Jerry O'Connell Thought About Naming Twins Mary-Kate & Ashley

Jerry and Rebecca are expecting twins girls and have been thinking about possible names for their daughters.

“We were joking about calling them Mary-Kate and Ashley,” Jerry, 34, revealed to Entertainment Tonight.

“I’m not kidding,” he said of copying the Olsens’ names. “I really thought about that.”

Jerry explained he and Rebecca, 35, were also considering “maybe rhyming” the monikers.

“But then, is that a little Hansel & Gretel?” he asked.

Jerry said he “can’t wait” to welcome the tots.

“[Rebecca’s] about five months pregnant… getting big!” he told ET.

“I’m really excited about having girls,” he said. “I know guys are supposed to say, ‘I want a boy,’ [but] I just have a feeling I’m going to be good with girls.

“I’m just going to raise a couple of assassins,” he added. “They’re going to be tough chicks!”

But Jerry will be strict.

“They are only having sex when I die,” he said. “If they don’t date boys at all, and just want to be infatuated with their father, that is what I am really going for.”

That’s weirdly cute!



  1. Blair says

    You think Mary-Kate is a very common name? I have met many Mary’s and many Kate’s….but never have I ever met a Mary-Kate…. Where that was their full first name only…once i met a girl whose first name was Mary and her MIDDLE name was Kate….but as a full first name…never met a Mary-Kate…

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