The Inspiration For The Name Zuma Nesta Rock

Zuma Nesta Rock is such a unique and interesting name that one can’t help but wonder what inspired it.

Computer game aficionados may remember Zuma, a popular 2004 video game from PopCap Games. Zuma required players to remove balls rolling around the computer screen by firing a colored ball at them before they filled up the screen.

But a more likely inspiration is Malibu’s famous Zuma Beach. The beach is a favorite destination for Gwen, Gavin and Kingston. “They’ve continued their own place-naming tradition by naming their son after Zuma Beach in Malibu,” Pamela Redmond Satran (co-author of The Baby Name Bible) explained, citing a profile of Gavin which said he had an epiphany that began his career.

“He was standing on Zuma Beach in the early morning after working all night as a production assistant on a music video and was quoted as saying he realized he was wasting his time,” Pamela Redmond Satran said. “He drove up the coast, slept in his car, and started making the moves that would launch his career.”

The beach, famous for its surfable waves, was also the inspiration for the Neil Young’s album Zuma, making the locale a musical landmark.

And then there’s Nesta, Zuma’s middle name. Gwen and Gavin, avid Bob Marley fans, probably took a cue from the late singer’s middle name, which was also Nesta. Nesta, meanwhile, was Bob Marley’s first name before an immigration official switched it with his middle name, Robert.

“This name obviously links to big brother Kingston’s and is another nod to Jamaica and reggae,” said Pamela Redmond Satran.

Bob Marley’s son Ziggy used Nesta as a middle name for his son, as did his other son Rohan, who has a son named John Nesta Marley with singer Lauryn Hill.

Marley’s home base of Kingston, Jamaica, was an inspiration for big brother Kingston Rossdale’s name, so it seems Marley themes are popular in the Stefani-Rossdale household.

Zuma’s second middle name, Rock, might be a nod to Rock Steady, the third studio album from Stefani’s band No Doubt. Rock Steady was primarily recorded in Jamaica and featured a reggae-heavy sound, rounding out the Bob Marley love for the musical clan.

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  1. Zbella says

    #32, you’re right! Now I have nothing against neat and different names. I just think Zuma Nesta Rock is a bit over the top.

  2. lady gray says

    i love zuma beach and think zuma is a cool name. i love bob marley and nesta is also very cool, first or middle name. i think many of the comments so far are extremely judgemental and kind of silly. i know adults (34 years give or take) who’s parents are of a certain generation and named their children rainbow (he goes by gabe), sky, woniya (native american), and tuesday (actually born on sunday). they are unusual names, but in a generation full of jennifers and jasons, it’s rather refreshing.

    i plan on naming my daughter california.

  3. Aliciasweets85 says

    The name is ridiculous. Period. Hopefully when he gets older, he’ll go by “Rock Rossdale” or something…because Zuma Nesta is just awful. **hahaha**
    But hey, like someone stated earlier, it’s a free country…these people can name their kids whatever they want.
    (it’s still ugly though!)

  4. Ashley says

    My daughter’s name is Marley Tuesday. Many people hear her middle name and cringe (sometimes they do this because of her first name, too)—It’s after actress Tuesday Weld, one of my dad’s favorite actresses. Zuma Nesta sounds kind of like the newest flavor of Iced Tea to me, but to each his own.

    If parents feel like naming their child Metallica, Orpington, or Oglethorpe—why not? I happen to think Talula Does the Hula from Hawaii is a very sweet name, as well….
    Its a shame people get up in arms over something so simple as a child’s name.

  5. #8 says

    That’s pretty funny that someone thought I was serious, yes of course I was joking. I feel sorry for kids saddled with freakish names.
    “Zuma Nesta Rock” almost makes “Apple” seem normal.

  6. Poppy says

    I really don’t know what to think of this name yet. When I do I’ll come back and let you know. Kingston is a good name though.

  7. L.Lodhi says

    y does every1 get so personnal on here? at the end of the day every one has their own view so if u dont agree then bugger off!
    Its true , it is their kid so will be their choice so fine but the name isnt going to suit everyone.

    Unfortunatly celebs have to copy each other and give their kids ‘individual names’ wether this be made up or plan stupid who can tell. But It is a rediculous name and as someone said just plain selfish. Ok im sure all of the people that will know ‘Zuma’ will know who his parents are and unfortunatly as many others have, he will probably follow down the road of drugs and go off the rails! These kids of famous parents usually try to distance themselves away from their parents and stupid names.
    Just wait 20 years and im sure we will hear about Zuma and rehab.
    I blame the parents for pushing these kids into the spotlight even before they’ve filled their first nappy.

  8. Zbella says

    Duh, # 8 was soooo joking.

    Zuma Nesta Rock – the name sucks. Period. Yeah, they have a right to name him anything they want, but that name sucks. Nesta is OK, because it’s after someone, but Zuma Rock?

  9. says

    Guess what Eve? I was wondering the same thing too! And she is pregnant with their second child! YAY!

    I think that this website should be unversial towards all celebrities with their children..Instead we hear of NO name people that are inspecting..WHOOPI DOO!
    I just saw a picture of Spike Lee and his beauiful kids of Black celebrity kids, but why do I have to go to another site to see that..Especially under the name : BLACK CELEBRITY KIDS?

    and this is suppose to be a free world?? WTF?

