Tom & Katie With A Sleepy Suri In NYC

Tom, Katie and Suri were snapped returning home after an early stroll in NYC. Suri looks like she just woke up from a nap!

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  1. anon says

    To#6 comments,
    Please do tell me what makes these parents be a fake and bad parents so I can stop reading about them,cuz if they are bad parents I need to know.Maybe you are very good, real.

  2. Zbella says

    Adorable. I LOVE that little face. The carrying is great, in my opinion. Kids of all ages need love, touch, and to feel safe. BUT, her parents are insane, for other reasons (jeans are just an annoying quirk).

  3. melissa says

    Anyone who thinks you wouldnt carry a toddler when there are herds of men stalking them with a camera is insane. Get over yourself… seriously. A child that young should be protected those guys don’t care who they stomp on as long as they get the shot.

    To those who remark she doesnt smile all the time… we only see one side. We dont see how scary and distracting it is to have 50 men jumping all around you yelling so they can get the best pic. Seriously, try being slightly human for once, people might actually enjoy being around you.

  4. claudiazz says

    I am not defending this couple, because frankly I don’t even know this couple personally. However, if I were constantly surrounded by the “papps” I would probably carry my young daughter, too. It must be scary for little ones having cameras constantly shoved in their faces.

  5. Analise says

    And still more photo ops. Reasons why she’s out so much lately.

    1) Katie’s upcoming flop on the stage.
    2) Tom’s career is in the toilet.3
    3) Knox, Viv and now Zuma.
    4) Those pesky gay rumors.

  6. july says

    Poor child!!!!!i think she wil grow up pain on the neck with her parents!!spoiled brat at all!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. phnxgirl says

    First, I love the expression on Suri’s face. It is too cute.

    Second, if I see one more picture of Katie wearing those rolled up jeans I may scream! Do you own anything else??

  8. Bethany says

    Let the poor girl sleep at night rather than drag her out of the house at all hours of the day/night for freaking photo ops! Geez!

  9. Susanna says

    Exactly my thoughts! WHY oh WHY do we have to constantly see this poor child being fragged all over the place day after day? She never smiles, never seems to have ANY interaction with other children, gets carried around in these baby blankets as if she were an infant. Can this girl walk? The bottle, the blankets, the constant dead pan face….this poor child is nothing but an advertisment of Koo Koo parents who are infatuated with the paparazzi getting pictures of themselves. Unreal. I feel so sorry for this child who has no fun (so it seems) she looks miserable!

  10. Blair says

    Why is she EVERYWHERE all of a sudden…??? The whole world seems to revolve around this toddler’s every movement. Do we really need a minute to minute play by play of her life?

  11. accalia says

    Just a reminder that she is THEIR baby and none of you even know this family so stop judging them!

    Suri is a cutie.

  12. Linda says

    Sleepy, she just looks like the typical spoiled brat that she is. It drives me crazy the way Tom and Katie coddle her in those damn blankets like she’s an infant. What a group of nuts. And yes, I do believe these two jerks are on the rocks.

  13. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Is that why she doesn’t wear shoes??? She
    should be called shoeless Suri.. She seems
    to be barefoot a lot these days.. Love that
    smirk on her face.. as if to say what now

    It must be nice that Tom is now the caretaker
    of Suri.. Since making fun of other fathers..
    it is nice to see that is his job now..

  14. Could it be says

    I love the expression. My daughter wakes up with the same face!

    I think it might be time for Katie to retire those jeans though!

  15. Nikki says


  16. Kelli says

    She’s a gorgeous kid, but I feel sorry for her because nobody is going to be able to stand her when she is grown up. She needs to interact with other kids for some perspective. Perhaps with Shiloh and Zahara. Shiloh will show her that there is other pretty celebuspawn out there, so no, the world does not revolve around Suri. And Z will put her in her place – and GOOD!

  17. Vero says

    I think that Suri looks like Tom. She is very cute. But compared to other children her age, she does not smile that much, also…I never saw her play with other toddlers. 🙁

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