Katie Holmes & Suri Enjoy A Pottery Playdate

Katie Holmes was snapped taking Suri, 2, for an afternoon playdate at Make, a paint-your-own pottery destination on New York’s Upper East Side on Wednesday.

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  1. Ha says

    Blair You think a mother that would allow a 7 year old to suck a bottle a better parent than one who allows her 2 1/2 year old to wear mismatched hair bands? I cal that extremely lax parenting.

  2. Sheila says

    I agree with bj’s mom. It really is how the parent manages the feeding. I, too, introduced the sippy early – while baby was still on the bottle – and the transition was very smooth. It’s all about how the parent works the transition. After introducing the sippy, I would gradually take away a feeding of the bottle and replace it with the sippy or straw. It really isn’t so hard as some make it out to be.

    And what about some fruit or yogurt for a snack instead of the brownie which has chocolate/caffeine in it? You really wonder what Katie feeds Suri when she says that one of the best things she makes is chocolate covered popcorn and that her favorite food is cupcakes.

  3. bj's mom says

    KKK’s mommy is right….its the parents fault. i started switching my kids to sippy cups way BEFORE they turned one and by the time they were one the bottle was gone. It just seems like all we ever see her with is a bottle. what about like a bag of cheese nips or pretzels while on the go like most moms do. all shes ever doing is sucking down milk.

  4. says

    Oh yes, Analise! I forgot that small detail! Truth be told, I think the webmistress gets into ruts…she never used post all of the Suri pics that surface….

    For the smart ars comment about all of the “perfect mothers” on this blog, I just wanted to make myself clear: I never complained about Suri being locked up when she’s not always in the public eye, and I never said that Katie should keep her at home. If there’s any mother that understands the desire to be “out and about” with her children, then that mother would be me! My girls and I rarely spend a solid full day at home. My middle daughter just turned 2, and I’m STILL nursing her, so I’m also familiar with that routine, too. You’re preaching to the choir here. I DO, however, have criticism for two year olds who are still using a bottle because of the health of their teeth; just because we’re dealing with baby teeth doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be bottle rot prevention.

  5. Blair says

    i dont get the big deal over her bottle thing. i know they say you shouldnt give kids bottles…yadayada…..i shamefully (LOL) drank a bottle (at night) until i was a whopping 7 years old….yeah, i know….haha, but I turned out fine…No speech impediments, perfectly straight teeth…i model in fact and i never had braces or anything…

  6. DeniseF. says

    Such a joy to see so many perfect mothers on this blog, who must have or have had perfect 2 years olds. You people are funny. If we don’t see pictures of Suri, then everyone complains that they are keeping her locked up. Now that Katie and Suri are out and about, you gals are complaining that she needs to keep her at home. As a first time mother to a 2 year old girl that is only 7 weeks younger than Suri, Suri’s behavior is not abnormal. My daughter still likes her milk out of a bottle. She drinks everything else out of sippy cups or with a straw, but she wants her milk out of a bottle. So what. I breast fed her until she was 21 months and could’ve cared less what anybody else had to say about it. My daughter also likes to choose what clothes and shoes she wears. She’ll say, “That’s cute. I want to wear that.” And I let her wear it. I that makes me a bad mom, oh well, she’s my kid. Katie is doing what thinks is best for her child. And by the way, Tom’s oldest two seem to be well adjusted children and they were raised under the same beliefs.

  7. Poppyseed's Mommy says

    My guess is that Suri picks the clothes out herself which is why they don’t match. Anyone who has had a daughter at that age pick out her own clothes has most likely experienced that – save for the few budding fashionistas…

    One thing I don’t get though… I’ve read how several celebs moved to NY from LA because they are tired of paps following them around but these two have there pics taken EVERY day… so I’m not understanding that logic..

    Poor Suri, she almost always looks tired and stressed out from those flash bulbs… I wish Katie’s maternal instinct to protect her daughter would kick in.

  8. Barb says

    I guarantee you there is NO WAY Katie or anyone else has any say on what shoes Suri wears. Like all $cientologist children, her choices are always respected, no matter how horribly they clash.

  9. chloe says

    Yes, I am a Scientologist. You outed me. I am sitting hear reading Dianetics.

