebrities. It seems to me that Tom and Kate are always there to support each other, whoever is doing what and when.
    I can’t believe what our world is coming to when people sell their baby pictures to magazines. Why didn’t Jolie and Pitt give some of the money they spent on their $60 million estate in France. I know they donate to charities, but all celebs do and not so flashy. All the people who bought that magazine could have donated that money to a favorite charity. Really quite a sick and weird couple.

  19. Ruby Jackson says

    That poor child. Always cowering from the paps while Mom and Dad smile like it’s all fun and games.

  20. sharon says

    He is shorter then her and her legs are really long so how would they wear the same jeans….unless she wears them as capris?

    Its nice to see them smiling. 😀

  21. Just me says

    Actually, I think I read somewhere that Katie does wear his jeans!
    P.S. Yet, another photo of this poor girl scared or tired while mom and dad pose for the cameras.

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