  10. Eve says

    Why no pictures of Lisa Bonet and her new baby Lola with gorgeous Jason Momoa?

    The baby must be about a year old now.

  11. Analise says

    And congratulations to YOU, “name not important” for gracing this blog with your presence. *eyeroll*

  12. name not important says

    KARI- For one ok I do understand that people have their own opinions and blah blah blah they can say what they want but do you really need to state your opinion that many times. Ok we get it you dont like the name I think you stated that about a million times. And I also think that #8 was joking about her childs name if she isn’t i am not going to say anything but i am pretty sure she was joking.

  13. says

    And BTW ethnic names are and can be beautiful…
    !!!!! IF YOU ARE A PART OF THAT BACKGROUND !!!!!otherwsie you look like an ass, Gwen & Gavin are the fartherest thing from Jamaica and if they love Bob Marley so much for crying out loud call him Bob or even Marley or make his middle name stupid…
    it will not suit this child and feel I sorry for him, for getting a stupid name from his stupid selfish parents!!!!! Jez it is the most frustrating thing to hear names like this!!!!!!!

    I can actually see if you know what GWEN likes and don’t like..I can see if you hung around Gavin..But if you haven’t..then please STFU and take some prozac!
    If they like Mary, then they like Mary..if they wanted to name their kid INDO, REEFA, etc..that is their choice..NOT YOURS..and It is people that don’t like the name KARI..I for one don’t..And I personally don’t care if you like my moniker or not.. 😀

    and stop being such a drama want to be queen! ughh

  14. says

    #8 OMG are you kidding me…honestly I am not trying to be mean but HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT??!! I feel sorry for your kid too VERY SORRY FOR HIM!!!!
    Deep meaning get over it..what you won alot at Yahtzee and then you found some sick bird in a nest on a rock that you nursed back to health…..omg.
    Save those names for animals NOT KIDS!!!! What were you honestly thinking or what were you smoking??!!!
    Jez….I can’t believe it…
    Celebs have money to cover shames like this on their kids, DID everyone forget what it is like to be in school and what other children are like, why would you give bullies (and yes it will happen) gas for the fire….
    POOR POOR KIDS, and stupid parents, have fun explaining your “deep meaning” to your kid when he comes home from school beat up and crying….sad…

  15. says

    And BTW ethnic names are and can be beautiful…
    !!!!! IF YOU ARE A PART OF THAT BACKGROUND !!!!!otherwsie you look like an ass, Gwen & Gavin are the fartherest thing from Jamaica and if they love Bob Marley so much for crying out loud call him Bob or even Marley or make his middle name stupid…
    it will not suit this child and feel I sorry for him, for getting a stupid name from his stupid selfish parents!!!!! Jez it is the most frustrating thing to hear names like this!!!!!!!

  16. says

    It is SO HARD to have respect for people who have no respect for their child….WHAT A STUPID NAME!!!! I really thought these two were better than that…I GUESS NOT.
    Turns me right off to these two now forever,
    Hollywood people are nothing more than a herd of sheep following everybody else…

    I think Hollywood must have a
    “Give a Stupid Baby Name” club and they all try to out do on another…..
    Next we will see: Sidewalk Pylon Lamppost and everyone will think it’s cool because “look it’s a Hollywood baby, and it’s a unisex name”…
    The show biz people are very influentail…
    I know women that have named their kids “Titanic” (girl) because she liked the movie. “Winter Freeze” (boy) becasue she liked Arnie in Batman. “Midnight Toker” (boy) maybe they are potheads, no idea…. and the best I heard lately was “Happy” (boy) yup just plain Happy…NO IDEA why, don’t ask….lol

    As stupid as everyday people are you would think that these celebs would have more brains than that, it’s not cute or funny…it is cruel and shameful! They need to grow up and think about their poor kids and what kind of future they are condeming them is a scienitfic fact that our names play a role in the destiny of our life path and career choices. Thank god these stars have money for the sake of their kids…..

    ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH is all I have to say, some people are so selfish it’s unbeliveable….

    #9 this is a place for opinions and everyone has a right to say what they think, that is part of show biz baby! 😉

  17. Comment says

    Can you imagine President Zuma Nest Rock? If he was to ever become President. Changes are in the air.

  18. name not important says

    I really dont think the name is that terrible like everyone says it is. Sounds pretty cool. Also for those who say oh please please tell me his name isn’t Zuma I am wondering why you care so much because he is not related to you or a friend and he isn’t your child, so you shouldn’t care in the first place.

    Those who wont name their child garbage congratulations, thanks for sharing.

    But overall the name is not that hideous it seems cool and unique and his middle name Nesta is also an italian name.

  19. Macrame Peaches Sari says

    So? My son’s name is Yahtzee Birds Nest Ona Rock. All elements have deep meanings for me.

  20. Cheetah says

    Is this for real.. please tell me they didnt name a kid zuma?! please i need it to not lose my sanity.

    There should be a law in baby names!

  21. Analise says

    The meaning of the name(s) is obvious. Still bad though. I’m a huge Garbage fan. I’m not naming my kids after them.

  22. says

    good! G*G do what u feel that is best for you and your kids! forget what everyone else is saying..they just think that they could be creative like you!

    Long live bob marley and thank you for representing

    this name couldn’t of been no odder than frank zappa’s kids

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