    Because the only way that a person could defend the evil that is Katie and Suri, would be if they were too a Scientologist.

    I don’t expect to change a person who logically concludes that it would be better for a mother to keep her daugther home and give into the papparrazzi then say, oh, I don’t know……take her places that she might enjoy!

    Continue bashing the 2 -year-old and her mother. What fun!

    Damn L. Ron Hubbard is sexy!……..

  10. jmarie1020 says

    Get rid of the bottle-that is terrible!!!! She is WAY too old to be drinking out of a bottle so much-it drives me nuts!

  11. Sheila says

    The bottle thing really seems to confirm that Katie is unable to say “NO” to Suri, who’s been rumored to wear the pants in their household by close friends.

    Poor thing has no friends her age.

    Put her to bed at a reasonable time, Katie! Not at 11pm, like you told David Letterman.

  12. Samsmom says

    I love the dress and the shoes! The dress is a bit more casual than most of the ones Katie has been dressing her in. This one is more appropriate for play.
    About the shoes and dress not matching, lately the trends have mix matched. You will often see plaids shorts mixed with striped shirts or red shoes paired with a completely different color outfit. Anyway, I think it looks adorable on her. In fact, I would wear it myself.

  13. chloe says

    Yes, it is all for publicity when she takes her to a park. Or to a pottery store. Or to an indoor playground. She should just stay home. Good idea.

  14. Lauren says

    I agree, these photos seem to be a publicity stunt in order to drum up attention to Katie being on Broadway. Suri is a doll!

  15. SallieAB says

    I think the Cruises are using this kid for publicity. They MUST know the papparazzi are waiting for them at every public park in NY, yet they continue to parade her around, complete with designer clothes, security blanket, and baby bottle….isn’t she a little old for a bottle? The kid, I mean….

  16. Analise says

    But, but, but! It’s Kate Cruise! We’re obligated to adore her family!!! The power of L.Ron compels us! I can’t believe you are bored, #13. J/K. 🙂

  17. Peppers says

    Green shoes with a purple and white dress? Yeah that matches!!! I had enough of these two already. I think if I saw them in public, I’d take that damn bottle away and buy her a sippy cup.

  18. Renee says

    This must be a publicity thing for her new play or something because she is always taking Suri out everyday and she knows that the bulbs will be flashing if she does. I am not even sure non celebs take their kids out as often as she does. I know I didn’t when my kids were younger. But I will say that Suri is a pretty little girl.

  19. debbie says

    I think they should make her use sippy cup out in public, if they want to use a bottle in private, KEEP IT AT HOME, SHE’S 2. also for a young girl to constantly make fashion statements, someone should teach katie about shoe fashion. Suri’s outfits are so cute, but her shoes leave alot to be desired. They dont even match her clothing, and those gold shoes…. enough already, buy some new shoes, you can afford it.

  20. Gayle says

    Everytime there is a picture of Suri & her mom #1 she looks totally exhausted…2 year olds are usually bouncing off the walls & smiling ear to ear. #2 WHY is she STILL drinking from a bottle???? Apparently Katie & Tom haven’t been to a dentist, or read up on raising kids yet! #3 Although her shoes & dresses are adorable, how does she play in them??? Properly fit shoes are a MUST for tiny growing feet…at least put some socks on so her delicate skin isn’t constantly rubbing against the shoe material. #4 And I totally agree…leave them ALONE! She doesn’t need pictures taken of her every move.

  21. Analise says

    You would think she would clue in to Suri crying over the cameras to leave her home. But, NO. They have to have their Suri publicity.

  22. TD says

    OMG…ENOUGH of these two…they so need to be left alone. I can’t imagine going through life with all these flashbulbs going off every second of their life documenting EVERY move they make. I realize they are celebrities..but this is CRAZY. I do agree that Suri needs to be OFF THAT BOTTLE! Not only is it ridiculous at her age, but I’m SOOOO tired of everyone commenting on it for goodness sake! ACCCKKKK!!! YO Katie…SIPPY CUP TIME PLEASE AND SOON!

  23. Kate says

    Is that kid EVER going to be off the bottle???? I cringe every time I see her w that stupid bottle. Give the child a sippy cup at least already! uggghhhh

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