Tori Spelling & Aaron Out Shopping At Bel Bambini

Tori Spelling, 35, was snapped on a shopping trip to Bel Bambini on Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood with son (oops!) Liam Aaron, 1.

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  1. Anne says

    Tori has a jewellery online show plus her TV family show and all the appearances she makes along with money that Dean also brings in. Her house may be expensive but so could their mortgage. Maybe her mother is helping them now. Tori and Dean are happy so leave them alone and wish them the best and find something else or someone else to bitch about.

  2. Peppers says

    #16 Alex, why don’t you learn how to spell before you criticize others. Go back and look at your post. You wrote:

    Your not fooling anyone sweetie.

    It’s YOU’RE, not YOUR!!!!!!!!! Practice what you preach.

  3. Lilith says

    I don’t mean this rudely…but for having such an unattractive mother…this sure is one heck of an adorable baby! His eyes are so pretty and I love the wispy blonde hair!

  4. scarlet says

    I don’t get Tori Spelling..On her show they act like they can’t afford anything but she bought a house, had a very big 1st birthday party for her kid. Remodel completely the whole new house. Hosted a house warming party witha party planner. Now for someone who claims to have NO MONEY..She sure spends alot of it. Unless someone else is paying the billls…

  5. alex says

    #11 is stupid. If you were Jamie Lynn you would spell your own name right. And you would atleast spell your own daughters name right…its Maddie not Maddy. Your not fooling anyone sweetie. And please learn to spell.

  6. Poppy says

    Ha! #11. Is so pathetic. If she were the “real “Jamie Lynn Spears… she would at least know how to spell her name correctly.

  7. angie says

    Yeah- #11……and this is Angelina Jolie- I would love to have triplets asap! Triple the moola too for their photos!

  8. says

    hey this is jaime lynne speers just to give you an update little maddy is doing fantastic she is already 2 months old i cant beleave it well me and casey are happlily in love and we are trying to have another baby since we wannt maddy grow up someone close to her age..

  9. boo says

    I think it has been WELL ESTABLISHED that his name is LIAM… No need to continue giving the WM s h i t for her mistake… WHO CARES???

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