Adorable Pics Of Tom & Suri Heading To The Heliport!

Tom Cruise and Suri were snapped leaving their Manhattan residence today (August 25th) en route to a heliport.

Splash News Online


  1. bambamswife says

    Suri is so beautiful. These pictures are so gogeous. Tom definetly looks so happy. Tom and Katie “seem” to want to be with their child all the time, and Tom “seems” to support Katie and what she is doing. The only reason I say “seem” is because we don’t know anything that goes on in these celebrities lives. The only thing we read is in gossip magazines, and how can we believe that. Ben and Jen, and Russell Crow “seem” to be hands on parents not like the weirdo couple selling their baby pictures.

  2. Zbella says

    Suri is a beautiful little girl, but seems lonely. Money can’t buy what this little girl needs.

  3. emmauk says

    This family is weird. Involve in a cult, staying up till 11pm being paraded about just coz you have a film out, sad sad sad.
    They kept all the money from her photos and put it in to scientology, didnt give to charity

  4. Ellen says

    If you believe visibility equates with love as you did in the Brad with sons thread, then what is you excuse for Tom’s eldest children not being in any of these pictures? Are you going to claim they aren’t loved because they aren’t shown. Bad reasoning you got going there. And I’m certain that you have in your life done things, probably lots of things, that people have kindly forgotten for your benefit.

  5. Arianna's Mummy says

    Kari, Sorry but you are a moron. You need some reading comprehension lessons and learn to let thing people said in the past go, especially when you get what was said wrong. Besides why do you hate them so much that you have to bring them up on every post, even the ones not about them??? Obsessive just a little?? or are you just envious?

  6. Clare says

    She is just about the most beautiful child I have ever seen. Look at the last two pictures. And with a character to match.

  7. scarlet says

    It is time for this child to mingle with other children her own age. It would be good for Suri …

  8. says

    I love this little girl..she is SO SWEET!!!!! I like this family, they love that Little Princess to death and it shows.
    You can see “they are definitely inclined to feel something” for Suri, despite the fact she was born to privilage…..
    Not these kids fault they were born to rich parents, the Cruises love their sweet daughter and take care of her, they are always with her.
    Not like some celebs who have “no feelings” for their privilaged offspring, and keep them locked up inside at home
    Go Cruise Family!!!!!

  9. says

    Since we have Suri-vision in effect…yes she is cute (we already know that)…yes she hardly wears shoes, still drinks from a bottle and wears a diaper (we already know that too)…yes of course TomKat are posing for a whole lot more pictures these days for their own self-boosting reasons (we already knew that too)…well look at that so many already knowns…

    I’m a little Suri’d out and from the looks of it she is a little pap’d out too….how about everyone take a break! At the very least TomKat should see how she responds to being around all of the paps and take a hint. Parenting is SELF-LESS…not SELF-ISH

  10. GRANNY says

    The older children are at the age that they probably have much better things to do than be caught with parents.

  11. momof1.5 says

    I’m not a fan of Tom and Katie, but I love how Suri always seems to be scowling at the photographers.

  12. Vic says

    Spot on Annie….Chris Klein lookalike to me. I think she’s a spoilt little brat and has the same expression all the time, wouldn’t surprise me if Tom was already brainwashing her with Scientology crap!!!

  13. Kat says

    i think these photos are adorable. Tom looks so happy and he obviously adores his daughter. Suri is soo cute and green is her colour. I m glad she has worn it twice (if that is the case) – at least she doesnt wear the dress once.

  14. says

    Hey, QUESTION: What do all of the celebrities do with their kids clothes after they’ve grown out of them? Is there a website? Do they donate to the local goodwill/salvation army/etc????

    I was also wondering why I hardly EVER see him with his adopted kids… you’d think they would feel totally left out or something.

  15. Cheetah says

    This kid needs some pants, wear clothes more then ones , other kids to play with, some bed rest at normal times and less attention.

    How can be it healthy for a kid to been dragged around to restaurants, helicopters, moms work and being haunted by paparazzi every second of her life?

  16. july says

    I like looking at her but with her actions, i think she will grow up o.a. huh???there’s more cuter baby than her!!!

  17. Sheila says

    Why don’t they ever make her wear shoes? It’s called being a parent. I wonder what they’ll do when she says she wants candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…

  18. Lurker says

    I tend to agree..she’s cute, yes, but so many pictures..?

    You can tell daddy has got a movie to promote..for the longest time, in the beginning, she was rarely she’s EVERYWHERE all the time.

    And yes, to me they are all starting to look the same.

  19. Kay says

    You can tell she’s going to hate the paps when she grows up. She never smiles into the camera, she probably hates them already. Even though they have it all I feel sorry for them being hounded day in and day out by the paps.

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